Most Pointless Modern Tank In War Thunder ( M60A3 TTS )

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Most Pointless Modern Tank In War Thunder ( M60A3 TTS )


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  2. 3:37 phly you just swored in german

  3. Did anybody notice that cloud of smoke that grew hahaha it was small then as Phly drove by it like sped up the expansion rate in 2 frames haha

  4. I want to see the new challenger 2 with upgraded Armor pack

  5. Honestly, this tank seems more of a 7.7 if it didn’t have thermals.

  6. Phlee play the hurricane with the rockets like so phly can see

  7. The M60 is just one of those tanks that you envision being a beast, but turns out being that 5% of the time.

  8. Do you buy all your golden eagles or do you get them for free, if you
    get them for free please tell me how. Also if anyone else knows how to
    get free GE please tell me.

  9. M60A3 armour upgrade when, gaijin?

  10. no use getting this, unless you already Have unlocked every thing else on us tanks…

  11. Play the m3 gmc.

  12. Play With the Kremlin Tier 10 Soviet Battleship in World Of Warships Please

  13. thermals see through ESS but not through smoke grenades, upvote so phly can see

  14. Aqua Airways Channel

    He attacc
    He protecc
    But most importantly

    He don’t trust his ESS

  15. Phly, there was a shooting range video by Gaijin after the thermal patch dropped explaining thermals. They said that the Thermals can view through ESS

  16. Random Youtube Watcher

    1 shot and ur dead? This game isn’t fun compared to wot

  17. And they still have yet to get the mantlet armor right.

  18. The M60 goes up from 8.7 to 9.3 for thermal and a better round, while the premium leo 1 still sits at 8.7 and has a better gun hahahahaha

    • IKR?! it was infuriating getting killed over and over in a Leo L1A1 at 8.7 by a tank that is the same BR, but the premium same gun as a Leo 2A5*… pay to win is kinda sad….

      *Fun fact, it is also the exact same gun that an M1 Abrams, since the Americans went with the same German Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore as the Germans have on the Leopards(plural) 2A4, 2A5 2A6 and 2A7 so they could save costs on ammunition. which made keeping Leos and Abrams’ in Afghanistan much more cost effective. since they shared ammunition depos.

  19. Man that era mus be effective against sabot to merit the br raise cuz that’s all it will see.

  20. As far as I know thermal can see through ess smoke but not smoke grenades and you where shooting a amx40 not a amx30

  21. a heavy tank pretty much

  22. Actual old Tankers loved the M60’s TTS (Tank Thermal Sight) system. It is clearer, and longer ranged than the current system in the M1 series. It is clear enough, you can determine not only what you are shooting at, but set the crosshairs on a specific place, rather than “center mass”. It’s even possible to see distinctive uniform styles worn by Soldiers, including rank.

    At night, we used them to watch meteor showers 🙂

  23. So I checked for you. The Amx 40’s mantel is trolly enough to absorb the apfsds from that M60.

  24. 3:36 was that a shit in german

  25. I bought the Tigor one yea the Mk.3

  26. love the unloved phly please take out the British independent.

  27. phly it was a amx 40 lmao not an amx 30

  28. Xm-1 is some how worse then this M60…. Hmmmm

  29. Hey Phly you should take out the British fv4005 #3

  30. The ASU 57 has night vision now

  31. please link to me wherever I have to go to see the GO AVAY backstory

  32. M60 in a nutshell:

    “Yeah, I’m just here to watch you guys”

  33. Phly: do not attempt to get this tank.

    Me: what if I do it anyways?

  34. 16:00 it was an amx-40.

  35. You can’t see through smoke grenades/Launched smoke. you can see through ESS

  36. “oh, scheiße!” ?

  37. Attempt #16: M2A2 video? I’d greatly appreciate it. Go get em phly.

  38. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    I think it was an AMX40 you shot at, not 30 lol

  39. It is 43 Celsius (110 Fahrenheit) where I live, so the Aussie heat is here. Keep up the great videos phly:)

  40. Phly, it is a feature. Smoke grenades will fully cover you, and ESS smoke wont cover you from thermals.

  41. Yet the Leo A1A1 gets thermals at 8.7 the Brenus 8.7 and a few others at 9.0 and under. There’s no reason the M60A3 TTS has to be 9.3 just because it has thermals.

  42. I hope war thunder will differentiate between IR and non-IR blocking smoke in later MBTs

  43. Phly, you can see through ESS with thermals, however not through multi-spectral combat smoke grenades, such as Leclerc, Leo 2A5 have. Those even prevent from lasing on target.

  44. Víctor Matía Rodríguez

    ESS is NOT thermal, you can see through it. You canNOT see through canister smoke, they made all thermal

  45. gosh, love wt replay system

  46. Ply pls play all nine m4 america has nine m4

  47. Thermals ignore smoke. Most dust it can see through. They also ignore weather. The only time they’re useless is during dawn/dusk there’s a thing called thermal crossover. It’s where all temperatures ‘cross’ into nearly the same ranges and everything looks the same temperature. It’s very temporary and can be overcome by adjusting the gain and the like, but it’s very annoying.

  48. *Shooting AMX-40*
    Wow, it’s so strong
    *Checking armor of AMX-30*
    War Thunder is so strange sometimes

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