MOST USELESS COMBO – Katyusha ROCKETS ( War Thunder Gameplay)

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MOST USELESS COMBO – Katyusha ROCKETS ( War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Shepherd Boy Down The Lane.

    Honestly this is probably the best War Thunder/War Machine Based Channel on
    YouTube. I’ve learned lots of tactics from you. Thank you so much.

  2. Zut-37 Challenge on 5.0-6.3 ;D lets see if you make that ^^

  3. 11:52 Don’t you sometimes hate being right?

  4. I’m new to this channel, but is this game online only?

  5. Phly and his mustache look like they belong on Cops

  6. I never see you playing with the Charioteer Mk VII. Pls and the Sea Fury FB

  7. wow they weren’t kidding. the po-2 really IS that bad

  8. 17:23 look at the tank he was using bahahahaha he used the zis-30 to get
    the po-2 oh my that’s great!!!

  9. Thanks for your videos Phly) You always manage to improve my mood (or how
    it is said)

  10. British pay to win: take out the Black Prince and Wyvern in RB attempt 1

  11. Jesus you’ve gained weight. No wonder she left you.

  12. “FUCK YOU DEPRESSION” My life.

  13. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    so funny

  14. Phly, where’s Piper & Bubba?

  15. Phly, you have to ROCK THE TANK to get the rockets down

  16. Fw189 with the flak panzer 1 keep the skies clear (as best you can) :P

  17. Hey phly, love the vids keep it up! You should try the m4a3 (105) for
    America it is honestly one of the worst tanks in my opinion if you dont
    have the m67 shots and the only way to get them is to buy them with eagles
    because there is no way to progress with the tank since it has a br of 3.3
    and anything in that tier has more than 20mm of armor so please show me how
    to use this pile of crap

  18. ஓீ͜Ƭ҉๏҉א҉เ҉ς҉͜͡德 ツ

    2:23 “FUCK YOU DEPRESSION….FOCK YOU” i couldn’t stop laughing after! ??

  19. Pink socks…with crocs…. Phly, baby ;P

  20. Did not knowYou had a dog

  21. He used a Zis 30 to get to the po 2 at the end, I’m not complaining the
    katushya is sheit

    I know you were talking about the weapon’s elevation and depression, but
    still. Pretty accurate description for depression.

  23. 5:30 LOL I died right there

  24. Kv-2 with war paint face and pe-8 with the fabulous five ton nuke. Embrace
    the derp.

  25. His bottle was empty lmao.

  26. Oi gopnik, bring up the “Log combo” for me please. Bring forth T 54, дибил
    most finest bias machine with occasional Siberian made log from behind and (
    *Burp*) and any soviet plane that resembles a flying log. Attempt number:
    1…. 6…. something, something. Our blyat, vodka dry. Maybe kvass next.

  27. take out the big plane big gun combo and take out the pz 3 N and the BV 238

  28. I love the sound effects in the intro, idk why but don’t change them

  29. Jack “Starlight911” Milan

    play ze german superial combo. the jpz 4-5 and german mig15

  30. cute dog!

  31. Take out atleast 2 jets with an ATGM in realistic battle

  32. try this bias: t-35 and tb-3
    really good combo

  33. Удивительно видеть русский хардбасс в таком видео от зарубежного автора)

  34. Reserve Planes/Tanks vs top tier units.

  35. Who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

  36. Take out the British Strv 81 and Wyvern S4 maybe throw in a Cunturion Mk
    III if you have not done this combo
    which can take out a tiger 2

  37. Phly..Crocs and pink socks?? I had a meme about crocs…hmm…let me find
    it and write it down here…wearing crocs is like getting a blow job from a
    guy, it feels awesome untill you look down and realise you’re gay…

  38. классное видео!

  39. Bomber Vs Bm-8-24

  40. WTF is he drinking in 5:24? 😀 some kind of beer or what? :D

  41. Im new on your channel, what does that attempt 11 means?

  42. m41 Walker bulldog and the F4U Corsair attempt number 5

  43. Nice shoes

  44. phly, please use Panther 2 and p-47 thunderbolt,
    unleash te valkyria combo!

  45. Fire Proxy Xocolatl

    You should take out this combo jagdtiger with the Horton or with the Arado
    234 c3

  46. 14:54 I miss that intro :(

  47. “Hull Break”. That’s a new kind of kill. Didn’t know that was possible.

  48. BM-8-24 in 8.3 match, kill a Leo.

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