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  1. First

  2. Not phirst but still a phan

  3. Day 278: please play the P-51C-10 to show em a little trick you learned

  4. Asking to play with phlopy 448

  5. Hello phly!

  6. Woo-hoo finally first like lol

  7. What’s up phly

  8. Day 259 : play the Mitsubishi F1 and show them the might of the samurai

  9. Could you please test the french Étendard 4 M and the Mystère 4?

  10. Woohoo first one here

  11. Day 31: Play the Javelin please, it’s my favorite plane ever

  12. Wow I made it boiz

  13. Phly can an Italian boi see the F-104S in a capable hand. Any mode, any load, just make the F-104S the subject of the video.
    Attempt 220

  14. If i see first in this comment section im going to snap someones neck.

  15. Hey phlydaily can you try the he-111 h-16 (day still idk)

  16. Phly, you’ve brought back the “Everybody” intro right? Well, there has been a certain song kinda stuck _In My Head_ phor a while that you could also bring back!

    Attempt # 278

    The song i mean is Virtual Riot – In My Head (feat. PRXZM)

  17. Ply thank you for being you 👌 much love to you and your family 👪

  18. Day 18, video on the leopard 1s at 9.0 all variants of them including the Gepard and a jet of your choice

  19. We have a new French baguette launcher auto canon

  20. WTF XD

  21. Oh yes this thing smash everything

  22. Day 180: Of asking phly the play the dicker max because it’s 105 is basically cheating at is br and it can survive and they also recently moved it down to 3.7

  23. Great vid accpaclie bc im low tier lol

  24. I’m exited to see what this is today 😀 I have been a fan for a couple years keep up the good work 💪

  25. Wow early

  26. Mfw 40mm bofors with 2×12.7mm on 2.3

    Thanks Gaijin

  27. Ah, war thunder did it again.

  28. I have watched every single videos of yours and it’s never a bad time

  29. Everyone evacuate from low tier return to med teir

  30. 1 min gang

  31. Day 12 : Play the Dewoitine 520 and the glorious 20mm baguette launcher. 🥖💙🤍❤️

  32. Day 131: Play the AR-2 with three 500kg bombs in Ground RB with BT-5, SU-122, ZIS-30 and Chaika… or play it at a higher BR…

  33. Thats real Phlydaily content. 0 Views and 61 likes.

  34. This early in the morning? I ain’t complaining.

  35. I wonder how long it’ll take for this thing to be nerfed into the ground

  36. Hey Phloppity Wohpitty I challenge you to phly the B17 in air RB using only voice commands.
    Attempt #35

  37. hello

  38. Phly please play the f-11 again so you can suffer in realistic battles (ps the repair cost just got brought up from 11k to 15k… yeah…)

  39. Day 284: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  40. 2 minutes and I’m comment 48+

  41. 0:13 phly u spelled phun with an f

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