Most Russian BMP EVER | BMP-2M Grenade Launcher Spam (War Thunder)

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Most Russian BMP EVER | BMP-2M Grenade Launcher Spam (War Thunder)

In a more sensual way 🙂



  1. *YOOO!!!!! Took the weekend and Monday off to do cool things! I’m back though yeeet*

  2. Please with face cam

  3. Nice intro meme😂

  4. OnlyPhans69 lmaooo

  5. Thanks Phly
    When i’m watching your vids i’m aware how bad i am at war thunder😂

  6. “First vehicle with a grenade launcher”
    *sad Ah-1G cobra noises*

  7. Jones The Sergal

    *anytime phly plays something russian*

    Red alert Soviet march: “My time to shine”

  8. Listen to Sabaton Panzerkampf

  9. “Do drugs!”
    -PhlyDaily, 2020

  10. Kenichi Fujiwara

    if all AA got help with repair, the type 93 would be speedy medic truck

  11. Glen Vikki Martin

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ….. kill ’em all.

  12. Daniel Hultenius

    No wonder people are giving up on this game

  13. MissingLink2626 _

    I don’t think it’s the only vehicle with a grenade launcher if you count helis I think the AH-1G has them . anyways nice vid. 🙂

  14. Go 1 million suscriber ??!!

  15. Hey phly, can you please make a video about controls, or tank controls? I am relatively new and I am really suffering trying to find a key for every control and be able to memorize it. And also for sight distance control i want to make it for every scroll 50m but it gives me more. Thanks

  16. @PhlyDaily Phly i seriously need help on how to war thunder! i keep getting raped by t-34s! my (best?) tanks are the: Stug III F, Pz. III M, Pz. III L, StuH 42 G and the Stug III A. could you give me a few tips or recommend anything?

  17. Finnish camo on the BMP-2M!

  18. Why i get the notification 15 hours later….

  19. Арман Аветисян

    Thank you for your big love of Russia! And i am russian

  20. Phly, I love and hate your videos at the same time. The BMP-2M is a great light tank. It is capable of so much more than you show, and your lack of playtime in this tank and many others lead you to misconceptions that you pass on to many of your viewers. Your inability to play some vehicles in a competent way really give these vehicles a bad name and make them rarely seen in game by your followers. I know I will get quite a bit of hate for this opinion. However, I feel it is the truth.

  21. If the Russian tech tree gets Putin’s own bmp-2 the Americans should get trumps Abrams

    change my mind

  22. please someone tell me why i can’t load DM12 anymore in my leopard 1

  23. I couldnt get the decal, can i try again?

  24. 15:39 Vito: “Mr. Phlygelo?”
    Phly: “Yes.”
    Vito: “Mr. Salieri sends his regards.”

  25. Дмитрий Погодин

    Ты лучший🤣

  26. Sad noises from the tech trees that will never get crazy cool shit like this.

  27. Panzerjadger 3000

    Phly should have put the BMP turret in putin instead
    that would have been awesome

  28. matthew petracca

    haha tank go boom

  29. BlackDiamond Heart

    Remember guys “DO DRUGS”… I’m +14 btw😅

  30. 0:28 somebody can tell me that music’s title pls I am very bad in search on the internet.

  31. You used the wrong music dude

  32. @PhlyDaily The Type 93 can scout now! And other gun-less SAMs as well.

  33. Дима Махов

    That day phly was thinking” Mmm, I had observed the aircraft, so let’s cheeki breaki a little!”

  34. 1:05 He says as I’m hitting the blunt. Way ahead of you man.

  35. Why do they have wood as spoilers?
    Wood gas supply?
    Soldier fire? (to keep warm)
    Wtf gives

  36. it’s got everything
    atgm for tank
    30mm for anti air
    grenade launcher for lightly armoured vehicles
    mg for spotting
    all of that, and it can swim

  37. Aljaž Sinkovič


  38. Pls play the American super heavy lineup 6.7

  39. 9/10
    Putin not wide enough

  40. MajorBlazer_XxX Of Mother Russia

    Hello, I’m thinking about buying a premium aircraft. No specific country. Do you got any recommandations?

  41. 6:12 that would just make the 20mm R3 car thing more OP

  42. Russia 9.7 Lineup vid soon?
    Su 7b
    T 64b
    T 72b
    BMP 2m
    That new weird atgm car tank thing with radar
    And you have to face xm 1’s

  43. 200 Abonennten ohne Video Challenge!

    So that guy is telling us that Pay to win is good if you so it via his discount code…. ( Life is too short, do drugs)

  44. Ahh Red Alert 3 theme song

  45. You know things are about to get spicy when Phly says ”oooohhhhhh I know what I’m doing!”

  46. *Russian Bias™*

  47. I love when u put RA3 soundtrack on Russian Bias. wkwkwkwkwk

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