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  1. ASU 57 and yak 7
    Attempt #1 just trying I might be dumb asf

  2. Ki-45 otsu ground striking 37mm please Phly


  4. This video is consisted of
    Oh? Oh! Oh…

  5. Phly could you show us how you pay the Tiger II I’m really struggling with them

  6. Jpz 4-5 is smaller than Ru251 and can’t get hull brake

  7. Apcr is line standard heat, I only know one scenario where its useful. In a 75mm vs tiger 1, and panzer 4 vs t 50

  8. sToCK SyNdRoMe

  9. I love the stock videos but I’ve got to ask what level are your crews? To really immerse yourself into the grind like us causal player you need low XP crews

  10. St. Gloriana Gaming College

    damn ULQ players

  11. I actualy like this Tank when it gets the heat.

  12. Does APCR have explosive mass? If it doesn’t, makes sense for it to not blow up in your tank Phly.

  13. Alexandros Macedonia

    BTW , HELICOPTERS SUCK ! As if we didn’t already have a huge spawn camping problem , war thunder goes and compounds the problem.

  14. Let’s be honest, a lot of it is just because you’re a bit shit.

  15. M48 Patton has APCR as stock round TOO, which should be REMOVED!!!

  16. Play conqueror with armor pack

  17. 2:30 Expect someone mention that chemtrails don’t exist in the comments. Even tho it’s obvious they dont and it’s a joke.

  18. Why they don’t give Name and shame in the game??? It helps the report sistem

  19. Has anyone seen a A.3.8 before

    It’s something like that and it’s a heavy tank

  20. “Sneaky buttsex” made me lose it lmao

  21. Please do Phlysounds like u said. Attempt #1

  22. I’ve been playing WT since march 2013. So I’m kind of old salt in WT. I provide Gaijin with money on regular basis by buying premium account. One premium vehicle per year. I cannot agree with free parts / FPE more. I’m sick of grind w/o parts and FPE in tier 5/6. It’s not as painful on lower tiers (premium account makes it less painful and ofc RP cost is lower). And I refuse to buy modules with GE. Why the f*** would I? I recently unlocked Leo 1A1. Bought it and left it there… I’m not gonna die hundreds of times because I lack something that should be equipped as stock. Seriously Gaijin, I love this game, but instead of being happy because I just unlocked new toy I’m getting sick! Because grinding 1000’s of RP w/o parts or FPE is NO FUN! And for a trying to get me frustrated and buy modules by spending cash – middle finger to you. Big time! I will rather play another 500 games in Pz4 F/G than wreck my mental health by grinding 5/6 tier with no parts / FPE! Did I mention RP cap? Hahahaha jokers, as soon as some other game of this type hits market, I will switch. I will play WT from time to time, but what you effectively are doing is driving playerbase away! WE WANT TO PLAY AND HAVE FUN NOT “OVERCOME STOCK SYNDROME” by getting mauled over and over until precious parts or FPE is unlocked. My premium runs out in december, after that I will not spend a single penny! Zero respect to playerbase. Cashcow? Just you wait! For anyone interested, I hit lvl100 recently (my highest skilled crew is smth like 112 or 120) and my in-game nick is “MikeWazalski”. Boycott them fellow players (no money spent) until they learn the lesson!

  23. This tank is great.

  24. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    Intro memery on fucking point 👌🏻

  25. hallo phly , would you like to make video where you will try to destroy enemy tank with your own tank explosion?
    Attempt #1

  26. It is time phly, you must finish the job with the worst tanks of War Thunder…
    Play the Type 2 Ka-Mi…
    Attempt #1

  27. why aren’t youfucking aiming higher

  28. I must say, I love every intro you make xD Always makes me laugh

  29. Barrelling out of a smoke cloud into the arms of two AVREs is terrifying.

  30. Giseppa Rosaria Chiarolanza

    Try the TORTOISE(it s a english tank hunter)

  31. Combo request atempt #19!! do the do the su 5-1and mig-17

  32. R2Y2 my dudes we need it cman!
    Attempt #11

  33. 12:20 I’m dying! 🤣

  34. LoTS oF StUFf

  35. This is a damn good tank If used with Best round. This isnt the best Shot of this tank

  36. crap panzer 4-5 is the worst vehicle ive played. I aced m3lee in wot, i aced dw2 in wot. I spaded gun carrier in wt. And this shit of a tank made me lose it.

  37. Play the jumbo you cant use your guns and only way you can kill them is by ramming your enemies then get in a p47 and kill a airplane attempt#1

  38. 12:21 it was at this moment he knew he fucked up


  40. Phly.. you felt good coz their is freedom in hopelessness 😀

  41. Now imagine not having premium tanks and account, and in all battles being uptiered to 8.3… while trying to research a jagdtiger….

  42. why I always see wot ads at the beginning of the video XD

  43. “Did my mouth just fart? I think it did.” Lmao XD

  44. It would be really cool if all WT youtubers started putting out high tier stock tank gameplay in order to show Gaijin how hard and frustrating it is to play w/o parts and FPE and how it makes other players leave the game.

  45. What map is at 9:57

  46. The intro hahah

  47. You guys are all getting it wrong, this IS the fun of the game! What would be the point if we didn’t get these utterly useless vehicles until we suffe… errrmmm I mean enjoy through them until they are actually usable?

  48. *Make parts and FPE free!*

  49. JPz 4-5 looks like a hetzer from front

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