MOST KILLS in 2021 in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Today EchoSonic_5 is going to get the most kills in a single game of World of in 2021!



  1. I’ve gotten 14 kils on my alt account on world of tanks in a tier 6 o.I vers tier 8 that was of course late 2020 tho like festive time when we got that tank for the end of the year.

  2. 14 kills in my t54 on mines, dezgamez even did a replay of it lol. I was eating Cheetos and didn’t realize what was happening- I ended up getting them all over my keyboard while smashing tanks 😭

  3. Need help learning the Jager panzer E100

  4. Juan Carlo Estrella

    Quickybaby: To get the one that nobody gets.
    EchoSonic: Not anymore.
    Derman: Am I a joke to you?

  5. Wow, great game!

  6. Kudos to EchoSonic_5 =) My most kills were 11 but i can’t remember the tank. 😉

  7. a tier 8 top tier getting most kills in +2 mm against tier 7s tier 6s who can go and have intercourse with themselves against this tank. what a hero.. i mean a joke…

  8. 13 In the T-54. 2 1/2 Years ago.

  9. Amazing. My highest kill count in a single match to date remains at 10. This was truly inspiring gameplay. Hats off to Echo Sonic 👍🏻

  10. Love to see it, great game

  11. I got 10 kills in the tier vii SU-152 tank destroyer few weeks ago. It was my first Pool’s Medal.

  12. I remember before 2015 when there were even more such battles. There were also some of my friends who managed the 14th. Now I’m happy if not a 2 minute battle. This program is very different already.

  13. Great effort. Loved the teamwork between the hero and his arty. Recommend re-watching and focusing on the lower screen, particularly the hero’s tank status and consumable use, and also the mini-map. Great skill is shown, not only in shot restraint, but also arty cover. Our hero is obviously a calm player. No rushing around, always watching where the next threat/engagement will be.

    Some stats/times: at 2:43 before first dmg received, has dealt 2283 and blocked 1180. At 4:50 the hero receives the last damage they will (retaining 574 hp), and a moment later has 6 kills with 4154/2140 dmg dealt/blocked. For most of the game, the tank is damaged, but the repair and health kits is used judiciously.

    For all the “many easy kills” people, yeah, but he’s still alive to take them! Getting 14 kills requires fortune and the *skill* to exploit the opportunity. Well played EchoSonic_5 and his arty!

  14. I think it’s a set-up. The Big Daddy Tank on enemy team is from the same clan as Echo. /s

  15. Not taking anything from him, but the Caro P.88 in the enemy team was from the same clan as our „hero“. And you can see that when he kills him… Caro P.88 didn`t even fire at him. He came to get killed. It`s not impossible that the 2 of them even communicate via clan chat. There are more then few moments in the battle that are strange… to say the least!

  16. Before I stopped playing it became 15-0 game after game , sad to see this game has gone to shit on the NA server

  17. Got 10 kills with rental eagle 7
    It was like 2018 😂😂

  18. Ahh, back at the start of the year, where HE rounds mattered and a good spg player could provide support for their team as well as stop the 15-0 rushes.

  19. please QB – stop growing facial hair… … it doesn’t suit you IMO

  20. Ah to get a tier 6 game in a progetto 54… I don’t think I saw a single tier 6 game in that tank throughout the entire grind.

  21. My most kill was 10, back in the very old day (I believe it was 2014) with my Stug III. The battle happened on arctic region, which is now mannerheim line. Those are the battles I play WoT for.

  22. That was enjoyable to watch

  23. This mofos have to fix there game !!! The guy PAY for PA got 14 kills + 6k dmg + almost 3k block dmg + hit every single enemy with a shot and ONLY because he is not playing WOT stuped premium tanks he make only 11k PROFIT !!! That is not fair at all and thats not the only problem they have to fix ( matchmaking aswell ) ! Wp to the guy and the whole game that he make but thats a joke to him from wot !

  24. is there a way to submit a best moment video to QB. something really hilarious happened this morning and would like to share it

  25. HI QB fans…….9 more premium Tier 8 tanks to go on the advent calender. I have gold to spend on just one. Which one should I hold out for??? Today’s Renegrade is tempting

  26. that was epic thanks for showing us that

  27. My max was 9 in Hellcat. It was also Colobanov’s. 5 or more years ago.

  28. I didnt know that the raseiniai medal is rare because ive been getting them so many times

  29. 10 kills with Bourrasque on Highway which was about 9 or 10 months ago

  30. Very nice game, Echo. My record to date is 11 kills that I have gotten twice. Ones with T-44-100 and the second was Progetto 65 – after the nerf.

  31. The thing I liked most about this replay he did it without spamming gold and just outlplaying the enemy team.

  32. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  33. Good decisions add up to perfect game! Congrats to EchoSonic!

  34. Highest kill count is 9 kills on SU-122-44. On The finał stage of the battle I missed the arty and it finished me off 🙁 Have a jice day everyone

  35. Bloody beautiful game. Insane accomplishment.

  36. This thumbnail is so cool. Good job, Tanya or QB or whoever did that

  37. What a game, wp Echo Sonic 5 great calm under pressure !
    My record is 10 in a Kolobanov game with my Panther on Paris in 2018 or 2019 (there was wheeled vehicle and Polish meds)

  38. Cristian D. Tancredi

    This should be on the RNG most kills of WOT!

  39. Its Raseinei, not Razeinei 😀

  40. that carro at the end was in the same clan than echo

  41. Laurentiu Moldoveanu

    11 kills with SU100Y back in 2015 and another 11 kills in 2019, same TD. That’s my biggest record standing to this day. Trying my best to beat it with other tanks, but no luck…
    Well, at least I got my first Fadin’s Medal a couple of days ago since I’m playing this game – That is, from 2013 😀

  42. Bots in easy mode, he lost the next 18 games in a row and now uninstalled the game. 😆

  43. Whywouldi Givemyrealname

    My highest is 10 kills in the T69. I’m not 100% sure when, but I think it happened in August of 2013. I was sick for a week and stayed home and ground out the T69 in a single week. I had a good week with that tank. Maybe I should buy it back…

  44. imagine having a game like this january 1st. can stop playing wot for the rest of the year, because you won’t beat that game anyway.

  45. Ορφεας Βαφοπoυλος

    8 kills with ebr hotch like 6 months ago

  46. While I must give the benefit of the doubt and congratulating him on his performance, it’s also interesting how the Carro P.88 played this game – being on the enemy team, but from the same clan.
    Just feels like the T-22 medium tank riggers are back again, and while it’s not a novelty that players from the same clan go into battle coordinating theirself on Discord or TeamSpeak servers, in order to have a chance of meeting each other on the battlefield, I strongly feel like this battle might be rigged by some extent.
    I just wished that you, QB, would’ve noticed that by now.

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