Most OP Tank, But With 25% CREW! | World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay – Update 1.11

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to play with the most hated tank in World of Tanks – The EBR 105, tier X french light tank aka light wheeled vehicle.
Because WG is taking so much time nerfing in this game, which badly needs one. Let's try out a version of this tank ourselves, a version, which has heavily been nerfed.

Let's go!


  1. But how would you actually nerf EBR 105?
    Is it possible to make them balanced?

    • Nerf the gun to the ground

    • remove gun rammer then it will be like 17sec reload

    • no they should not be in the game… ONLY FULLY TRACKED TANKS should be allowed or I will wait it they introduce Motorcycles and HalfTracks that will be fun running around in a motorcycle 🙂 WG dont actually play their own game they play NFS so they dont understand what players dont like and dont want in the game…

    • The wheels should not be able to eat dmg, last game with my Jpz E100 i shot a round in the side of an Ebr and *”critical hit”* while that wheel should have been launched to another universe.

    • František Tomiška

      Put shitbarn against it, because EBR on full speed is the only thing that shitbarn can hit!

  2. 5 years of premium account left? hmm, okay xd

  3. (nerfs to death…) still blatantly OP. Lol.

    • _”blatantly OP”_
      are all slightly underpowered tanks now blatantly OP?

    • @VioletStatPedder – No, it’s just that even with a bad crew, it performed as well as the best normal tracked LT like a 432. A little more planning, being slightly less yolo, still got 4 rather easy kills due to the still silly mobility.

      That said, that’s more like what I’d expect it to have to be like to be fair – or as I suggested for the hundredth time, remove the super armor of infinite HE soaking effect on the wheels.

    • @Joseph Oberlander That’s because all the other light tanks are underperforming. EBR 105 is on par with other classes (heavies, mediums, td’s, arties) while the rest of the lights are worse.

      The wheels work just like tracks (and other external modules) as acting as spaced armor. Making them part of the hitbox would nerf the EBR quite a bit.

  4. Hahaha. Nice man, fun Estonia guy. Will someone except for you play that? I can not stop laugh. Thanks.

  5. Ebr is balanced, change my mind.

  6. I really never had a problem with the wheeled vehicle. I think they should be put back to release stats and then fix the tracking system for them. That is usually most peoples biggest complaint. You can’t stop them. If a wheel locks up on a car it is going to stop. if you hit on of the wheels that is currently touching the ground it should rip it in that direction and stop. Fix the tracking and even as released this would be balanced by how easy they are to stop.

    • _”If a wheel locks up on a car it is going to stop.”_
      That’s not true. Also wheelies have 6-8 wheels, not just4 like a normal car.

      The biggest problem for me is that you don’t get “tracking assist” if you destroy the wheels. So no point in playing for the team (for the win) by damaging the wheels so that the rest of your team has easier time to hit the wheelie.

  7. o kurwa hahah

  8. 25% crew on a Maus?

  9. 25% crew on maus or tog sounds like “fun”

  10. Ebr is out of focus for me for tanks that annoy me. What annoys me the most is the Russian heavys. Especially the obj 277, 705A

  11. EBRs are not OP, only OP is clickers, they should be nerfed or removed from game.

  12. masociest ebr gameplay

  13. i would remove the ” impossible tracking on the wheels” and make so i takes 1,5 sec to switch between fast and good turning mode and cut half pen on HE

    • Isn’t the point of the wheels that even if one or two gets destroyed it still has 6 left and can continue driving normally.

  14. Jokes aside this would be a good starting point for the base stats of the ebr imo, would still be good with a good crew

  15. Nerf HE,remove auto aim,loses a bit more speed when hit.

  16. absent-minded goldfish

    thats cool and all, now do it on a doomturtle 😀

  17. 25_Hounsfield_Units

    m8, only you could solve such a mystery…..i will call you poirot (agatha christie’s detective)…..wot poirot :)))))) GJ man… luv ya

  18. 25_Hounsfield_Units

    even with that view range it could be dedicated anti scout….support flanker

  19. Just go watch
    skill4ltu play this EBR and see how OP it is. It totally breaks the game in every way. It’s not a world of tanks with this race cars and they are able to outplay any tank of the game in late, which is pretty sad. Wheelie should not be able to beat light and mediums tank 1vs1.

    • OP and broken are two different things. EBR is balanced, not OP.

      Is it broken? IMO that’s a personal opinion. Some say arties are broken, some say TD’s are broken. People say whatever they dislike is broken.

    • @VioletStatPedder – I really mean its OP, because it is able to do some very ridiculous things that should not be possible without geting punished for that. What makes it OP is the speed and and steep turns in high speed and if thats not enough, add to that low dispersion values(=ability drive by shooting), dmg absorbing tyres and modules. It is literally able to drive behind enemy backline through multiple enemy tanks with out geting killed or even shot once. Thats what makes it OP and broken “tank”. Like really, I’m not asking the game to be realistic, but that is just too much to tolerate. Most of the top streamers with unicum statics in game have also announced the same thing. EBR need to get nerf. It could be like fast light tank to make fast relocates, but it cannot be fast tank that can just randomly drive to enemy backline and dodge/absorb multiple enemy tanks shots while it can easily shoot back to any tank in high speed.

    • @igozi The ability to do something doesn’t mean it’s OP.

      The performance stats of the EBR show that it’s well balanced (ever so slightly underperforming). You can check them on wot-news.

      Yes, EBR has good mobility and nice gun handling. To get that it loses DPM, armor, hitpoints and view range.

      Wheels work just like any external module – act as spaced armor. Wheels don’t “absorb” shots.

    • @VioletStatPedder – EBR isn’t noob friendly, which fairly “balance” the stats. Tell me why EBR in clanwars are used over other light tanks? If the other lights viewrange and spoting is so damn good, why they don’t use those?

      EBR Its most used among with T95/FV4201 Chieftain, obj907, obj279(e), which are considered to be god tier tank. in other words OP. Overpowered = better than others.

      And what comes to dmg absorb. Hel,l its like 2/3 shots I manage to hit them is some how only a critical shot without any dmg and my accuracy is fairly over 70% and wn8 fairly over 2000. So I’m much better than average player. I believe majority of player base can confirme to have same experience. And btw, if you shoot the tyre, why it won’t stop just like a tanks with tracks too?

      The thing what EBR does to game is people camps even more than before, if you get caught by EBR while doing aggressive move, you are pretty much dead. Because it can bully you as long as he wants and you are just a cannon fodder for all the enemy. Thats what breaks the game and when the EBR can do that stuff even in the enemy backline, its just outrageous.

  20. So stupid that Wargaming made wheeled vehicles better on off-road than tracked vehicles… What do they suppose the tracks are for lol.

  21. That EBR isnt nerfed, it is destroyed. Its like the “nerf” WG did to the T22 Medium, and thats the reason why pretty much nobody uses it anymore

  22. Thank you , Dez .
    It is a clown-car , wheeled and it makes a joke of the game !!!

  23. Милан Лесић

    Wheeled vehicles are not tanks

  24. STOP with the EBR bitching! omg. War isn’t fair, learn to adapt or die. If you pride yourself on being such a good player and commander learn how to adapt to an ever changing battle field. The Nerf complaint in any war game drive me ape shit….

    • War isn’t fair, but this is a GAME, first and foremost and in a game, stuff should be moderately balanced at least. Because now there is one vehicle, which is EBR 105, which is so much better than anything else and it makes the game a lot less fun for others.
      I do enjoy playing, trolling and simply DOMINATING every battle in EBR 105 myself as well every now and then, but it doesn’t hide that fact that this thing is broken as fuck and BAD for the game overall.

  25. There is a tiny bit of hate to the EBR 105 I can tell 🙂

  26. Basically Artillery on Wheels

  27. Remember how WG said wheeled vehicles will always lose 1vs1 against any same tier light tank? I just had a situation where EBR 105 rushed my AMX 13 105. I was even hiding in a bush so I got the first shot. Guess what happened? EBR used it’s mobility and gun handling, I hit the first shot, missed the second, connected the last one and EBR was spamming HE, penning each shot. But I guess I should have ran away… Oh wait, I can’t. Maybe out-DPM him? Oh wait, I can’t. Maybe out-manuveur? Oh wait, I can’t.

    • @Sami Lindgren And that’s the problem with autoloaders.
      If we look at base stats the EBR needs 4 shots to kill an AMX 13 105 (1400/390=3,5) so the killing time would be 12s*3=36s.

      The AMX 13 105 also needs 4 shots to kill an EBR but only has 3 shots in the mag. It takes 5,45s to empty the clip, then 26,43 to reload it again and fire the last shell. That’s 31,88.
      So the AMX 13 105 wins on paper.

      If both are shooting HE then the AMX 13 105 needs 3 shots or 5,45 seconds to kill the EBR while the EBR needs 3 shots or 24s.

      (All base stats).

    • @VioletStatPedder – Exactly what happened, EBR shooting HE has no problem taking out any autoloader light tank, especially with the manoeuvrability and gun accuracy. So again WG lied saying EBRs will always lose 1vs1 against any same tier light tank.

    • @Sami Lindgren In both of my cases the AMX kills the EBR first. So clearly it comes down to the skill level of players if the EBR wins and this shouldn’t matter in this case (as pointed out by the AFK example).

    • @VioletStatPedder – Ummh no. What kind of light tank player has HE loaded with an autoloader? EBR might push with AP loaded, shoot once, reload HE and it will win against the autoloading light tank. Also EBR can dogde or evade shots from the autoloader easier and also connect his shots easier.

      EBRs will win easily against same tier autoloading light tanks and give hard time for any regular light tank. WG is talking out of their hat once again, maybe they don’t know what kind of game they are developing.

    • @Sami Lindgren Yeah, there are situations where EBR can win and situations where normal lights can win. I don’t think WG thought about every example when making that statement. It was rather about the powerlevel of the tank than what would happen in a real battle

  28. love it nerf that ebr

  29. 2 simple things. Mobility ( turning speed, top speed) and firepower ( reduce the alpha damage for all shell types). And done just how hard is it understand.

  30. Man the EBR is not op at all. It has low view range, low pen, long reload, obviously no armor (just don’t hit the wheels where there is no structure behind). Also It’s very tough to steer when u have to do a tight turn since it can’t turn without moving. The only thing that keeps the EBR alive is the mobility. Just learn to hit them, and It’s a really bad tank cuz it has to be actively spotting while also exposing itself. Nerfing the EBR harder wont do anything, cuz It’s the players that make it good. It takes alot of skill to play the EBR unlike many other kind of tanks. If u know how to utilize It’s advantages then It’s good, but so is any other tank. I don’t want to hear “EBR op” anymore. It already recieved a nerf which was way too hard.

  31. if thats fullhd quality i am monkey , dude comeon you have 200k subs …

  32. Just shows how broken and toxic these things are to the game play.

  33. So 25% crew for EBR 105 = 100% full trained crew in Manticore? 🙂

  34. Why don’t they just remove it from the game they say SPGs loved by 30% players ok I’ll conceder it right but for wheels i don’t think that 3% love it the rest playing ebr to annoy other player or to do some missions

  35. you are supposed to be nerfing it so you should not have any equipment or consumables…. not a fair test

  36. Dez torturing himself.
    WG: OK, enough! We are going to BUFF EBR 105 ultra.

  37. Really love your buff/nerf experiments, so fun.

  38. EBR should get nerf to dispersion while moving. Then also when the wheel is shot, the whole vehicle should be sent spinning out of control, depending how fast it was going.

  39. In keeping with Wot physics and realism the crew aren’t in bucket seats with five point safety harnesses they should take significant damage or be killed in those ridiculous roll overs. So add that to the Ferraris having these stats with a 100% crew. Then they might be ok to stay.
    I still think they should be removed as this is tanks not Mario kart.

  40. Dez: If already then already! Why did you mount equipment? Play the damn thing with 25% crew and NO equipment! Now THERE’S a challenge for you!

  41. Next tank should be 25% KV-2 without equipment to truly see if there is really russian bias in the game.

  42. Branko Dimitrijevic

    Dont rant on it, I would much more like other lights to be reworked, pene is trash and if you get a city map you are useless.

  43. Wargaming: doesn’t nerf ebr
    DezGamez: Fine,i’ll do it myself!

  44. Redbear and Friends

    I kinda wish 6th sense didn’t exist at all

  45. 9:30 perfect. Now its balanced.

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