Most WAITED NERF Coming!? | World of Tanks Update 1.13 Patch SPG Nerfs

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M44 Nerf, Artillery Rework, Football Event 2021. World of Tanks New SPG / Artillery Gameplay in Update 1.13. World of Tanks 1.13 Patch Update – HE Shells Rework, Artillery Rework (New Ammo), Buffs and Nerfs, New Ranked Battles and New Equipment Units, Battle Pass Season 5 and More.

► Information from:
– https://.eu/en/news/general-news/1-13-CT2-new-and-future-changes/
– https://.eu/en/news/general-news/steel-hunter-2021-brawl-club-2-round-2/

Test server for the mega big update 1.13 is finally here, featuring so many new features we have to devide it into many videos.
This time I am going to do the ultimate test of the artillery, playing with every single reworked 10 SPG. Also, you are going to see newly reworked map.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. *How is your TOP 3 nerf needing tanks list looking like?*
    Much Love, catch you tomorrow!

    • @Jerry chandra where did i talk about removing them ? All i want is proper balancing

    • @Trainminator it’s balanced when there are super heavy tanks. HE and arty needs balance. I don wanna shoot for 150 or 200 damage in a medium at t10. I’d play tier 8 or 6 for that

    • @Timothy Tan I kill them fairly easily even with lower-tier tanks. Due to the nerf they are not that hard to kill, just learn to aim at the new big weak spots on the front. Even tier 8s can beat them up.

    • @Markus Karlsson the Type 5 and Maus both have massive weak spots on the front already. Besides, the super heavies are supposed to be nearly impossible to kill from the front. There is a reason they are made ungodly slow and poor traverse speeds. This “We have to be able to snipe and kill everything from the front” is one of the issues with this game, try using the mobility of the meds and several of the heavies to get around to the sides like we used to do. Gee, this is also what the ARTY is for is to help with the super heavies and heavily armored TDs.

    • 279e /chiftain Well 279e is not that op on t 10 but for tier 8 tanks is unbeatable that tank should just have limited mm so he always play tier 10 chiftain is just broken tho

  2. ARTY IS PERFECTLY BALANCED AS IT IS RIGHT NOW. (WG just needs to limit them to 2 per team in randoms…)

  3. M44 nerf is just like back in the time when hellcat was deemed to be OP and got nerfed. Now no one plays hellcat (at least I dont) when i played more than 2k games on it back 5/7 years ago.
    Any additional nerf on M44, I am out of WOT.
    Sick of these unnecessary nerf.

  4. Whilst the M44 does have better performance stats than other SpG’s of equal tier… it needs to be remembered that it is tier 6, currently this tier is populated to a greater extent by players, forced into this tier by the requirements of so many of the “Special Events” that WG introduce, therefore it’s NO wonder that it (since it is the best) is seen FAR more as the popular choice by those forced into playing arty than any other arty type of it’s tier…. compare and contrast with the readily available “OP” Premium vehicles available at tier 6… a huge variety and that’s what they will be up against (highly trained crews, put in them from higher tier tanks) I really think that WG needs to look at the restrictions it’s already placed upon players to achieve “Rewards”…. and make changes that are balanced. Removing the arty class completely is not one of them, unfortunately that’s all that WG appears to hear from it’s more vocal toxic users.

  5. Cmon dez stop moaning about the skill. It’s good they want to put it on radiooperator because he has lots of useless skills. Besides, you can reset perks for credits too so don’t say you cna only use gold and wargaming is milking us for our money because they aren’t (in this case)

  6. As for the commander skill problem… Make Sixth sense an automatic FREE scalable benefit, rather than a “Skill Choice”…. e.g. If the commander has 1 skill, it also get a weakend version of Sixth Sense, 2 skills, the current version of sixth sence, 3 skills, sixth sence plus a weakened version of sound detection, 4+ skills, both sixth sense and sound detection. Quite simple.

  7. Ladislav Lučivjanský

    I hope they will nerf also arty missions..

  8. Dez stealing Reddit videos again 😀

  9. Georgios Papahatzis

    I would take EBR and 279 e nerfs anyday compare to arty. The wheelie cancer together with this op bulshit tank ruins the game much more than arties. Yes arties are ridiculous op when three of them. Should have been only one without any splash stun for me. Cut this stupid campaign and get o with your lives. But you can move or hide anyway and somehow. What can you do when the cancer drives straight you base with nothing to stop? I have fired two times on this thing with jdpz e100 only to make damage to his wheelies. 17cm caliber round couldn’t stop this ridiculous. If this not stupid I don’t know what is. I won’t even comment on the HE rework. Who the f thought of this. Who asked for this in the first place. Tanks like Maus will get 5 k damage at tier 8 battles even if you leave the keyboard and go from now on.

  10. This game become a sh*t show in the last years and is so unbalanced at this moment that nerfing the arty will make it even worse, when you lose or win 15-0 in approx. 20-30% of the battles or loose 10 battles in a row you have to be completely idiot not to realize that this game have some serious other issues not the arty. I used to play this game 9 years ago then quit and come back to what now I consider a joke.

  11. Everyone: Man, M44s click speed are really cancerous.
    WG: Let’s nerf it, then,*but not the reload time. HO HO HO.*

    But honestly, I think it’s still not the planned nerf specs.

  12. I HAVE TO CLARIFY! This shouldn’t be considered as a nerf because ALL arty’s will have a bit less damage and a bit less explosion radius. M44 needs accuracy or reload time nerf, this is standard rework for every arty in the game!

  13. need more arty and old arty stats back they listen to , to many whiny losers nerfing to many arty making them already more useless and they listen to the same whiny losers who are now crying about tds in game to they whiny losers winning and killing the game making it nothing but a game for cry babies who only care about STATS NOT HAVING FUN THEY KILLING THE GAME

  14. Just reduce the total number of Artys per team from 3 to 2. 33% to arty straight away.

  15. wow they are adding ways to nerf arty function already with the perk/skill and knowing where their shots land, so on and so forth, now they are looking at actual nerfs to certain vehicles on top of that? why not just get rid of the damned class and call it good? i mean wargaming seems to be getting away from the historical value of the WWII vibe, so why not add a few more tiers, and start adding more and more current main battle tanks to the game? ugh when will people get enough of the bullshit and play the game and stop haying on certain vehicles in the game

  16. 1 clicker per game , nerf ebr , 279a-cheftain only tier 10 mm , game fixed

  17. Милан Лесић

    M44 made my cousin stop playing when he reached tier 5 and got the tier 6 tank for token. “This is the most bullshit unfair thing I have ever came across in a video game since the eighties.” – his words. Then he talked what kind of outrage similar thing to M44 would cause in League or DOTA2 or games like arma and cs go. I can imagine there are thousands of people like that.

    • So he was lucky to miss the lefh bullshit? Because that’s even worse in a lower tier

    • Милан Лесић

      @HuNgerforrock Lefefe has no stun or burst radius and noobs dont usually even know what hits them or about its spotting capability. He also got trough the low tiers lighting fast as WG made it possible and encourages it. No referral tank for me though.

    • @Милан Лесић dunno, i ocassionally mark tanks all around, sometimes t5-t6 and I had games with lefh are actually worse. Ofc it depends on experience. Now the real terror starts when enemy team has a lefh and 2 m44

    • Милан Лесић

      @HuNgerforrock I was perma tracked by lefe during the T-34 vs Sherman event. On airfield made a pressure with repair kit on cooldown. He was doing battles to finish the referral during the Kpz marathon week and all games were 3 arty per team and most of tier 6 arty is m44 with some hummels here and there.

  18. m44 need rate of fire nerf

  19. Goddamn game is 10 years old and some cretins still complain about the artillery…

  20. M44 would probably have a good impact in a t10 game…

    While it is good that they are nerfing it, it is scary that it took them so many years to do it. You can ofc only theorize how many people that tank have driven from the game.

  21. And his name is John …. haha love it.

  22. Ok with the nerfs to HE they need to buff the 183 and fv 4005 . No well then why does the kv 2 deserve buffs ??

  23. Facepalm. Those m44 nerfs are useless . Rate of fire and aim time nerfs geezus that is the issue .

  24. if it was work good they will nerf it end of story all they care about is let all the op tank be more op so when the tank is shit hall down you well never have any help to get by it great job war gaming i wounder how many people are going to hate this patch

  25. If it wasn’t for the missions I would never play arty but that’s ok because I barely ever play arty anyway and the game still works fine.

  26. i super sick of the artillery whine in this game fv 304 need a real buff lol because they did not do a good job they made it so bad now that it can not help

  27. WG is like Einstein when it comes to making money out of this game but the rest of the time they are a bunch of braindead pieces of meat.

  28. Bullcrap! The most waited nerf is EBR nerf!

  29. AnimeDream Network

    They just remove arty all together.

  30. I don’t get why people complain about the shit wargaming is doing.
    After all it is wargaming, the most greedy game studio in the entire world.
    Everything they do has only one goal: to make the players spend even more money than before.
    It was this way years ago and it will never change.
    Get used to the fact, that you are all cows who are milked for money by a company that doesn’t give a damn shit about its player base.

  31. Amount of salt from the victims of M44 has reached critical level and WG is happily running to please the crybabies.

    Well, M53/M55 is good arty, so people are playing it.

    • Yes, but I don’t know why I always prefer the T92. I tried to 3 mark it only reach 92% XD sometimes makes 700 damage with no pen.

    • @Nuno Rodrigues yeah. Clear 90 degree shot to the side, and you got 0 for no reason… Sometimes you just have to play with a drink not to get mad at how bad rng you got.

    • @Lukas Wicher normal rng of a video-game normally Don t exceed the 10%,this game has 25% in my honest opinion is made to protect the new/bad players, I use xvm, the worst shots I give are 99.9%of the time vs bad players, like less Tham 900 wn8. Rng in my opinion is not rondom. Sometimes is really bad when you make side shots and you hit the ground like at 150m, or bounce a lower Platte at close range with green marker of penetration. This game would be so much better with out rng or with less rng. Rng of penetration is just stuped, Tham rng for dispertion, what’s the point of a acuratte gun if rng trolls you? Enemy at 1 shot and you low row, amazing right? The damage should be center mass, middle you could make like more 20% for example, if you hit a copola – 10%. Just an opiniob

  32. The m44 needed a nerf last year, that’s right, given the reload speed it’s too fast and at low tier how many glass/cardboard tanks are there in tier 4 to 6 mm. So many chances for full penetrations and that bloody thing has more dpm then tier X spg, it’s just stupid and broken. that’s right more dpm than t92, outrageously broken. And imagine getting stunned every 20 second and combine that with x3 m44. A recipe for disaster

  33. If they remove the arty missions, I will sell all the artys in my garage instantly, I still cant fn complete those dumb missions!

  34. I would not replace arty missions but instead provide option to replace them with a mixed bag missions to be done instead with other vehicle types.

  35. As I was reading comments quite some people have agreed on few things such as:
    – 1 or 2 arta max per match
    – less or removed arta missions
    agree even i dont mind the number of arta missions, but WG instead of at least trying to listen to the playerbase, they made, in my opinion, very unnecessary changes to the arta tho i know players complained about the stuns but the shell type change is beyond my understanding.
    I dont know what substances are they using while at work but i would like the know the thought process when they were managing this topic like “yeah every hates 3 arta in game, the very unpleasant experience of +2 matchmaking, the high number of arta missions, lets change the shell types somehow and their arcs while keeping 3 arta per game”
    Also, I believe that M44 is a thorn in eye of many players, including me but its not a necessary nerf, until the leFH is not nerfed. Anyone wont change my mind since LeFH is the biggest arta cancer with its 8s reload time which in my mind is more than illegal. There is no difference when WG keeps 3 arta per game if youre in a Maus/Type 5/FV4005 you will be still bombed constantly, but now kinda without the stun. Same cancer, different day.
    Thanks Dez for the great video, keep up the good work!

  36. Dez you can retrain skills for credits 🙂

  37. So we veteran players are gonna be forced to play a completely different game: artillery class will be dead, new Crew skills etc, HE will be gone so only normal and gold ammo (and guess what kind of ammo people will use).
    T10 will be a shitshow for the team that has to fight Obj 279e and Chieftain.

  38. its not really a nerf. The biggest issue the amount of arty is still gonna ruin all gameplay

  39. I’m waiting for a REAL clown car nerf…..

  40. social3ngin33rin

    Lolololololol that intro
    American SPGs are doing too well?!?! Lol
    How about nerf WalletGaming’s pay2win cancer LefH arty!!!!!!
    The M44 players play it that much because it makes profit!!! Who would guess players would want to get profit to fight the armor meta and powercreep?!?! I should have jumped on the M44 grind for silver lol
    @9:57 like wargaming cares about new players?! They are the same ppl who introduced the pay2win cancer tanks at low tier into their own game lolol

    If they want to save the game’s playerbase, they should stop the pay2win powercreep cancer, remove the armor/bounce meta bs just so they can sell more gold, and then rebalance tanks so weak spots actually do something again…like exist!!!

  41. I am gonna miss all the crying when the arty is finally nerfed 🙁

  42. HE nerf, arty nerf.

    Cancertain is fine

  43. Thanks for update Dez……Long story short. American arty starting to out perform Russian arty = Nerf it !

  44. If Wargaming had half a brain, they’d leave the M44 alone because many players love it. If they had a full brain, they make a premium clone and sell it for mad money as done with the KV-2 / KV-2 (R). Their biggest problem is Russian bias. If they were Big brained, they’d modify each server to be slightly different, catering to their respective most profitable demographic in each region. On the RU server, they could keep the Russian bias already present, and slightly nerf all the countries the Russian players complain about. On NA they could slightly buff the American tanks and nerf the Russian ones, and in EU they could slightly buff German/Italian/Czech/Polish/UK/…. ah you get the point now. They are a business. They should cater to their various customer bases. They’d rake in even more money. Just my two cents, and likely all it’s worth anyway.

  45. M44 needs a nerf to the gun traverse angle.

  46. Why does there need to be 3 arty in a match…why?

  47. Can’t wait to play 1.13 in August

  48. Aleksandar Drekic

    I would agree to 3 artillery in each fight, but the condition for that is to erase those stinking vehicles from the game!

  49. This will make no change to M44 I think. The main problem of that artillery is not the alpha damage, because it very rarely penetrates apart some light armored tanks. I think the best sollution wuold be to add like 3-4 seconds to reload time (keep in mind, this arty can shit on you every 16 seconds with good enough crew and equipment) or I would increase the aimtime and decrease the accurarcy

  50. dezgamez you are stupid. that is not the m44 nerf. that is the default nerf all artys got a 10% reduction to standard HE shells. Wg has not nerf it yet.

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