Most INSANE Caliban GAME! World of Tanks

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Today MLTNUTT is going to have BEST Caliban game in of Tanks… so far!



  1. Im not going to lie, I was at the end of a bad play session and was just playing that game for giggles. Though it was a great way to end it!

    Equipment is:
    1st Slot: Vents
    2nd Slot: Vert Stabs (With field mod for Firepower)
    3rd Slot: Bounty Aiming Device

    No Directives used.

    1,1,2 used for the field mods.

  2. I really can’t believe my eyes! What an outrageous game it is for 2021! I’m now feeling my hands itchy, and I wanna have some fun with that monstrous tank tonight! Happy New Year QB and everyone on this channel!

  3. Yeah! More stupid tanks.

  4. Played for ten years, almost 40k games… I have NEVER had such a favoring RNG…

  5. Caliban is a ” happy go lucky tank”

  6. the player is the one that won the lotto contest?…3 non penetration from enemies, turn turret immediate shoot the e75….doing enough damage to kill it….wt in the end is upside down….shooting the sides of an ARTI!?????? with HE produces nothing….yeah i bet he have won the lottery too.

  7. Tier 8 is hard with tech tree tanks because of all the new premium autoloader tanks.

  8. When I play like this guy, I get devoured, looks like the enemy team were sleepy or something, good job I guess but Serb saved his arse like 3 times

  9. Holy moly i had 3500 damage in my caliban and was very proud of but this game omg 😉

  10. USA doesn’t fire guns into the air, you muppet, that’s a middle eastern thing.

  11. What a bizzare replay lol this lighten up my day instantly

  12. I personaly sold this crap Tank

  13. Don’t know whether it was a mistake or intentional to call the Emil II a tank destroyer but I enjoy that comment nevertheless 😀

  14. For caliban we need a mod that plays Girl From Ipanema theme after you fire both shots and wait for the reload to finish. xD

  15. bruh … that Emil stole a medal

  16. The taliban was the first, after 30 ish loot boxes. The MIVY in 50, Skoda in 50, the 122TM in 30ish and the Pornwagn in 45. I really just wanted the Torn. So it was an expensive proposition.
    Sadly I do better with the other vehicles, I just suck with the Torn.

  17. I was in my Caliban alone against a skorpion G and a Lancen C and I could have killed both but missed the TWO shots from 10 meters away! Aaaaaaaaaaah

  18. The Caliban is basically the T8 autoloading KV-2

  19. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    This tank rely much on RNG.
    Moderately average but wide variance.

  20. Wargaming and HE… wish they would just decide on a game meta and stick with it. Kinda feels like a continual “bait and switch” with how often and how much they fuck with the meta.

  21. Sr.Leôncio Almeida


  22. That Emil man, surely anyone seeing the guy you are playing with is at that level, you would let them take the kill surely? Sums up WOT player base really, selfish pricks.

  23. So, to summarize, the Caliban is highly situational, highly map specific, requires a high degree of luck, and requires team members who don’t melt leaving your weak armor and long reload to be fest upon. Sounds about right.

  24. wow OMG game…. emil…. you uggh

  25. RN-Jesus has smiled upon him this day.

  26. Mauerbrecher looking at the Caliban: “Finally, a worthy opponent!”

  27. Lol now I’m gonna start calling Emil II tank destroyer :>

  28. Trying to make peace with the whole fact not being able to get the loot crates this year and loosing out on the Caliban I want , Every where and I mean everywhere on youtube is just recommending me Caliban tank vids…

  29. If German td didn’t flip over at that place, he was a dead when he tried to kill t95 .

  30. Hello I am a big fan of you Quickbaby. You have inspired me to play this game and now I’m a beast. I have a kv1 tier 5 and distroyed 4 enemy tanks. They were all surrounding me till I thought of a move you thought me. I put my back to the rocks and tilted my front so I would not be pened. You on the other hand you deserve the credit because without you I would have lost the battle. Hope we can meat up in the battle field some day.

  31. 180 pen on standard HE-shells….I want that on my other derpy vehicles 😞Is this the only balanced derpgun in the game atm, after the HE-nerf?

  32. So awesome

  33. Bourrasque Master Class video soon? It’s a powerful tank for more experienced players but newer players who have the tank will have no idea how to play it, and where to take the tank for it to have an impact on the game.

  34. I got this and the Mivvy in my boxes, sadly not the Tornvagn. Sold this pos after 5 games.

  35. The statics are balanced obviously only because the reload time is made for players who hide behind allies and then screw them over with the clip damage, after they’ve eaten all the hits. And only “good” players can do that

  36. cube

  37. yeye okay very good player, but did you remember the 806 damage on the Löwe? Nice, my nickname of world of tanks is literally 806 no joking. (if you doesn’t find me, maybe it’s because your not in the right server, mine is EU)

  38. Can’t wait till war gaming adds centurion mark 5 AVRE with an 165mm derp gun which shoots HESH and it’s an quite mobile tank and it’s got ERA armor against HEAT shells and that thing sits at tier 8
    Just for 99.99dollars a crate with 0.1 percent drop chance

  39. Would love to see the Caliban come to the console version where H.E is unnerfed. Looks like a fun tank where crazy things can happen, good or bad.

  40. Remember when all the CC’s were screaming and crying and slagging off the Caliban.

    Just like they were when the Even 90 and Senlac came out.

    Now they all realise how balanced and how great they are when someone actually takes the time to learn to play a vehicle.

  41. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    finally! someone who rivals my one game haha! he did exactly 1713 more damage than me, but i bounced more lol. gonna see if i can upload the replay.

  42. In hindsight it was obvious why the M40 suddenly started to move, because the WT got on their side…

    Predicting this will put you into that magical 0.1% players though. 🙂

  43. You guys have this on wot console we have strum tigers and m1 Abrams

  44. He still needs to get used to the shell velocity, he barely hit the arty when he tracked it

  45. I love the Caliban, it’s great but it does require some team assistance and those few shots guided by the Queen of England herself.
    Leading shells with the Caliban takes significant amount of skill

  46. 7:44 there are worse 8 tiers than amx, t44, pershing, sta1. Panther 2

  47. I saw this on reddit the other day. Someone posted it.

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