Most Hated Vehicle In The Game

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  1. Wait, 8.3? I see yesterday its up to 8.7 im sure

  2. I LOVE THIS THING, free 20k while playing the m22 at 8.0 😀

  3. meanwhile, in reality:
    “chinese manufactured vehicle, operated by communist retards spotted sir, your orders?”
    “has it not broken down by just existing yet?”
    “yes sir it has, it appears the armor is already rusting on one side, the engine is smoking, the tires have deflated, and the driver ran it into a ditch just now”
    “very well, carry on”

  4. 7:01 “I HATE MYSLEF!” xD

  5. I don’t hate the vehicle. I hate how the players use it. spawncamping as early as possible. I faced a pair of wma’s in a single cap sweden. I just sat somewhat close to our spawn and poof. they were there. was lucky enough to have killed both of them before they started spawncamping. This was about 2 minutes into the game.

  6. We not beeping out swear words any more!?

  7. you needed to turn on the hacks when using this vehicle so you can snipe others through trees without a line of sight

  8. How to get the blink decorations??

  9. Please bring out the Sherman firefly Phly.
    I think you rage quit-ish? the last time you did. 🙂

  10. I eat chinese wheeled vehicles with my AMX-10RC

  11. 1:05 RIP Headphone users

  12. Yeap and now its 8.7 and constant 9.7 battles with turms

  13. love how the Radkampfwagen 90 is worse than the wma301 but is 1.4 br higher.

  14. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    when you going to play japs

  15. As a Chinese, Warthunder is unrealistic because this thing doesn’t shoot bing chi ling.

  16. Chiptunes are really cool – this thing covered with those decor really looks like a toy car.

  17. Alessandro Nazzaro

    Meanwhile the rooikad 105 going up to 9.0 is a joke compared to this

  18. Barbarie Alexandru

    PTL02 is in the same boat as this thing… Crazy how gaijin and other mods on the forum defend its BR with “skill issue”

  19. This thing and PTL02.. I have 0 tolerance…

  20. The survivability of this thing pisses me off! Today I shot this thing 3 times with my 279 and didn’t kill it then it one-shot me. It’s ridiculous!

  21. I think 2s38 from previous video is hated even more

  22. all russian thanks

  23. imho there are so many vehicles that are so much worse than this, atleast this can be killed by even a 7.62, cant reverse to save it’s life (literally) and has no gun depression, at 8.3 things like the Type 89 or the billion planes that start to get some truly idiotic amounts of guided/computer assisted ordinance are so much worse

  24. You forgot it gets access to HE-VT

  25. Well done phly . +90000000000000000 social credit point

  26. Bing chilling

  27. They were planning move this thing in BR. What happened? Too much chinese players started bitching?

  28. when i say that the BRs are shitshow everyone syaing “YOu ArE OuT oF PoSiTiOn” like when you play Hurtgen forest and play vs LEO l44s 5ano with thermals and you play your stupid t55 or t64 and all of sudden boom, and you try to find the outline of the tank that shot you from his base behind 45 bushes. OR firearc/fulda etc.. BUT NO THERMALS ARENT A problem….

  29. Hey, Phly, what’s the music you used in this video? It’s pretty nice!

  30. Wasn’t one of those WMAs the one with a incredibly loud engine?

  31. I personaly would love a battlerating that is based on when the tank was in service and not a br based on some .. i dont know how they deside.. then maby this clearly op tank is garbage?


  33. if gaijin is holding germanys hand because they are so Bad, gaijins at like third base with china, because holy shit

  34. bro the nrother of his tank is the FIAT in lowtier. it can literally penetrate everyone and its hard to see

  35. Seeing a WMA with its side turned to you just means you aint killing it, because there is no way to disable it suficiently without it either blasting you or running away.

  36. “look at the thermals…..i mean the trees are fckn ass but” XDDD

  37. Panzerfreak _Malte2

    I got that thing it was my first “high” tier tank…at the first moment i dont like it bit this thermals are so fucking OP

  38. If I ever start grinding the Chinese tech tree, I’m going with the Whamu. I’ll turn off the radio for the enemy team and play it the way it played me when I was at 7.7-9.0 without any regard for other human beings.

  39. meanwhile chonky mause size class 3P without thermals and atgm 8.7

  40. Why waste money on something that they can change at their discretion? This game is not worth it.

  41. Don’t forget armor that things spalling is western heresy and has enough armor to be immune to over pressure and a crew that will react to a 45 mm APHE exploding between their legs by cosplaying the Simpsons. (because the Sdkfz. Puma is an all-BR back-up.)

  42. that loud noice at the begin gave me tinnitus on my left ear and still hasnt stopped wtf im so pissed cause no warning nothing… thanks for lifetime tinnitus im going mad already

  43. In my first 10 rounds of playing the Leopard 1A1A, I have seen more WMAs in the kill cam than I have fired rounds from my main gun.

  44. Hey bro there is somebody pretending to be you, be wary of that

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