MOST WHOLESOME MOMENT EVER!!! QuickyBaby Best Moments #19

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.



“Jaunty Gumption”, “Almost Bliss”, “Open Those Eyes”, “There It Is”, “RetroFuture Clean”, “Hitman”, “The Cannery” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


Special Thanks to the Clippers:
M4real, The_ArmouredArmadillo, alxen78, ancestralrope, AlreadySorry, chr0m3chaos, nequezthefirst, aniallator, sempet, the3crazyjuan, redshiftotf, malagar1, alikai77


  1. 6:57 from where did u take this music in background? It sounds familiar…

  2. Pov: you watched yesterdays s.conqueror vid and got confuced

  3. Oszkár Aizenpreisz

    What did he say at 8:18??😂

  4. 0:07 Welcome to World of Tanks Blitz.

  5. 8:58 that’s not funny. It’s a bug in game


    The level of being starstruck has reached it’s peak now. I can’t believe what I see….. 4:53

  7. what’s tha ttank on the 1st clip with like an infinite magazine?

  8. Tanya does a really good job editing. Keep it up!

  9. I love these series

  10. This is honestly the best one yet!

  11. Balls…..TOO HOT! T-Shirt needed

  12. Get a hair cut Hippie!

  13. talking about wholesome where is metal_gun ??

  14. I am born with shakinghands, so I know how it is. I play WOT, 48,5. Now a days I almost only play TD:s

  15. Test_name Test_surname


  16. Love these! You should however get clip from the Caliban first Master Ace. The last kill was beyond funny

  17. I played the medium 1 tank for one game and I had enough experience to upgrade to the next tank. lol

  18. This one was great. I snorted out tea at the John Cena moment.

  19. idk.. 10:25 cos of the soundeffect and.. qb’s unimpressed face ^^

  20. That heartbreak from undertale tho. Edit: And then put it back together after seeing the wholesome moment lol.

  21. 0:00
    Looks at Blitz

  22. One of my favorite videos, funny moments but seeing you also getting some terrible luck in games made me feel better. Despite how good you are at the game, you still managed to get trolled by fate and it reminds me I’m not alone.

  23. the first few minutes were hilarious

  24. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    Great video. Too many annoying ads that can’t be skipped that pop up right at the funny part ruining the moment.

  25. Knowing how bad the aim time of the FV4005 is and considering the distance he was from you and the fact that you were moving very quickly, that guy had some amazing RNG on his side to have landed his shot and killed you. Plus you only managed to hit the Grille 15, but did 0 damage.

  26. keep it up qb! I love your compilation videos. And tanya’s editing skills 😀

  27. That poor King Tiger, he was too slow 😭

  28. Nice one Tanya! Only one thing that stood out to me was that the music was quite loud sometimes.

  29. Am I the only one that “talks” to twitch they are playing? I found myself doing it….lol

  30. Amazing work as always Tanya, love the editing!

  31. This was soo much fun lol. 🤣I mean, your regular videos are already top notch but this is comedy gold.

  32. Hi Quicky
    Have a happy and safe holidays with the family and God bless u and everyone

  33. i absolutely love the editing i swear, the old school music ah its perfect

  34. OMG… Is this man a genius or just lucky

  35. nice background music

  36. The audio accompanying the video gave me cancer

  37. Quickybaby will never put dpm the JP2 it can get a 7.9 reload with adrenaline rush and full bond equipment

  38. 9:39 TOO HOT xDD

  39. Best Moment: Foch B drowning and M3 Stuart John Cena 😭

  40. I still want the Girls und Panzer crew never available again??

  41. Great job Tanya

  42. 8:28 my favorite moment for sure

  43. I’m gonna be so sad that I can’t catch the stream today!! Could you please make maybe a best moments of the stream today?

  44. What is that commander in his super conq?

  45. I could watch these all day long. Hilarious

  46. I get to watch the conqueror game live on Twitch, a second time in your YouTube video and now thrice in the best moments video

  47. I wish I could like twice

  48. Today I had an examination from public speaking on my English lecture. Thanks to your videos I learned hove to properly pronounce words without mumbling and how to use nice British accent 😁 Thank you QuackyBaby! 🦆

  49. 8:55 the idiot thought it was a good idea to press shift at the last second to hear the glorious sound of the double barrel but forgot that it puts the aim off by a bit too.

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