Most OP Tank? Star Wars, & Board Games – War Thunder Sunday Chat!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

BEST Tank or Most OP? 00 Soviet Premium
War Thunder Gameplay – T-34-100, Star Wars, Board Games

Thanks for watching!


  1. What tank do you guys want to see me play next? Is the T-34-100 the MOST op
    tank in the game?

    Video Recommendations:
    1) Squad:
    2) Armored Warfare:
    3) War Thunder Infantry:

  2. Yay first comment

  3. So what is everybody’s favorite board game? Let me know so I can check them

    I bought 15 or so recently including a number of Risk versions, Pandemic
    Legacy, Catan and some expansions, Fortress America, Ikusa, Blood Rage,
    XCom, War of the Ring, X-Wing, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Dead of Winter,
    Codenames, Chess…and a few others haha. How many of you like any of

  4. Or something…yeah

  5. Yay second comment

  6. GG Trey

  7. T-34-100 is definitely not the most OP tank. It’s a glass cannon.

  8. The Cromwell V pls

  9. Creepy Productions

    If you’re into board games/tabletop games, I recommend X-Wing miniatures. I
    normally hate tabletop games, but X-Wing is insanely fun, and the minis are
    wicked detailed. If you think games like D&D or Magic can be expensive,
    however…. let’s just say at least they’re better than Warhammer.

  10. t-46!!

  11. The most hilarious thing I’ve seen in wt was the ENTIRE enemy team using
    t34-100’s. Safe to say we only got 5 kills and lost within 10 minutes

  12. Matilda or Cromwell V

  13. you need to go play a board game called “Monopoly”

  14. Is-3, is-4, t10m most op in war thunder

  15. baaaarrron!!!!!!!!!
    so! I am English and I live in motherfuckung Germany so do me a favor and
    play the god Dam 3 inch gun carrie
    or what do I hear there
    U wot m8
    no just a joke have a nice Tim in murica
    greetings from germany

  16. What about Tiger II King?

  17. I have a challenge for you:

    Tiger H1 & Tiger E in 7.7

  18. EL DESTROYER 1000

    Star Wars Imperial Assault and War of the ring definitely. Thanks a lot for
    your vids love your channel and keep on going!

  19. Baron, do you, slick, and phly have a set schedule in which you guys mess
    around on War Thunder, or do you just announce ‘such and such time’ on
    social media?

  20. its stupid how the t34-100 is a russian premium since it was a czheck tank

  21. Yea T-34-100s front armor fucking bounces is2s 122mm shells like they are
    marshmallows, p2w if you ask me

  22. I own it and use it a lot, it has a fantastic gun and the mobility is good,
    but you can’t take a shot, it’s pretty much one hit knocked out due to 4
    crew all close together, you may get a lucky bounce but at 6.3 the armour
    won’t stop any shells, so not op for me

  23. why dose wt run bad on my pc

  24. can you help

  25. play the challenger and or the charioteer

  26. Falcon Thunder A-4

    Play the walker next pls

  27. pls hetzer german jagt panzer

  28. Here early-*refresh page*-Boom, hundreds of comments guess not early

  29. chess

  30. Play the t-34 stz the most decent of all the t-34’s

  31. People crack me up thinking this is op with 45mm of armour ha. next tank
    something British maybe 3 inch gun carrier :)

  32. Play the jagdpanther, or the caernavon

  33. Hey Baron have you ever checked out “Betrayal; House on the Hill”? Not bad,
    played at my friends house a few times. Spooky stuff.

  34. peep my comment on the bottom at the screen at 0:34 people are so quick to
    attack russian vehicles and claim russian bias

  35. T34-100 is not overpowered. It is such a glass cannon. Also, like all
    Russian tanks, it has no gun depression. I hate the complaints about RU
    tanks being OP, when other countries have far more OP tanks (Leopard I for
    Germany, Caernarvon for UK, to name a couple).

  36. I got a talking point for ya Baron: What would you think of the viability
    if Warthunder ditched the broken and messy BR system for RB and Sim and
    went to the Era system for historical accuracy we all wish to have from
    those modes?
    Weve all seen these .. mixed matches.. in RB and is been universally hated
    as “Arcade plus” and what many think is killing the player base. An Era
    system such as and tiered as thus 1 (pre war – 1939) 2 ( 1939 -1940) 3
    (1941 -1942) 4 (1943 – 1944) 5 (1945) 6 (alt history 1946 – 1949) 7 (1950
    +) where each is a macrocosm to itself and there is NO bleed through of
    types. each is re-balanced accordingly. All craft placed into the these
    tiers according to the first time they saw active combat.

  37. play the m60

  38. Hurr durr I’m a retarded KTH who can’t kill a t34, even though it has the
    same hull armour as a tank at 3.3 herpa derp OP nerf pls

  39. I have to go to bed Baron dame youuuuu

  40. what is op

  41. PT-76 The Swimming Bear

  42. strange that t34s are more mobile then all german tanks and drive easier
    and are a bit slower then a cromwell which in world of tanks is just as
    mobile as some light tanks and all t34s cant even get close to it its also
    strange that i get with the early t34s 8 kills without even trying and
    bouncing shots from pz3s that have 152mm of penetration idk how its also
    strange that i get so many kills in the t34 and get 4 kills in a german
    tank and that its strange that you bounce so much from a t34 even though
    you can easily penetrate it. and that it accelerates so fast and that it
    turns so fast even though pz3 and 4 are lighter the pz4d is quicker in wot
    then a t34 but here it doesnt even get close. maybe its just russian bias

  43. no its far from OP. the thing that makes it not OP is the fact that the
    armor is not all that good. it plays more like an american TD than a soviet
    medium tank imo. fast speed mediocre gun but shitish armor

  44. if your into board games/tabletop games you should try Axis and allies war
    at sea.

  45. T34/100 : Good speed (better than most of it´s opponents), good gun (100mm
    = when it pens, not hard with 200+ pen, it does alot of damage), the armour
    is still able to get off some bounces, it is a prototype.
    I think that it sould be at 6.7

  46. Mindaugas Beliauskas

    why don’t you take full ammo ?

  47. i know a lot of people may disagree with me but black prince is pretty OP.
    the mobility may look crap on paper but its not really to bad when you look
    at it. even though it only has 76.2mm gun it has SABOT rounds. black prince
    + sabot = ultimate killing machine. i swear i was in the enemy spawn on
    advance to the rhine and everyone of my teammates around me was dying so
    quickly yet I got a 9 kill streak at some points while standing in front of
    tanks that just should have killed me no problem but nope that frontal
    armor combined with SABOT penetration is just to good. i personally think
    they should give the firefly SABOT rounds also because it would balance
    that thing out and actually make it formidable. why should it not have
    SABOT its the same gun as the black prince but i think it doesn’t because
    the black prince was designed after the firefly

  48. Favorite war Game is Men of Was Assault Squad 2 because ist soooooo nice

  49. But what with the Germans or Americans there were tanks too they peformed
    better then others were are they?
    Why only Russians have such Tanks?

  50. the crusader pls

  51. I say at 6.3 the caernarvon is op even the t34 100 can’t pen it. but yeah I
    say both are under tiered

  52. Baron, play the M6A1. I’ve never seen this been used by you (correct me
    please) and it is quite underpowered IMO.

  53. baron lowkey spoiling star wars

  54. play t 34-100 next

  55. Kalashnikovs Armed Forces

    I love your videos Baron! Keep it up!! Btw. The drivers view port is one of
    the Tigers most armoured spots xD

  56. baron be honest here what is your opinion on the new battle rating system
    and I CHALLENGE U to take out the M26, M36 and the walker bulldog and try
    to get a good match on arcade in 3 matches

  57. play T-34 1940 L11 😀 for fun :D

  58. Panther and IS-2 bounce off T-34 100. Not OP in any way.

  59. It’s funny because when I saw a picture on twitter of you playing “axis and
    allies”, I was like; i need that game! I immediately bought it ; ) now i’m
    addicted to it.
    Awesome videos Baron!

  60. Play the hetzer pls

  61. Nicholas Saunders

    You should get the Battle of Britain board game

  62. baron pls play the jackson kay <3

  63. Roknuzzaman Sarkar

    Baron can you play the Tiger 2(p) or the Panzer V Coelian? Please

  64. why russian fragmentation go aleways direct to the crew for example like
    that first shot against tiger the fragmentation should kill only 1 member
    but kill all is amazing because that dont happen with my german and
    american tanks.

  65. monopoly because i like to screw eith my friends and then win but also
    because we all compete

  66. that why, i always say to all youtuber, stop commenting! XD like yup, fuck
    us and play !XD especially when you play campain or story XD
    but here again in your first death, it happened only because in this game
    there is a shitty things that i fell deceived, it’s that tank wreckage,
    disapear, first it’s no realistic, but god damn the possibility it would
    gave in the heat of the batle to be to use a wreckage as a cover in the
    midle of a melee…..

  67. its WAS really OP i found when i was up against a T34 that not even my
    tiger-E could pen the front plate sometimes and the only way i could pen
    them from the front is in the turret ring there is a flat part there and
    after that I’d track’em and go around the side and kill them but with the
    new British SABO u can go right though that sloped plate like butter so the
    the T34-100 is still very OP with the reload rate and the turret turn time
    but recently with the British tanks its not as OP as it used to be.

  68. he baron, you should check out: axis&allies.
    its a ww2 board game where you dicide how the war plays out.

  69. Anthony Pham (FrozenWolf)

    Play the Centurion 7. I dare to you not get your ammo blown up.

  70. Hey Baron you fokin Titty-Fish play the Po-2 for the next tenk Kappa

  71. Leave the B.R as it is. End of.

  72. Play is-3 or you are going to GULAG

  73. Иосиф Steelin

    Yes of course only russian, always russians, Super Hellcat for example is
    completely underpowered isn’t it? (as well as british tanks expecially at
    high rank)

  74. x-wing for miniture wargaming or battlestar galactica for a long intrigue
    game with friends

  75. Play the T-34 57

  76. How to kill a Tortoise with a tiger H1?

  77. in which server are you playing

  78. SU 100Y 30mm naval cannon

  79. +Baronvongamez Do you play Heroes & Generals?

  80. I would argue that the regular T34 with the 85mm is the most overpowered
    tank. I don’t care if it has no armour because it still bounces Tigers, it
    one shots everything, and it’s super quick.

  81. I like apples to apples

  82. Wow, those board games look awesome.

  83. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    t34-100 used to be the most op tank in the game. It killed me through the
    front plate on my tiger 2h turret from 500m away, BUT then the most dreaded
    tank was added to the game the FV221 Caernarvron can pen my Ferdinand’s
    200mm plate from 1000m away and it has no large weak points from the front,
    and the gun is insanely accurate oh and at a 6.3 BR thanks Gaijin.

  84. Jagpanther

  85. T34-100 was a prototype tank was made after the war pretty much. If
    anything it should have a higher battle rating then all other T34s. Perhaps
    that is what makes it op.

  86. The worst thing about the T-34-100 is that i didn’t work in real life. The
    100 mm would cause the suspension to break. Thus it should not be in the

  87. Low Flying Penguin

    Axis and allies board game

  88. My best RB match with the t-34-100 is 9 kills, 2 assists, and 1 zone
    captured. It was amazing

  89. i don’t think it’s the most op tank because you just have to kill the crew
    in the turret and it’s dead.The is no machine gunner that can do the job in
    the turret if they are dea.

  90. Play T-44-122

  91. baron do you know Company of heros? It woult be great if you can taste it

  92. Crusader mk3 pls baron, don’t disappoint the queen :'(

  93. valentine mk xi please

  94. Any of the Centurion versions !

  95. Skip the vloggy part and go straight to the RB: 16:19

  96. Play the most weirdest tank that you can think of in War thunder

  97. I killed a t34-100 with a wirblewind

  98. “historicly accurate” yeah sure war thunder is by no means historicly
    accurate, it may be more accurate than other games but it isn’t a simulator
    by any stretch of the immagenation(sorry for bad english)

  99. Baron : “…happy Sunday to you guys…”
    Me : “happy Monday Baron”. :)

  100. you think 11 kills im arcade is a lot?
    my best is 23

  101. play with the MAUS pls xD or the black prince


  103. the obvious American

    Baron how do you keep so calm and laugh once you die from bullshit deaths i
    need to learn your skill i go off the rails once i die in any game

  104. hilarious 2 dislikes. way to go

  105. hahaha are you crazy? Good armour, good gun for t-34? the only reason why
    it was one of the best is because of the assembly line like the shermans.
    the t-34s got dominated during world war 2.

  106. Take out the Czechoslovakian T-34-85 and liberate Czechoslovakia from the
    Fashest pigs and I like axis and allies

  107. I also love Risk the board game and Battleship (2001 version)

  108. when can we expect new warships video. need more sidekick slick as meat

  109. axis and allies is my fav bored game its war better version of risk i use
    as a mouse pad for playing war tunder
    and for the next tank u should take out is m6a1 with the p-63-a-5 king

  110. Risk is a very strategic and militaristic board game of WORLD DOMINATION!!!

  111. I have and idea do the battle of Kursk make it 20 v 20 Tigers vs t-34 and
    t-34/85s Baron please reply.

  112. Risk is super fun or stratego

  113. IS-3 or gulag most op tank in the game

  114. take out the kv-2 the derp king

  115. The tank that is op is the brits carenarvon. IS2 and King Tiger dont got
    nothing on it.

  116. I want to see the tiger 1 porche

  117. T34 100 is not OP. Its got an insanely powerful gun but it is so damn
    fragile. Also Baron have you considered doing post commentary. And last
    drive out the Tortoise

  118. cromwell V or valentine mkI

  119. TwilightTheShooter

    God dammit baron, it’s “tiny Rick” not “little Rick”

  120. Tiger II!

  121. plai vit Marder

  122. Sherman firefly plz

  123. play with the Leopard and Risk is the best game ever but another good game
    is settlers of Catan

  124. Edward Hizenhouser

    I like Risk it’s challenging and strategic and it takes thought and time .
    I’m a strategic person my self not in military but I’m good a defense
    building or just defense and assault so I as a strategic person play. Risk
    . but even though u didnt ask but I like. empire total war or medival 11
    and I also play world of warships and world of tanks.

  125. Is it Russian? OP
    Is it PREMIUM Russian? EXTRA OP

  126. m4a1e8

  127. RB more fast paced :))? nice joke

  128. you shoulf take out the e-100 rare tank or the torpedo tank the most op
    tank in war thunder

  129. Well as much fun as it would be to have things historically accurate, it
    really wouldn’t. Like, Nazis man. U can’t have tigers fight Sherman’s and
    262s fight p51s, and with prototypes like Maus would fight 1940s tanks just
    the superior German technology man. NAZI’S. so they have to balance things
    of similar performance, obviously there will be growing pains with balance
    as German jets fight things like f80s but what can u do.

  130. M18 gmc

  131. I want to see you play these board games that you speak of. Maybe on the
    other channel? Pleeeeesss

  132. Wt German tier two f2


  134. Why don’t you get monopoly

  135. They need to nerf the T-34-100 a little bit I mean come on single hit kill

  136. The most epic board game is………Chutes and Ladders!!! :P

  137. Axis and Allies Board game. It’s a WW2 war game and is a little more
    complex than risk but easy to learn.

  138. Every video I watch of this game is a reminder as to why I quit. This game
    started out good, but its nothing but Russian favoritism and P2W now.

  139. the tortoise is op!

  140. “Oh tity fish!!”- baron 2k16

  141. Diplomacy is a great board game.

  142. Play any type of T34-76 pleeeeeeez!

  143. is-2 revenge or mother russia

  144. My favorite board game is axis and allies because strategy

  145. ahha i just bougbt the t34100 for 50% off and totally worth it

  146. t34 is op, t34 100 is op²… But otherwise there would be no easymode in

  147. Christopher Green

    man all of these adds on your videos are extremely annoying. it makes me
    want to quit watching your videos. Although I won’t because I like you.
    PLEASE cut down on the adds. for Christ’s sake…

  148. There’s a few issues in tanks, it only happens on some maps, but your
    realistic battle is a good example. Spawn trapping is a huge issue in the
    game, and gaijin needs to find a way to fix it. I don’t know how, but they

  149. That Rebel Trooper

    M3 Stuart is my favorite tank ever in teir one.

    Favorite boardgame is battleship.

  150. What do you think about the automatc assult fuse time of bombs in realistic
    and sim? When i take a ju 87 of an fighter and want do bomb someone i have
    a fuse time, but i didn’t use this.

  151. Do some more British tank videos

  152. Stevenkent Kaswandi


  153. Stevenkent Kaswandi


  154. Stevenkent Kaswandi


  155. Locust Plz, just for fun, I love its speed!

  156. Calliope or M26 T99

  157. Harrison Quilter-Clarke

    please do the Ferdinand

  158. Take out the t25 and my favorite board game has got to be battleship

  159. Centurion mark 3

  160. Your Name (The gaming fruit)

    I will tell Commissar pedly ac oven to drop 4000kg’s of you have fucked up
    on your face

  161. Next thing you know, NEW UPDATE FROM WAR THUNDER “Soviet Fire”; Introducing
    two new premium tanks, the T-26-100, outfitted with the 100mm gun from the
    SU-100 and the IS-2-152

  162. Favorite board game chess

  163. Second_Medic bf p4f

    Russian Tanks Are:
    1. OP
    2. Easy to get
    3. take No skill

  164. Danger Games. you have to play it to understand.

  165. A reason War Thunder suffers from complaints of bias. The game’s
    a-historical take on “balance”. Another frontal transmissions being the
    cause of catastrophic tank fires….Beyond one single Soviet report that
    mentions a oil fire during a firing “test” on a hulk(tank had been stripped
    ) No Allied or German report reported frontal transmission causing a
    vehicle to ‘brew’up’ in so easy manner. Looking at the U.S. War Department
    U.S. Army’s study on the causes of tank fires with the M4 tank series, one
    reports mentions a oil pool catching fire(vehicle was already in a wrecked

  166. The T-34-100 is easily the most OP tank in game. It’s magic space armor
    bounces shots from M3 90mms, T32s, and any other gun that isn’t a long 88
    or 105mm+, it outperforms any medium tank at its BR, and has the pen of a
    Tiger II with an APCBC shell, and it sits a 6.3. If they fix the armor,
    it’d be fine at 6.3, it’d just be a glass cannon, but that’s not the case.
    If one thing in WT was pay to win, it’d be the T-34-100.

  167. Top 3:
    Axis & Allies 1944: Normandy

  168. BattleTech is and Oldie, but a goodie. The T-34 was a good tank in theory,
    but they were plagued with mechanical failures, I believe about 50-60% of
    the loses were do to mechanical failures. Joseph Stalin actually became
    paranoid that tank crews were sabotaging there tanks so they wouldn’t have
    to fight, or spies in the factories were, but he was insane.

  169. Tiger h1

  170. What’s your favorite team to use???? For airplanes and for tanks

  171. Diego Alejandro Padilla Lopez

    will u take out de M60 patton

  172. For next Episode, I vote for either the SU-85M or the ISU-122. Your choice.
    I just wanna see your strats in a TD like that.

  173. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    Infarnterie? I think they are still doing ships,but when i see those new
    vehicles & Soldiers walking around ,who knows,maybe they are working at
    japan tanks :D

  174. The most OP tanks is the Caernarvon at 6.3. That tank is a joke.

  175. Take out the M4 Sherman please

  176. You call what you have ADD? I got it too… and as an example: when I play
    war thunder, and i look over to my living room table and see a book laying
    there, I might just stand up, stop playing WT (while the game is still
    running) and start focusing just on the book…
    And I totally forgot that the game is still running until my focus on the
    book decreases and I start to get new inpulses from my surroundings. In
    this instance it will mostly be the running game on my PC screen… But
    until then I just cannot help myself switiching my focus every few minutes.
    I am Unemployed and in therapy because of this.
    Your ADD, if its even real ADD, is very, very light.

  177. they nerf the t10m tracks, the t32 couldnt even “pen” the side because the
    shell always hit the tracks when you dont really aim at the tracks

  178. Well its not a physical game but its a turn based board game. Its called
    making history, 1 or 2. Both are great hundreds of hours into them.

  179. juan david uran acevedo

    poor tiger they should be more powerfull

  180. No I don’t think the T-34 100 is

  181. My favorite bored game is risk

  182. So I’m thinking about getting the a43 black Prince. I’m stuck in the German
    tree at tier 3 and I want to get this to get more xp. any tips for that

  183. Take the t-25 Pershing

  184. Did the T34-100 really see combat in World War II?

  185. I personally love the clone wars and it is my favorite part of the Star
    Wars universe and you can’t deny that millions of perfect soliders made to
    fight droids isn’t awesome!

  186. I still don’t understand how the Russians were able to create enough barrel
    pressure to get that round to penetrate 200mm+ of penetration at moderately
    slow muzzle velocities, when the American long barrel 90mm only has 204mm
    of penetration and it has a great muzzle velocity and is able to maintain
    great pressure inside the barrel.
    And yes I am a large weapons expert and I know for a fact that gaijin has
    the Russian tanks to penetrate more armor than they have historically.

  187. Wait a minute…Baron’s a country fan?

  188. I believe this tank should be fighting in the in the latest tier’s because
    it’s too overpowered

  189. battleship I like it because I like naval ships

  190. I wanna know what you think about Bernie Sanders!


  192. Dominique Langlois

    Take out the maus

  193. so what and the real fuck were you trying to say about RB around 6:10 and
    7:38 minute mark; one thought at a time and finish it ;p

  194. The Centurion please it is good.

  195. The Centurion please it is good.

  196. The Centurion please, it is good.

  197. The Centurion please, it is good.

  198. Goldenreveng /paulowalo

    You should get Stealers of Catan

  199. Fun fact: the tiger 2 was never penetrated through the front throughout the
    entire course of wwii

  200. The Centurion please.

  201. There are no OP tanks. Only tanks that Gaijin decides to bless with OP
    (biased?) bounce mechanics, good amounts of explosive, great mobility, and
    a good battle rating. The T-34-100 is the most obvious of the Russian tanks
    that is blessed as such. The British tanks are getting some ridiculous
    blessings right now too. Americans get a lot in the mobility department.
    Not sure the Germans are getting many of these blessings.

  202. Ever Russian tank is op to any American tank

  203. Normal Sherman Firefly!

  204. Please drive out the Super Hellcat. Whenever people want to buy a Tier 4
    Premium US tank, they seem to overlook this in favor of the M46 Tiger or
    M26E1. The Super Hellcat is a gem that more people should be exposed to.

  205. Muhammad Hafidz Ismail

    yeah ikr if playing with commentaries

  206. Can someone please tell me what mod or setting you need in order to get the
    little play back video that shows where your shell impacted the tank you
    hit and what components were damaged?

  207. Monopoly

  208. KV- 2!!!!

  209. of course its op, its russian.

  210. please if u want to play go for rb if u want to compare and ask op or not,
    in arcade its sucks if u can do anyting in arcade but its really lack of

  211. m103 for uncle Sam “AMURICA “

  212. Axis and Allies play it please

  213. I love your vids, BUT WHY THE HELL DO YOU SPAWN KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Baron im a ps4 gamer of war thunder i started a few days ago pls dont hate
    on ps4 players

  215. lol everyone here talking bout t34 100 and im just sitting here with
    caemarvon and turtoise

  216. kv-2 can be quite dominand on a city map

  217. I vote to add SU-14-2 and T-100Z, 152mm gun on SMK/ T-100.

  218. Can you please make more Men Of War videos and not only on Mondays please

  219. I really think you would like axis and allies. It’s a WW2 strategy game. It
    takes a long time to set up and play but it’s super fun. Try tiger 1

  220. are they ever gonna make a really real realistic mode?

  221. they said russian was da 1hk machine and america was da 1id(insta dead)

  222. play the jagdpanther next

  223. If you’re planning on doing a Q&A/Chat/Vlog sorta thing, I’d think
    post-commentary would be better suited for it. Just a suggestion.
    Aside from that, I haven’t really played WT much, but the T-34-100 and
    T-44-122 are pretty absurd at the tiers they’re at. I mean, those are guns
    far better than much anything else at that level on extremely mobile
    chassis. The fact that they lack armor doesn’t really matter; if you’re
    getting shot, you’ve most likely made an error to begin with, even in a
    heavy tank, which, might I add, is largely because of tanks like these. The
    BRs are ridiculous in GF, they don’t even really follow logic. Firepower
    should determine relative positions, then mobility should be the next
    priority, and armor should be the last, since firepower determines what
    something is actually capable of fighting and mobility is a bigger
    advantage than armor because it doesn’t become useless against better guns.
    Armor only helps if it can actually stop the shells being fired at it some
    of the time, whereas most armored tanks either find themselves badly
    overtiered or facing badly undertiered tanks that they can’t even hope to
    stop shells from. The fact that a tank is easier to kill doesn’t really
    matter if EVERYTHING is easy to kill.

  224. Baron love the vids,this is multi parter.
    I would like to see m103 games.
    for SW board games, there is a starwars version of monopoly.
    second part is a question: whats your favorite tank/country for war

  225. Tiger II (P) Tank you shoud play next

  226. most op tank baron? of course the PZ-IV ausf. C whit is 1.3 battle rating
    and 80 mm of heat pennetration

  227. Could you play the p26 planes in arcade

  228. Since when does the transmission explode irl 😐 6:53

  229. Looks more Different than the Soviet Medium Tank: T-34-85, But yeah pretty
    cool tank.

  230. I say fuck all the t34s

  231. I have Star Wars xwing and I gone to the dark side and selling them

  232. Play the archer

  233. plz play the tiger!

  234. How the fuck can a tiger bounce off your side armour!!!?????

  235. Baron! A lad has posted a mod for Men of War: Assault Squad 2 that takes
    place in 1775 – 1865. There are a few missions for it. Can you try it,
    please? :p

  236. Lol people complaining about t34 100 at 6.3 look at the caernvarnon

  237. T-44-122 and T-34-100 are not OP… they’re battle rating is just fucked
    up!! They should be 6.7, but we already know that Gaijin is never going to
    fix BR issues

  238. Baron play IS-3 <3

  239. Without my like there are 666 likes… Illuminati are back

  240. Cards Against Humanity.

    Make friends. Found out they’re immoral as fuck. :))

  241. King of derp

  242. That the most op tank? Bitch please kv2 exist

  243. I enjoy the board game Relic, hours of time ground away on that.

  244. Baron conquerer!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. B-29FlyingFortress

    Wellington Mk.X most Op plane..

  246. NuclearAtmosphere

    RB Isn’t fast paced..

  247. my favourite board game is monopoly.. coz I win with my epic staying awake

  248. most OP? leopard in my opinion!

  249. black prince is OP

  250. a43 black prince is most OP tank

  251. monopoly

  252. how many vehicles are in the game?

  253. T-54 1951

  254. I guess your not going to play wow anymore. that sucks. it was one of the
    reasons I subbed to your channel..

  255. Veni vidi youtubed

    Use the SU-67M in the next video!!!Best surprise tank EVER!!!

  256. Hearthstone counts as a board game? xD

  257. We have so many board games too and I think I don’t have my favorite yet.
    Couse some are great and some are just complicated. I do enjoy “Shogun”
    (large board with tower to mix the army odds in battlefield). But I’m from
    poland I do not know if you have those.

  258. I have an idea. How about channel (or series) of you playing board games?

  259. Play th nbfz

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