Most Pay To Win Gun in World of Tanks

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of Tanks Buffed AMX M4 mle. 45 with The Most Gun in The Game.

Today I am going to play with a bit lower tier tank, tier 7 AMX M4 mle. 45. There has not been anything about this tank for me so far, until I discovered something very old actually… No the top gun, but a tier lower 105mm boomstick that givesyou more penetration, damage and shell velocity with its rounds.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– AMX M4 mle.


  1. Question: What other super weird or P2W guns are out there? I definitely am missing out something somewhere! 😀
    Have a good one, hopefully you enjoy the show! 😉

    • Hey Dez, you said you used a random tank picker, is there a link to the picker? id love to try random tanks i had but sold!

    • b.u.g.i. with 100mm gun… very funny especially in tierVI. I believe it is because of that gun they nerfed it.
      Tier IV italian.. happeneds to have a very high pen on HE. I believe it is 70 pen.. you get like 2700 dpm… also a meme gun.

    • Try the “Offspring” tank out, TL-1-LPC. the premium HEAT is faster than standard by a large sum.

    • @Curebunty C7 I just happened to take another look at the S35 CA, sadly they removed that 105mm gun.

    • SU100Y or SU-152 250pen HEAT with 700Dmg in 7 tier is kinda broken too.

  2. You find my gun. 😄

  3. PickelJars ForHillary

    PTSD from grinding that TD.
    If WG removed the turret it would be kinda decent.

  4. Tier 6 BUGI is quite nice P2W gun too. Nice vid Dez, like always

  5. Now Wargaming will remove these OP guns to lower fun factor even more 😂

    • No. What will happen is WG will pull the gun off the tech tree tank, and make a premium version of that tank with the gun on it and sell it back to you. 😡

  6. I mean its on arl 44 as well

  7. Dez what is that random tank picking website???

  8. Same goes with ARL 44. And i love it. DPM of VIII tiers on VI tier. Little bit of armor and nice mobility. Everything makes ARL 44 amazing tank

  9. “I simply kept slapping until we run out of enemies” oh man i can’t stop laughing 😂❤️

  10. Awesome will have to check that out

  11. Its french right? Shhhh WG will nerf it

  12. Most p2w are fv4005 and cobra.

  13. 155mm AC SA58 full heat

  14. what about 25tp with the pew-pew gun?

  15. I haven’t seen you in like 6 years man I missed you

  16. arl44 also has this gun, or had

  17. chewbacca's secret lover

    Wtf just find out now

  18. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I still remember the S35 Bathtub used to have that gun before it got removed …

  19. This is better on the ARL 44 tbh. As on tier 7 with his MM and even super heavy armor on tier 7/8. That gold pen is not… amazing always. Tier for tier that is. ROF sure is tho.

  20. you tube running adds from cheating boosters the raptor team wtf

  21. I never knew this, wtf.

  22. Looks to Blitz then sees the Smasher’s gun, hmm SU-152 gun with better handling and reload stats in a better armored vehicle with a turret, seems legit 😛

  23. The tier 8 Mt that leads to k91 is the most pay to win. Has more than 100 extra pen on gold rounds.

  24. yup, the only tank ARL44 with this gun i managed to 100% moe in my peak wot career 😀

  25. one think i can say!!! f… bushit. i was tray now, eal shit machmeiking !!!! gabige real

  26. That gun is a BEAST on the ARL 44… better than the 90mm if you ask me.

  27. But the ARL td is tier 6 and doesnt meet tier 9s which the AMX does.. the same gun is actually available for the ARL44 and that is a tier 6 heavy tank

  28. I guess this only works when you have special YT MM powers LOL I went out and bought these tanks, 11 played, 3 won. 😂

  29. Hans Von Mannschaft

    Awesome vid brother! 👍🏼
    Problem: You weren’t supposed to talk about that gun! It was some of us’ most dear secret! hahaha!!
    It’s all good, kidding obviously, have a great one 😀

  30. Talking About M6 I would love to see you play IT, absolute beast of the tank

  31. Tetrarch is p2w with 140mm gold ammo on 2 tier

  32. same as for ARL 44 … this gun is so good i stayed with it for the tier 7 aswell

  33. Don’t forget the awesome vk3001h, OK it’s crap, but the top gun has 221 acpr pen at tier 5. You can chew through an OhNi without bothering to aim. One of only 2 tanks I’ve 3 marked!

  34. SU-152 with the 152mm gun definitely pay to win lol

  35. I see what you did there Dez. “runs and hides”

  36. Question: How is that Pay 2 Win? Everything you show is farmable in the Game, APCR = Credits and Credits = Farming. So you dont have to spent Money to play the Tank also, because its from the Tech Tree.

  37. Wesley Méndez Morataya

    arl also have p2w gold bullet, if i dont remeber bad its the last gun

  38. I bought the t34m and my 1st game was my best game so far 3014xp for battle victory!

  39. Didn’t the bathtub S35CA also had this kind of gun, with bigger alpha on gold shells?? 🙄🤔

  40. hey Dez, you think you’d try playing wotb again this year?

  41. BUGI is kinda broken too:)

  42. Арсений Русских

    Guys here is the hidden mechanic in the game a few people know about : when it’s your 1st ever battle on the tank you will always be on top. It was your 1st game on the tank that’s why you got the tier7 battle

    • i have never once experienced that. wargaming hates me confirmed.

    • Jan Valko Kristak

      @RavenousElf its an unwritten rule that when u get a brand new vehicle (you never played before, applies to prem vehicles too), the matchmaker will try to make sure you are top tier or middle tier on your first few battles to give you a chance to earn some experience for your first modules.
      Its not 100% all the time, but im sure it works

  43. Day 248 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  44. The ARL44 has a very similar gun.

  45. Played with this gun back years ago. It was good when it was good but it was held back by terrible accuracy, aim time, and gun handling. Looks like it was re-balanced

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