Most Hated Tank in World of Tanks | Panhard EBR 105

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Today let’s discuss one topic – the most hated vehicle class in World of Tanks…
Lately it feels like wheeled light tanks are taking over artillery in that. How do you feel about it?

On the background, I am going to show you one actually amazing battle in the EBR 105.

Enjoy the show!


  1. So, how do you feel about it, which is going to win this competition – Arty or Wheeled tanks?

  2. Even with the weight of shel should break in half. I hit many times side of this bullshit tank with my 155 gun t110e4 and no dmg.

  3. Arty is fine
    Wheeled need totake a re’ alism pill like most russian tanks

  4. Ανδρεας Μαζαρακης

    What if someone has 5000 battles and has watched a lot of WoT videos and khow most of the things?

  5. It is all about how good the player is driving it and some luck… The enemy had also an EBR105.


  7. They are not OP, they are just armored alien anti gravity vehicles from the 25th century in the game about tanks from the mid 20th century. 😆

  8. For me honestly wheeled light tanks on tier 6 tier 7 are balanced and artillery is definitely worst on that tiers but above tier 9 wheeled light tanks are absolutely op

  9. I guess that changing the physics of the vehicle making them more difficult ti control and changing the tyres would nerf the tank and still makes them fun to play, we will see how wargaming thinks to nerf them!

  10. Need to remove the OP auto aim feature and make them fragile, make it so using the insane mobility has risk involved in that if you are hit it could mean early trips back to the garage.

  11. Especially in Frontline, I have so much fun trying to shoot at one of these wheelie bois zooming around map and not hitting shots …

  12. I started to play WoT to drive and shot tanks, not to watch go-cart.

    Every game with an unicum-EBR involved ends up wrecked. Whole teams turn to kill the EBR, misses and gets killed. Game-destroyer.

  13. those little shits boil my piss … drop them

  14. I don’t mind artillery tbf. I REALLY hate the French wheeled vehicles.

  15. Wheeled vehicles. One more reason not to play.

  16. Arnie van Eijsden

    I wonder how the crew fix their wheel while driving (on top speed). Also they can fix this wheel while maintaining their crew position in the tank, nothing slows down except the speed of the vehicle. I think that mostly players with a high fps are able to hit these cars.

  17. We need to petition to Wargaming to get them removed

  18. Well both for me. But yes. I think these wheeled vehicles should be scout specialists which they are with exceptional mobility so its gun must be nerfed. It already has exceptional mobility AND view range. These thing go around the map snapshotting anyone. Armor doesn’t matter even heavy tanks. And yes so many times u do land a hit and nothing happens to these things.

  19. The accuracy on the move is a joke. It’s more accurate at 100kmh than Leopard 1 fully aimed and sitting in a bush

  20. Juha-Petteri Salo

    EBR Win. Laser auto- AIM.

  21. i havent played wot since these tanks came in , so i have never experianced it and never will 😛

  22. Fucking almost 100 percent accuracy on the move

  23. Grahame Nicholson

    WG dont want to fix this. They introduced it to make games shorter. They make more per minute with 2 short games than they do for 1 long game.

  24. The opening looks like a car commercial!

  25. Is missing the replay of the T10 no damage shot!

  26. Kien Nguyen Le trung

    they need to change the shell, because they just auto aim you and take out 300 to 400 health of your tank without even trying, also with this speed LT is useless when spotting thing, everytime you need to get to the location you need to scout, those Erb always there and spotted you

  27. 9:20 how to do it RIGHT: 2ppl cap, rest guards. DONE [one of which, artillery, since no view range]
    not chasing off one by one but get one left one right and one on the hill for snipes or whatever…
    Any move BUT splitting up been better…

  28. It’s not even a tank

  29. Worst tank in the game, ruining the game

  30. Dear WG – please restrict one EBR and one SPG per battle. Thank you.

  31. Hands down wheeled vehicles are much, much, much more annoying than arty.

  32. Totally agree that these ‘Marocarts’ (they are Not tanks) broke the game for me and many of my friends. WG are not going to remove them so they need a drastic nerf, to represent the fact they are soft skinned vehicles that in the ‘real world’ would travel half the speed across country, would easily turn over at speed or when hit by a ‘real tank’ would crumple like a paper bag!
    Alternatively there should be an option to choose to exclude them from the random battle, just as you can any map. Then those who love them could play with each other and the rest of the player base can go back to hunting arty.

  33. ‘CAR’ronavirus; every bit as toxic as human malware. Enough said….

  34. True, Dez. I hate EBRs much more than arties.

  35. Goes 100km/h, is more accurate than some TD’s, Shoots fucking bazookas (400-500dmg), Wheels made of Maus Material, i wonder why this shit is hated.

  36. In my experience clown cars are more destructive to gameplay than artillery. Passive spotting rarely works well for lights, and these things completely dominate at active spotting making most other light tanks in the game 2nd class citizens at the one job they are supposed to be best at. Normal light tanks have sabotaged guns whose penetration drops off substantially over range while the clown cars get both excellent HE shells and magic autoaim. In close combat many tanks that wouldn’t have too much trouble bringing their gun to bear on a normal light tank will struggle to even get a shot in these tanks, while at even moderate range they are nearly impossible to lead for vehicles that have longer aim times or worse dispersion values (and they can turn so fast that predicting their course is a suckers game anyway). Even if you land a hit on them they seem to be more likely than not to have a tire only damaged not destroyed and no HP damage done. Even IF you destroy a tire it just slows them down slightly, compared to a normal light tank that would spin out and be vulnerable for several seconds. To add insult to injury the wheely tanks wheels repair while they drive! Add to this the problems with latency, and for some players frame rate and it’s complete nonsense. So while artillery can be annoying it’s a low risk low reward class, while wheely tanks are a medium risk high reward class with so many advantages over the ‘high risk medium reward’ light class as well as laser aim and magic HE shells.

  37. Hate the fuckers,thanks wg.

  38. Most hated yes, but I admit that to do my missions it’d the one I’m going for cause you can’t do the spotting mission now with the mx 13 105 or even the t100lt

  39. I agree! When you hit the vehicle with the lowest armour in the game (per tier) it should always do damage, if not max damage, modules and crew too.

  40. Wargaming banned people for having a auto aim function like these wheeled tanks. some of those banned players never came back, and here they introduce autoaim on their own that hits on the fly. game is getting ridiculous

  41. Arty is like a cancer that can be removed with chemo and surgery. Wheeled vehicles are like a stage 3 cancer that is inoperable and not curable and leaves you with a couple months to live. Remove clown cars, and limit arty to 1 per side and the game instantly gets 10x better.

  42. Arty would be fine if they limited the number to two per side, and made the later missions much easier, so people didn’t have to play them hundreds of times to get the “with honours” Order. You wouldn’t even get two per game very often if they did that. Wheeled vehicles however, especially the higher tier ones, need a big rework, they ruin too many games. They have the biggest skill multiplier of any type of tank by far, and have a completely ridiculous relationship to physics. I was in a similar game to this on Sand River where the enemy EBR 105 killed the last 5 of our team. It was farcical to spectate on that game also. All people can do is vote with their wallets.

  43. Seppukudarchangel

    the cat meme ‘delete dhis’ 😀

  44. I don’t mind them at all. If you’re still having trouble hitting wheeled tanks at this point then the problem is with you. I hit them just fine on 160 ping.

  45. Wargaming implementing such a strong vehicles reducing the light tanks role in this game they just can’t compete with EBR… I will nerf reload on this gun reduce dmg and pen.. Also nerf crap from handling after stop,but I will leave speed.. Or opposite.. Lucky for us not every EBR player is that skilled… Overall this should be tier 11 light tank… Like FV or 279 those tanks are not at tier X lvl… So why Wargaming put them in the game haha to keep players in… Solution introduce tier 11 job done but don’t mix it with poor tier X

  46. 3:45 take a look at that turn, there is no drift, no understeer, oversteer, or tilt… it’s simply an abomination, there aren’t any laws of physics, at that turn it should simply flip over. My car has sport suspension and can’t take turns like that at ~70kmh. It’s so unreal.

  47. I feel like this replay completely missed the mark. Sure a great player in any tank will be able to pull off a massive carry, but he’s literally fighting tier 8 tanks, they’re all 1 shots, stock T-54s rushing through the open, they decide to try and kill instead of getting an easy cap. Let’s be honest, the enemy team is this replay was fucking retarded.

  48. Jugoslav Cvitkovac

    Cant hit them because of their speed, cant pen them because of wheel armor, cant track them because there are no tracks, cant dodge them because of godlike accuracy, cant avoid them because they are everywhere.
    Play World of Warships, it is much better game. No formulas there.

  49. In response to the thumbnail: YES

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