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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm reviewing the most in World Tanks in 2022! Bask in the pixel perfect bush play of S0UL_COLLECTOR and Ferox_69 as they demonstrate MASTER SCOUTING!



  1. Wel what you know it was an EBR who cares really??

  2. i not impressed with soul collector with his gun in the air all match it lame

  3. thank god they killed him
    the gun up was lame

  4. Wish wotconsole could get the new equipment and spotting mechanics. Bushes don’t work the same way on console.

  5. Spotting needs to be rewarded a lot more

  6. EBR line is sooo blind!!!only with fly moshing tehnique

  7. daNi - eSport for fun ;]

    my best spotting this year was 15k with tier9 🙂

  8. 22400 spotting and only 1581 xp. Somehow that just don’t sound right.

  9. These games are actually some of the most thrilling games I’ve seen in a while. I guess the same old stuff I always do, bumming around in my heavy(I’m not particularly good) is getting old on me, thus those types of videos are normal to me.

    But the suspense of, “how close can he get and not be spotted” brings some excitement back

  10. I once did like about 9,7k on prokarovka in my elc

  11. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Quick, you do not need to hold mouse button. Hold the mouse button, push the control key, release the mouse button, release the control key. Ready, your turret is locked until you push the right mouse button again.

  12. fv4005 shooting be good lool

  13. Spotting works when your team is awake.

  14. I’m sorry Quickybaby but Wargaming is TRASH! glitches and the one hit cheating by the bots in coop I have video after video of that so sorry I’m sure because you pay for the garbage but honestly it’s not worth the average man’s money

  15. Alexander Gerszewski

    love seeing a real light tank go out there and do there job, the wheelies can die in a fire. I think they have ruined the game. If we want to try and balance them make is so the cant take consumables. its not like they ever get tracked. make every shot they take a reason to keep moving, or if the wheel heads cry make it so they have to completely stop say the same time it take for camo and binocks to engage before they can swap from speed to mobility, and same thing for repairs. they have to stop to repair. personally i want them to take damage from wheel shots but ill comp and say they have to have down sides. And if this is not proof that they still need a rebalance i dont know what is. they take every tank that people play well and nerf the crap out of them. Wheelies need more balancing or just remove them for the time while they test them out.

    Last few years i seam to play less and less, wheelies took more from the game then alot of the changes, frankly i was never a huge fan of the arty but they took the biggest hit and honestly they didnt deserve it. and the more the games speed up and up, the less and less i can play. smart moves use to be rewarded now speed is all the game is. load gold. hope you shells land. and the flank that crumbles first wins. average game 4-5 min so now a days i look for tank that can put out the most damage in that short of time. ALPHA wins trades/duals, but high rate of fire, averages better games. thats why burst damage is broken.

  16. That 2nd game was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a firing range in WOT.

  17. Loads full gold and doesn’t shoot a single round. I’d say he’s making a statement to wot.


  19. The raised barrel means he isn’t just spotting, he is ogling. But does that makes us viewers voyeurs? I regret bringing this up.

  20. great vid, esp the second game – maybe my favorite QB video!

  21. Complaints Department

    Words cannot describe the amount of vitriol I have for clown cars in this game. They never belonged in World of Tanks for one simple reason: They. Are. Not. TANKS.

  22. to call an EBR player a Hero is deluded.

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  24. QuickyBaby do you have any comments on the mass amount of cheating going on in World of Tanks

  25. Reason his gun is lifted.. is because the gun is what gives sight to spot in that light tank, it’s strictly for spotting. This isn’t a meme as I am saying this, it’s how the tank spots, some mediums do the same thing as well, it’s how WG has places the “view port” for these kinds of tanks.

  26. The teams in the replays:
    Active gameplay shooting the enemys.
    My team when i play a Light tank:
    Camping at the back having tea…

  27. what is spotting

  28. Isn’t the gun is a point for spot check

  29. On console it keeping your gun off people can delay 6th sense going off.. maybe it’s the same for PC???

  30. That’s not gonna happened never ever again with that 22K spotting if your enemy team are not a whole team idiot play like that prove me wrong. over half team with 0 damage on enemy team you gotta be the most lucky person won RNG and MM in this WG company

  31. Perhaps the first guy lits his viewrange port on the mantlet for better spotting

  32. Commanders vision system ruined the game. Way too over powered

  33. The ebr game was so dumb, every enemy in one corner so many bots

  34. I want to highlight here, that some mediums are good for spotting too. Yesterday, I hat a game in my CS-63 on Prokh and had 10k spot damage at the end. If your light dies within the first 30 seconds (like so often) your meds start shaming the player but won’t move by themselves. Usually, when I play a light tank and spot about 2/3rd of the enemies my team is camping and, if shooting at all, not hitting the biggest ship of a tank. -.-‘ I hate playin’ lights because of that. Unfortunately, I have to for the missions.

  35. Game is fuckin corrupt Quickydick. You fuck people with your tubes

  36. Actually i like this format, rather than having most damaging battles, it would be great to have most spotting games or most assistance games, to not only watch heavy tanks into action

  37. This is what every light tank player should play like, most of his team are not dead and at high hp whilst the opponent is clearly losing

  38. So I also thought that the white line was my max view Range…?

  39. and wargaming and yall players ok with this bullshit spotting in this game?

  40. Oh I wish i could get Prokhorovka and Malinovka maps. I only seem to get them 1 in every 200ish games.

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