Most OP Premium In War Thunder

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Source: ThiccYoroi

helps the channel out a lot!
The Turm 3 premium tank in , Which is insanely good. Not only do you get a 5 second reload with either HEAT-FS or APDS, but you also get a canon. Battle Rating 8.0-10.3 has truly become pay to win heaven.
Sakamata Chloe Art by Kaguya_mizu618 on twitter


  1. Is this vehicle worth my $50?

  2. Big forehead tank 😉

  3. I love the fallout music. Brings back so much memories.

  4. seeing vtuber clips in a warthunder video is weird but welcome

  5. Explosive Substep

    just another day for you of playing tanks it seems, as usual hilarious video. f*k them kids indeed

    day six of askin for le suffering of the su100p >:)

  6. You’ve just taught me how to use this tank. Thank you TY.

  7. nuke machine…. my 3rd nuke with this beast

  8. IllllllllllD.j.jacklllllllllGuiltylllllllll

    good job, near 8k sub

  9. Why have one gun when you can have two?
    There, perfect top-tier choice

  10. not a fan of the weird ass v-tuber shit, but funny video otherwise.

  11. youve become what you swore to destroy

  12. Playing against Germany at 8.3 with USSR vehicles has been a pain recently. Not only we got the completely undertiered Raketenautomat, we even have this shitty, also undertiered premium that is like twice better than the T-55AM-1 for even a lower goddamn price. Russian bias my ass, this shitty BR range is literally German bias all over the place. Even for higher tiers, there’s the TAM 2IP.

    • The T-55AM-1 is still a broken premium for its br

    • @ThiccYoroi I wouldn’t say so. In a downtier, it wrecks, but its armor is still pretty much paper vs APDS/APFSDS and its APFSDS is pretty shit (you wouldn’t believe how many bounces can still happen with that, I literally had bounces on the Marder 1A3 hull for some reason). It’s a very solid vehicle, but it’s nowhere broken in my opinion. The only biggest pro it has is the LRF (which is getting kinda common anyways at 8.3).

    • plus the fact that you don’t get thermals on your MBTs until 10.0 JEEZ

    • @ThiccYoroi i wouldn’t say broken, but its pretty good when used right. I got a nuke with it but couldn’t drop it because my team couldn’t keep the caps

  13. wait why your SL earning on turms III is so low while mine is like 4k per kills?????????

  14. Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  15. 4:10 Nice shot between the rock and the track

  16. video 37 of asking for a CAS video

  17. I spotted an interesting looking frook.

  18. RandomExcessMemories

    I love blowing these things to kingdom come in my T-10M. 122mm APCBC does not care about your premium tanks 😀

  19. i’d watch your videos, hell, i’d even subscribe to you if you arent based around some anime man disgustEn!

  20. Guys, wake up. New masterpiece just dropped.

  21. Deutsche Qualität 👍

  22. please make a video about t54 (any)

  23. Another endless kill composition – not my cup of tea.

  24. A waifu playing WT is the best thing after Daebom

  25. WTF is that vehicle, there’s no reload in between. Just puking that shell out

    • I was fooled, i was bamboozled, I was an idiot not realizing the video’s edited.. but that machine gun tho, feels like a lazer.

  26. I can feel the dollar vibes, it’s been a while since I watched your videos, still golden edit

  27. These dank ahh Holo memes mixed with my daily dose of bullshit tank battles. Way to start my day!

  28. Only bad thing is that its weak asl

  29. I am so glad I found your channel. Vtuber enjoyer, WT player, and Dollar fan. Your videos are great!

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