MOST OP ARMOR! War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder New Tanks Armor and Camo Update!
the new armor and bush camo , or pay to win?

Thanks for watching!


  1. Matias Pirttilahti


  2. unrealassasination


  3. Earliest I’ve ever been. :D

  4. he best one ever!!!

  5. Baron baron how do you get your golden eagles?

  6. RyshavThe HeavyPunch

    Six !!! :D

  7. Baron do you agree that the 3 inch gun carrier is the sexiest tank ever?

  8. Churchill would be proud…

  9. so now you can’t hit the Tea party that is going in the back…

  10. Blue Creeper92_YT

    damit 8th

  11. Primarch Alpharius

    It’s the 75mm

  12. imagine the TOG full of tank tracks XD

  13. I am so scared of churchills when i see them in battle. I just dont know
    how to kill them. And i either penetrate and hit nothing critical or i dont

  14. +BaronVonGamez Why not use the type of shell where it does more damage at
    close range? Why do you use the worse shell at all?

  15. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  16. brendan des games


  17. Hey baron i have a challenge for you. Play a tank Realistic battle with the
    HUD turned off and using only the 3rd person view. If you want to make it
    more challenging, use a tank with a low velocity gun.

  18. Omg I’m so early like REALLY.. Nice vid just always baron!!! O7

  19. The quality of the video is bad not the gameplay but the quality! 720p but
    looks like 460p

  20. MrCaptain CockBlock

    the Churchills armor is riddled with weak spots, the thin top plate about
    the gun is so frustrating since a kv1 can pen it from distance, not to
    mention the armour does count for anything when you going up against
    tigers, patehrs and pz4 since apcr just ruins your day, combine this with
    fucking horrible 75 mm gun which does fuck damage ever with ballistic cap
    ammo 21km speed at best and poor manoeuvrability, even with the added
    armour this tank is hard and not very fun to use unless the match maker put
    you with tank you can actually kill, i.e. pz 4, t34 76, shermans, etc

  21. “I just love the crunch” it’s from leafy

  22. JOHN CENAAAAA!!!!! ^^

    By the way awesome tank with those buoys ^^

  23. omg baron… u still hit a tank in the same spot

  24. 5:35 a 57 pounder? wow, now THAT would be op

  25. ‘Is this the 57 pounder?’

  26. 13:19 anyone else see that arty shell

  27. Juan Miguel Rivas Velasco

    Why baron and slick dont play with phly?

  28. id you fire an HE round do the tracks fall down around that spot or not ?

  29. This tank is OP as fuck. Going against tanks with like 50mm of armor when
    it has over 150mm with even MORE added now… Fuck sake man

  30. 13:18 war thunder’s attention to detail—giving shells in mid flight
    decent textures— seems slightly unnecessary, but nice..

  31. yo dog. I heard you like armor, so I put armor on your armor so you can
    armor while you’re armoring

  32. Hiraki play || Games&Unboxing channel

    if wot ever had that thats gg for the maus

  33. WoT blitzblasters WoT

    We need a Luchs with bushes.

  34. As a side note. i’m not so sure you can just add the value onto the other
    armor, as they are tracks and not the cast homogeneous steel. Not sure if
    WT cares tho ;)

  35. Liam the dark angel.

    The Churchill is such a iconic British tank, my favourite variant was the
    crocodile. Basically a stock Churchill with a flamethrower mounted inside
    the hull ( Britain invented it, now that I think about it Britain made the
    jet engine, flamethrower, the TANK and the largest wooden warship in the
    world. ).

  36. The Bread Monster

    All the soviet tanks being destroyed in this video are just capitalist
    propaganda,tovarisch.British fish and chips can’t penetrate stronk
    stalinium tenks хахахахахахахахахахахахахахахахаха ))))))))

  37. Ludvig Juel Martens

    it might be OP but realistic

  38. Ya

  39. Did that guy really pull a Brussels joke…

  40. F those KV’s don’t do it plzzzzzz they be op as hell.

  41. That armor on the maus( we need it now)

  42. Baron is blessed by matchmaker! I can’t remember my last game when I was
    top tier

  43. Just fought you ok in this thing. I was hammering away at you with my t34
    85 and holy hell that things armour add on is op

  44. Micah Carlson (FICADIN)

    +BaronVonGamez, you still stream on twitch at all?

  45. Wow I actually just watched slicks video until I refreshed this. Noice

  46. So baron, I see your snap is being littered with a “adventure”. How’s that
    going. is it Germany? (I’m not sure) But have a good rest of the trip

  47. Baron does that goldon egal thing work for ps4?

  48. this thing is a pain to deal with. I was in a battle where we had on in a
    cap, four T34 tanks where all over it. we spent half the match trying to
    kill it. the only thing we could pen was the turret sides. even point blank
    the sides of the hull would bounce rounds. The last thing it needs was more

  49. So hard to kill cunts with that last man standing perk

  50. I would rather have more side armor tbh.

  51. KTG aerial movies

    is it just me or is your game set to 1280×720? it looks like shit on my

  52. There was a lotta people talking crap about Baron during that battle.

  53. Pretty much the only thing that can penetrate a KV-1 from the front is the
    Panzer IV F2

  54. didnt you test the panzer 4H?
    that thing with the tracks can absorve t34 85 hits

  55. phly daily plays better than you baron you noob

  56. 10:26 Russian bias

  57. Baron knows football

  58. *sighs* T-34 would be I think reliatvely balanced if they’re fix sloped
    armor on this game. It’s too effective. a 5cm L/60 firing it’s APCR (which
    is basically HVAP) was able to pen one under 500meters. It’s still
    unreliable under 200meters using APCR. Under 500meters the 5cm Pzgr 40
    rounds had similar penetration values as a standard AP round from a 8.8cm
    L/56 for example… but it just bounces off T-34s like nothing else. Only
    reason the Germans abandoned the 5cm L/60 was because to get that
    penetration they had to fire a Tungsten round which lets say didn’t knock
    tanks out very well even when it penetrated. Which I would understand if I
    would have to pump 3-5 rounds into a T-34’s front to kill them with a 5cm
    gun firing PzGr 40 rounds but they’re unreliable on the game and bounce
    insanely often off sloped surfaces. My poor Panzer III’s can knock out
    turret crews but they will still have the driver/gunner alive, and my
    PzGr40 rounds can never finish those last two crews members off when a T-34
    has even a moderate angling in his hull.

  59. Churchill’s armour is great… until you meet a player that can tell his
    ass from his elbow…

  60. Never take out the maximum amount of shells, you only need 20

  61. In the minute 13:18 you can see a artillery shell :D

  62. British bias!!!

  63. thnx to mention brussels because its no fun to live like that thinking that
    your city can be bommed

  64. I Don't Understand Math

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My name is Dave
    This makes no sense


  65. hey baron ive noticed your fps has been low in your vids just wanted to
    know if your running windows 10?

  66. This video shows how OP t-34 is

  67. 4:57 yo dawg i heard you like armour so we armour on your amour on your

  68. Honestly, this tank should not have this armor. It is so hard tho pin.

  69. are people playing as the flak trucks or are they npc

  70. The best way to balance War Thunder would be a dynamic BR system where a
    stock tank, or a tank with few enough upgrades to not be considered
    competitive enough to face certain tanks, so for example T-44. Let’s say it
    is at 5.7 stock, with a few mobility and shell upgrades it is now a bit
    more competitive, so goes up to 6.0 and then once aced, goes up to 6.3. It
    is important to note that fire extinguishers and repair kits would not
    change a tanks BR as they are basically necessary. Keep in mind these are
    just BRs I thought of off the top of my head and they would need a bit more
    refinement. It is also worth mentioning that not every tank/plane (planes
    to a lesser degree) would have to have 3 BR stages, they could have 2 and
    if there is some super OP tank once aced (I don’t think there are any!)
    they could even have 4.

  71. At 13:20 ish you could see the frame where the artillery shell came in

  72. I cannot stand watching multiple ricochets, after the 3rd non pen Change

  73. britanium alloy not quite as stronk as stalinium but still quite stronk

  74. that thing just looks like it would beat the shit out anything that got in
    front of it


  76. its not op just flak it people are stupid

  77. Smeagol The wizard

    Ze Maus with extra armor. Runnnnnnn!

  78. “They don’t want everyone in bushes, so there’s a paywall”…. Don’t
    fucking put them in then you twats xD

  79. The churchill is now op

  80. this tank sucks ass its slow the gun sucks ass.

  81. And i just hate how Gaijin’s ‘realistic’ damage-simulation engine treats
    British solid shot rounds. Makes them incredibly underwhelming. If a round
    enters a tank, the crews fucking out haha. Tanks have never needed to be
    completely annihilated by explosives

  82. What’s the capture card do you use

  83. I saw some other tanks in ww2 that had add-on armor, such as the Sherman
    105 and the T-54. I hope they add more tanks with add-on armor

  84. independentdude00

    Just shoot the escape hatch on the left of the Churchill blow those Brits
    into pieces in case anyone was wondering how to kill this tank

  85. Chandler Hermansen

    lol slicks leafy reference

  86. Churchill mk. 7 is at an odd place. It either get down tiered and fights
    vehicles that have virtually no chance to hurt it (I guess besides the
    Dicker Max) or it fights Kv-2’s, Tiger 1’s and T-34-85’s, which it can’t
    hurt even at close range. Might have been better to include one of the mk.
    4-6 Churchill’s, rather than have this tank that doesn’t fit because of how
    the BR’s work.

  87. hey baron, can you check out my vid I uploaded earlier please? I know
    you’ll like it for sure. also fantastic vid I’m the Churchill man! loved
    the video!

  88. Daniel Jakubowski

    At 13:19 as baron starts to say the word StuG, you can see an arty shell

  89. CHURCHILL!!!

  90. Arn’t the bushes a thing just to hide weakpoints?

  91. BlueRosse Gaming

    nice game and ty i was w8 for a churchill gameplay for a long time. next
    make some more Brithis tanks like Avenger or Comet wat u want. sry for my
    RIP ENG.

  92. from my testing the tank track add ons fall off after a hit and the ones
    that come on the tank to begin with will stay on no matter how much u shoot

  93. Hey Baron why do you play War Thunder? with the fucks at Gajin HQ?

  94. long live the Brussels tank

  95. its a short barrel 75mm gun. the same gun as the sherman

  96. Mister Torgue Flexington

    so you can litter your tank with useless stuff like life preservers and
    stop signs?

  97. we need a kik system for when you go in the enemy spawn that they get kikt
    if in there for too long. and if they get that fixed then we are one step
    closer to making war thunder great again

  98. they put extra armor on the tank with the most armor for it’s BR. When your
    team gets stomped and a Mk VII closes in you’re pretty much fucked,
    espeacially in Russian tanks.

  99. 4.7 and baron uses ammo that pens like 90mm top >_>

  100. If only baron ddnt get distracted by the nice shiny spaa they could have
    clutched it sooner ?

  101. So are they go to make the bushes not cost $12 due to backlash. I
    personally think the cost for add-ons is way too much and was a waste of
    the feature.

  102. there was an artillery shell before impact at 13:18

  103. At 13:17 you can see an arty shell in his scope

  104. ZambieDude_Official Banterlopes

    What if you could shoot the tracks off like the spaced armour on the panzer
    4 h can be shot off

  105. Brandon Witherall

    Woo finally made it in your video :D

  106. Nicolas Malmsten

    Baron please fix better resolution, “1080” it feels like 480..

  107. Baron you’ve got nothing on my ERA Jerry can turret armour

  108. shoot his tracks, run rings around it. or shoot the gunpoint in its front.
    also when it angeles ita front you can shoot it in the big track cover and
    pen and damage it. not as op as you may think

  109. What do i put here?

    “I just love the crunch” Leafyishere Reference ? Well Played

  110. Did anyone else see the yellow artillery shell while Baron was looking down

  111. Baron do you have time to play or is all your time in content?

  112. It’s kinda bullshit that you can only pay for the camo with GE. Saying this
    isn’t pay-to-win is like saying the Calliope sherman is perfectly balanced.

  113. People complain too much over this game. I mean it’s a simulation game and
    bushes don’t just disappear.

  114. hey baron,
    do a custom match on the new winter map and do tiger 1s vs t-34s

  115. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    the tanks is a stone cold killer I grinded mine out when they were all in
    CBT and had it spaded well within a day, you need to learn how churchills
    work best I got the black prince in the pack and by the time the full tech
    tree was out I had Churchill fighting locked down as the MkVIII and black
    prince have the same armour just different cannons the key is to stay at
    300m to 500m from the enemy and face them at a 45 degree angle so that in
    coming fire bounces off the hull and use the rapid firing cannon to detrack
    and then kill your enemy

  116. in regards to the bushes for the tanks, what good are they against those
    cheaters using ULQ settings? would they still appear? but then even if they
    do, all the NATURAL bushes are gone from view, so you’d still be sitting
    out in the open, just now as an EXPEN$IVE bush sitting in plain sight,
    where ULQ is removing bushes from view. so right there, using ULQ would be
    right out openly effecting someone who spent REAL money for a feature
    add-on, causing real life impact, not just cheating in a game!

  117. smk bush

  118. damn stupid, why did they add bushes if they are gonna make it unrealistic
    as fuck?

  119. Cool tank but i Have maus tank

  120. The Churchill really needs a BR change. It may not have a good gun but it
    has an adequate gun. Couple that with the impenetrable armor and the
    relatively low 4.7 BR its OP. Churchill’s just role games at that tier.

  121. I one shotted one of these bad boys with a m6a1

  122. T-10 Stalins daf

  123. Do tank tracks and bushes over track op as fuck ????????

  124. I just finished playing this tank last night and that armor upgrade is
    amazing the only time i ever died in it was when i was outflanked, T-34s be
    damned even close quarters when i was angled they could not pen me it was
    quite funny watching them try to pen my turret at point blank.

  125. I think the Sherman’s should all get armor upgrades including the jumbos in
    the 105 Sherman along with some of the tank destroyers and anti aircraft

  126. The chrurchill shouldent be on tier 1/2. It is way to op for that tier,
    also the panzer 3’s need to be buffed in armor a bit. And i know that the
    panzer meedeed to go against de t-34. But it never had to face the english
    tanks yet. Also the t-34 and the Sherman needed to face the tiger but you
    don’t see that in this game.

  127. Hetzer! on bush!

  128. you realise construction steel the tracks are made out of are like the
    equivelent to 5-10mm of armour added bugger all

  129. It’s funny how he spends 4 minutes praising the armor and I one shotted
    this tank with a dicker max. I know that it’s OP but it’s not

  130. If they’ll give the T10 extra armour,I’ll kill gaijin

  131. The Leopard 1 needs it

  132. Baron: That t-34 ran away :3
    Me: No, he went across the bridge to A………………. and now hes
    capping it! gg Baron……….

  133. its not that op just load apcr and shoot trought front

  134. Stronk

  135. Dicker max can kill it with no problem, this tank and every other tank in
    its br

  136. Wow “that T34 that passed me capped A” What did you think he was going to
    do when was crossing the bridge?

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