MOST FUN I’VE EVER HAD! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Playing World of Tanks Cabinet has been some of the most fun I've had in WoT and here's why!



  1. The fact my gun actually hit what I aimed at was the most welcome thing from this. I was getting tired that no matter how well I aimed the shell would go nowhere near where I aim. I understand the gun mechanics but some of the shots in normal mode are a complete joke how it is currently working.


    And now we keep accuracy and all map become 2km by 2km

  3. but KV 4 has les top speed so its useless.

  4. Charlie TheUnicorn

    Prog 46 has wings! Sponsored by Red Bull.

  5. so are lights completely useless in this mode? what about Arty?

  6. Definitely disappointed not seeing the short clip from twitch and on that progetto frag.

  7. I actually had a similar match a few months ago, regarding the yeeting of the Progetto. It was a random battle on Berlin. I cannot remember if my side of heavies pushed or the enemies did. Regardless, I used my VK 100.01 P to push an enemy heavy up into a building. Similarly to your actions against the Progetto on Mines, I was able to topple the enemy heavy backwards. I wish I could’ve taken a screenshot of the act, but I was only able to get the end result a second or two after it had happened. Even so, it was probably one of the funniest moments I’ve had in the game over the last 9 years I’ve been playing.

  8. Tim Conroy-Stocker

    This is every game in wot console now, post 6.0, when they added a +10%accuracy crew skill. And made vert stabs just add 20%accuracy for every shot static or moving. Completely different game now when even the derps hit consistently. Think I prefer it… But not completely sure…

  9. Yeet a Progetto!

  10. if they crank it more up maybe we could measure the damage to dps instead of dpm lul.

  11. They could have made the proxy spotting 200m and that would have felt more meaningful. That you have to play with some consideration to vision.

  12. 10:25: QuickyBaby goes pasta tossing

  13. To make credits, you need a Prem account, Credit Booster, Prem tank, and do good damage. I played 13 games in one hour, on a Standard account, Credit Booster, Prem tank, only doing around 1-1.2k damage every game, and only made around 200k credits in that hour. I don’t know if winning and losing effects the credit income like Random battles, but I only had 5 wins.
    The play style on the HK (ASIA) Server is different, as play styles in all servers tend to differ, and once spotted, especially if out in the open, is either time to yollo in or run for cover, because your hit points evaporate very quickly.
    An hour of play was enough for me in one go, as I tend to earn around the same amount of credits in random battles, and have to use my head more.

  14. Flies like the time

  15. RNG without random, premium ammo a credit drain and a matchmaker for premium.

  16. Nice game qb, i enjoyed it a lot xD
    What i noticed however is that without credit booster and with premium account(playing with premium tank) you earned 110k credits for 6k dmg. Idk am i the only one here who thinks that 5, or 6 years ago, with tier 8 premium tank, dealing 6k of dmg would give you a lot more credits than 110k?!

  17. The 1 dislike is from the progetto lol

  18. Flipping the Progetto was hilarious.

  19. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    I would love to play the old VK 4502B on this game mode

  20. This is why most people dislike carriers in World of Warships^^ – they brake the game mechanics 😉

  21. Hetzer The Tutel 🐢

    Him: F U N WITH THE KV-5
    **sad ms1 noises**

  22. a sweet game!

  23. Golden Eagle Arbor

    I said it on the last video and I’ll say it on this one. If wg kept the acc and dispersion changes it would massively help the game. Make it way more about skill vs rng and meta tanks

  24. I hope you have tried the TOG 2 and the T95 doom turtle

  25. makes me remember the gravity mode in WoTB… well the earlier version since the latest one has thrusters on everything except heavy tanks basically making them no longer the best kind of tank to play

    (Jageroo is the most fun with it’s thrusters and weight)

  26. Should Top Ram not Top Gun.

  27. QB pushing that progetto reminds me of when I was running around Sand River in T49 and spotted an ELC Even on a cliff.
    When I rammed him, the lip of the cliff worked like a ramp and launched him high in the air before he crashed down.

  28. I don’t even have time to grind credits, and I don’t have tanks which are great in this mode. But it was fun for a little bit.

  29. World of Tanks Masterclass

    That Renegade never made any credits, I played the arcade mode using a E100 which lost credits on every game, this mode is not everyone’s cuppa tea, I made more credits using a T103 in random battle mode, it looks like you have full skills and a fully equipped tank right? Not all of the players have that.

  30. This needs to become a permanent game mode

  31. How can i play this gamr mode

  32. I think there are some major problems with the game in this arcade mode. The accuracy buff was very welcoming, but it would make tanks that got balanced by shitty gun handling become even more powerful. Also, the engine buff turn most of them into monstrosity powerhouse. Yes, I’m talking directly to the skoda T-56, renegade, and 703. After playing a few battle in my T34, I soon realize just how “BADLY” my premium tank got powercrept out of existence, as all those 122 premium tank are just much faster and still be able to snap shot overmatch my turret roof. Meanwhile I’m struggling to aim for their coupola because they are so mobile, it is a nightmare for me.

  33. WOT- Ordinary promotion !! (Haha 3-8-12000 Damage),you won’t record 1/4 a quarter of what you see here in the game! Don’t buy premium or premium tanks !!! it’s even so unnecessarily the server determines the damage..determines by the victory and Defeat..min Damage opponent auto Victory/Big Damage opponent auto Defeat..You have a tank of 8 levels and are in a team approximately down and thus assembled from level 10 = Automatically win because you don’t have a chance to shoot down Tier 10 = min Damage = victory..If you are on top partitions,Tier 8 Team assembled Tier min 6 = Automatic = Large Damage opponent = Defeat!! Block server..visibility,detection,damage,opponent damage, you can just do what you want: D !! it’s wasted money !! In the game you really have more losses than winnings !!ask a question every day these liars give videos here with such success ask yourself what you play and have you ever recorded what you see here? probably not, so it’s easy to play when the admin adjusts his game mode on the server and they deceive you here. Also note that they only offer you premium or 10 level tanks, where you have huge losses in the game even during the premium, especially if you use gold-i (premium ammo) !!! , for 1 battle minus up to 8-20,000 caches … if not more … hm. In addition, this company violates EU law in the freedom of speech and opinion of others in another language !! Thank you -info : Niltark, KRUHNX and Kronk_24 ,

  34. They could add the railgun accuracy only to Clan Wars or ranked. etc.

  35. I loved playing it with the T110E4, the speed in combination with that great gun and turret was so much fun

  36. World of Tanks need to be slowed down…feels like csgo soon with these superfast tanks

  37. Renegade argubly the best tier 8 heavy is kinda a wast overstatement.

  38. did not even see this game mode was a thing. Missed it.

  39. If you really want to know that QB truly had FUN, go watch some of his live twitch feeds and not this Propaganda style clip to fool you.

  40. Caliban is ridiculous too

  41. Hey QuickyBaby, it’s been a while since you update the best premium credit maker in WOT, can you please make another video? Or at least tell me what is your fav choice?

  42. 15:30, this is where I fundamentally disagree.
    Because the more competitive players, or those that make a living from playing all goddamn day might get bored too soon, should not be a reason for a mode like this no basically never show up where the casuals or those that want a break from randoms (which is also always the same btw) potentially lose out on such modes BECAUSE they almost never show up.
    Happened to have been gone for a day out? missed it…
    Been at work making overtime? day’s gone…
    No, to my mind, they should just make the arcade cabinet be a mode that ALWAYS available, and have a rotation on what modifiers are active for 1 week.
    Those that dont have all day to pay games can blow off some steam in their own convience, and those that gotten bored will go back to randoms.
    And before anyone comes with the qeue duration. That is a tried and failed excuse.

  43. This game mode is so much fun in the Bisonte and the Astron Rex

  44. Disagree spoting mechanics is the worst part of a game. Playing since beta.
    There’s always was that major flaw that in fear of getting 750 damage tankers are stopped literaly in front of emtiness therefore being useless and died alone in last turn.
    The inadequate players on LTs just ruinig all the fun and dicide the outcome of EVERY battle no matte how dynamic MTs can be no matter how accurate and devastating ATs can be. No light no victory no fun.

  45. this is the best mode that ever been in wot. Although i’d preffer that ths mode was actualy a mode but available every day.

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