MOST KILLS in 2020 in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Panzer VII. Today Watert is going to get the most kills in a single game of World of Tanks in 2020!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I just like the sound of 127 128 130 guns, and I also have Pz.VII

  2. i wish i could enjoy the game but, on xbox one at least, there was a massive change to the game that made it so assigning crew has become confusing and there’s a delay when aiming at an enemy of one or two seconds before their health pops up

  3. That last tank was your little brother.

  4. I’m german and i really love how he says german tank names, because the the announcing is absolutly funny

  5. Random question QB. Do you ever get any FV304 replays in anymore? I know, I know. Artillery replays, I must be crazy. But it’s such a fun vehicle; I’d be shocked if people aren’t having stupidly good and fun games in it still. On the other hand, I haven’t seen any replays on any of the wot channels I watch. Which isn’t much but still

  6. I dont play wot so often anymore but when i do play the game i dont enjoy the game when losing more than 4 matches in a row. It’s discouraging to be one of the handful last tanks standing. This outcome by this player is great, it is motivating me to play wot again but i can only pray they fix the matchmaking somehow to make it more balanced.

  7. So he killed 12 on his own and 2 suicided on him.

  8. Top be honest, looks a lot more like luck than skill was involved. RNG said yes and a moronic enemy team. Plus his team got everyone down to a one shot. Well done tho.

  9. >Minimal use of prammo unless absolutely necessary or if it was already loaded before
    >Uses angles and baiting to bounce shots
    >Is highly aware of his environment, especially shown with his brilliant move in moving back to ensure the Renegade would crash onto him if it went down
    >Never lost his cool
    >Carried this hard at less than 400 health

    What a fucking god.

  10. What a result. You have to be lucky to get 14 kills for sure but he certainly played like a champ

  11. Really? No 15-kill-game in 2020 within the current meta?
    I’m kinda surprised.

  12. QB, Udes has 330 pen on gold, su 101 has 340 on top gun

  13. where are all these numbskull opponents when im in my tier 10s?

  14. Ahhh yes RELIC from the NA server

  15. Just 2020! Won’t happen ever again!

  16. 31k “profit” ye sure, shit game.

  17. What Kind of Skill Do Gold spamming arty players really have.

  18. Sliphantom was the E-100 lmaoooo

  19. OMG BEST GAME 2020 !

  20. 8:35 *”Pull back and **_slinky_** up the slope”*

  21. That Renegade / Lorrain 40t: “I would rather lose by stupidity than win by cap”

  22. Me when i take 500 damage in a maus:
    Oh no!

  23. I though it would be in a 30vs30 game

  24. It’s been a long time since I watched a legit intense replay, and in Pz VII? Geddemn this is awesome

  25. Please finisg this sries
    -Most spotting
    -Most dmg blocked
    -Best arty game
    Maybe more?

  26. What are you doing stepbro ????

  27. Fv304 is great for short distance violations

  28. Huh, that was on my birthday. *pulls a Bourrasque out of a $40 box* It’s a good day.

  29. He was 2020 for the enemy players :))

  30. hardest carry in WoT this year

  31. Player is in RELIC clan. Seriously, show me a “regular” player, not some full time gamer.

  32. .. its not the highest kills game of the year.. but maybe the most stupid enemy team that made this possible XD


  34. 12:53 talking bout “clinical precision”; that point was accurate af

  35. RTX 3090? When will we be able to see 4k QB face

  36. I get slapped by peoples wallets when inside the panzer, the butter bar (maus), jagaroo (JgPzr e100). Basically anything with armor I just enter a battle in starwars of bright blues, reds, and white balls of light coming to my eyes.
    But congrats to this guy.

  37. if i was the last tank, and i see that the dude on the enemy team got 10+ kills, i would let him kill me 🙂

  38. RELIC still exists in 2020? Bruh

  39. any comments on update 6.0 would be appreciated because by the look of things wargaming is going to be losing vast swathes of its dedicated world of tanks community due to this update :(……

  40. Im ashamed that my most kills ever is 11 in a T1… I was explaning my friend how WOT worked in a platoon and made it look like a very simple game ahah

  41. good boy

  42. First tier X tank can take 14 kill

  43. Well done dude

  44. Thank you.

  45. When your team suck and you need to destroy every single tank by yourself

  46. In what way is T10 vs T8 not unbalanced? Here you can see, how stupid big the gap between VIII and X is! Yeah, it needs a lot of luck and stupid enemies to win a game like this but honestly, with that high alpha dmg, he was able to oneshot most everyone. So to me, i hate this most, t8 vs t10 is the worst balanced crap in world of tanks.

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