MOST KILLS in 2022 in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today we'll see the MOST 2022 in World of Tanks featuring Call_Me_Gold_Spender aka breatheair__ in their HTC!



  1. That was an impressive game! Well done! Loved the shot on the EBR. The most kills I’ve ever had in a game was 9. I was playing a tier 1 game in my T1 Cunningham, back in 2014 or maybe 2015. Battle on the old Province map ended in a draw against another T1 Cunningham. We were both one shot away from losing, and we chased each other around a house. Just as I was about to get him on the corner… the timer ran out. I did get 9 kills again last year, but I can’t remember what tank I used.

  2. He didn’t quite do more damage than his whole team combined. Very close though. They did 5978 combined.

  3. Wow gotta say that was impressive, although that hit on the EBR was super lucky.

  4. 11 is my max number of kills

  5. His team mates are being silent cause they were absolute crap.

  6. Don’t underestimate the Booba!

  7. I’m stuck on 10 kills. Gotten it like a dozen times but never even one more.

  8. Love that this was accomplished in an HTC. A tank that is a total stinker for me.

    Stellar performance, great decision making. Such calm, very poised.

  9. I no longer consider anyone reaching any particular pinnacle such as most damage, most kills etc as a valid situation or even something to be recognized given the proclivity of companies providing stat padding services for money. In essence, cheating. It’s already been exposed by Kellerman in multiple situations. In addition to that I really don’t care much about a game as anything serious in life. Especially wot.

  10. I got 14 once on my free to play account never got more than 11 on my main paid account (although both of them are now free to play). If you want to watch it is on this Youtube account many years ago though I’m lucky to get a top gun these days.

  11. Changed his name to breath air hahah. Doubt anyone will get that reference

  12. my most kills is 10 and in a matilda so not really fair

  13. This person has been touched by RNGesus.

  14. This guy just speed ran WOT

  15. I wanna see highest ramming dm

  16. In tier 7 i hate the T28 HTC so much since its amour is so strong most tier 7 couldnt pen it unless they use gold. And i amnot rich enough to use gold every game

  17. 1. Not a regular researchable tank – check
    2. Lots of premium rounds loaded- check
    3. Premium consumable – check
    4. Lower tier matchmaking- check
    5. Stupid enemy and teammate – check

    Such a clown show, very lucky game

  18. So basically an overpowered tank with insane armor that almost no equal tier or lower tank can pen. head on unless they use gold rounds. I’d like to see someone do this in a tech tree tank… impossible isn’t it?

  19. He probably wouldn’t have killed the EBR without using the faster APCR

  20. Great achievement but top tier gameplay residentSleeper.

  21. only 77k for that carry? That is a bit of an underreward for his amazing performance

  22. Dude woke up that morning and chose violence.

    Super aggressive from start to finish, excellent management of his armor angles (it helps that the T28 HTC is very tough and has ludicrous firing angles for a TD), and good target selection. Faking going for the EBR to draw out the M10 was a good move.

  23. Nice Match. My Rekord was 10 Kills in a Tiger 131 at Ensk, also as TopTier.
    But luckely i Take No HP damage in my Tiger…

  24. Low tier trash, not interested

  25. Wow, Don’t think I have actually seen a 15 kill game. Maybe you or Jingles has posted one before and just missed it of just forgot given how rare these games are I don’t know. I think getting lucky with MM is a big part of it but none the less well played to them even if they did make it look a bit easy.

  26. The real MVP of any god-tier replay, is the team behind the player that sucks just enough to leave most pickings on the table for the player, but not too much to make the game an instant loss. And the enemy team that sucks just enough to feed the player their tanks one by one, but not too much to lose the instantly.

  27. U should do most kills by evry tier

  28. There’s definitely some shenanigans involved, either with the replay itself or the game. The reticle wasn’t even on the EBR when it detonated.

  29. 13 kills is my max

  30. Not even watching it I know the title is a lie and there are lower tier games with more kills.

  31. A great video. The most kills for me is 11.

  32. He can go right ahead and un-install now.

  33. Sacharissa Himawari

    Is this game rigged? After watching the whole video I will have to say No. I dont think anyone can get even more kills than this guys. Good game

    The thing about online battle arena like League of Legends, or Dota, or War games. When playing enough games you will end up with that one game where everything is just right and you hit the jackpots.

  34. Kolobanov…the one that everybody wants.
    Raseiniai…the one that nobody gets…

  35. I really love the fact everyone from the team (even goldspander himself) was so quiet on the chat. He made it look like it was nothing

  36. You should play blitz!

  37. …! ? …What did I just watch? WHAT!?! That was the most exciting game I’ve ever seen! That was AWESOME!!!

  38. See? That’s what pisses me off the most about Wargaming! You can’t make a profit with even 15 kills! The same reason I don’t play tier 9 or 10.

  39. let me set this one straight – this guy got a bunch of rarest (well, all of them really) medals in the game…. in tier 7 td…. with a fucking premium account…. How it is even possible for him to loose any credits for a love of a fuck sake????? Even if he fire gold exclusively it shouldn’t be…. This shows how broken enoconomy in WoT really is, regardless of what QB and other scrubs are trying to sell us…

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