MOST SPOTTING in 2021 in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Bohdanator and Brandy87 are going to show you who is the SCOUT of 2021 in of Tanks!



  1. Manticore, Prokhorovka, northern spawn, had 18k spot and 2k dmg, hard win though. The *ovka maps and great battles are best for lights

  2. Ondrův herní kanál

    like 22k 😀

  3. Hard to make a mistake in the first game when your team does what’s needed (hits spotted vehicules, including the light tank) and also the enemy does what’s needed to be farmed (all sitting in the same corner).
    The enemy T100lt did exactly the same thing, but his team didn’t really damage Bohdanator, the main difference is there.
    So he didn’t do anything special, he had OP equipment and most likely a good crew to abuse the mechanics + significant luck with the teams.

    Fortunately not all games are like these, but these were clearly disgusting. Not really healthy for the game.

  4. Now try to find the best spotting game with the german RHM 😀
    Hint: you have to scroll really far down the list (when not using filters).

  5. He is gonna get 18K

  6. 99% of the games (SEA server), my team light tank/tanks just dies within 1/2 min. Literally within 1/2 min i swear….

  7. Oh look, more T100 LT, so original. If only it could have been a EBR instead, the newness of it all would have really blown my mind.

  8. tankdriver658 Gaming


  9. I like how everyone is commenting how they got 10k spotting in their light and then there’s me, who got 7k spotting in my 705A on studzianki

  10. How to play scout with t49 LT? That thing concealment really bad

  11. Guessing 13k spotting

  12. Commander’s Vision System has destroyd the game.. tier 7 LTs vs tier 8 is no fun 😔. what comes next…infrared vision. Maby arty vision and you can see all tanks from above just looking over a place behind houses bushes hills etc…
    Sorry for the whining but I think they should remove it or it should be available to everyone in every tier..

    so finished whining and I want to thank you for all the great clips and I also want to wish you QB with family and you all wot players a Merry Christmas
    / 75Aspen


    a good team for once in a “light tank”…. I see that pun mr. quacky baby

  14. 20k spotting

  15. oh come on, I am the 66.666th viewer 🙄

  16. guessing 9k spot, great stuff

  17. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    I got 18k in ebr90 wich was before the last nerf and eith equipment 2.0 not sure tho
    On prohovka

  18. im gonna guess 12K

  19. As of writing, I stopped the video at 3742 spotting. I suspect he’s gonna get 15k spotting by the end of the match.

  20. Guess 16k. But first comment has spoilers so, yer.

  21. 9740 assisted?

  22. Hey! I think Bohdan ator is the right spelling

  23. Max for me was in Lynx vs tier 10 on Malinovka 7k spotting. 🙂 Still got more to learn

  24. Well… 95% I drive the same way… But I am always the enemy scout -.-

  25. At 11:45 I think brandy is using an illegal auto-repair mod because was a quick repair reaction for only damaged tracks. Tough I could be wrong.

  26. Two examples why the game is getting worse and worse.

  27. ~~17k i suppose

  28. 15k i guess

  29. Not many time you have team to shoot on your spotting. ……this days is typical to lose on Prokhorovka like in the first video so many times. 90% hide in one spot, get spotted and destroyed.

  30. my guess is around 15k dmg

  31. Where is the manticore 22k spotting game? Since it is more than both of the games.

  32. I guess 15000 assistence

  33. next time the record everyone has one

    “the most lose streak in world of tank”

  34. Whenever i do that in prokhrovka i slowly cruise into the enemy light tank sitting infront in peace. Both of us die in awkward silence afterwards

  35. 11 797 in a (tier VI) VK 28.01 on Fiery Salient map (same as Prokhorovka) 22. march 2017 (19:45 CET)

  36. My question is how many games did he play before he got one like this because that’s not how players operate anymore they don’t shoot things that you spot. Most players in the game are garbage they don’t know how to hold down they don’t know how to angle their tanks they don’t know how to use their armor this game is going to total crap

  37. how the hell does spotting assist exp even work? sometimes i spot half the enemy team, die and see only like 800 spotting, other times when i do nothing i mysteriously rack up 3k. i dont get it

  38. I’m guesing 22k spoting

  39. Guessing 11.6 k

  40. What those replays actually show is a pair of good players who got lucky. Most of us can probably say we have done exactly the same thing but RNG has denied us these results, even QB points out what usually happens on those maps when you are scouting. Obviously you have to be a good player and know the map positions but you have to get very lucky which is what they did, good for them but its not a master class in scouting.

  41. Fun fact, I’m pretty sure I know Bohdanator from around a year ago when he cheated in competitive Phantom Forces. Around this time he was known as Bodanator

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