MOTHER RUSSIA’S HEAVY TANK IS-6 Heavy Tank (War Thunder)

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MOTHER RUSSIA’S HEAVY TANK -6 Heavy Tank (War Thunder)

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  2. tiger 2: ya da lalalala tis good day to be not dead
    phly playing is-6: POW you are dead
    tiger 2: OOF
    phly: the heavy is dead

  3. 12:42 anakin is dissapointed

  4. IS-6 : OH YEAH!

  5. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt( # 36 ). We need a type 87 video! I might finish researching It at this point.

  6. wHeRe Is ThE hEaLtH bAr?!?

  7. play the Zis 30 and do some cheeki breeki stuff

  8. Russian game video: + Belorussian Potato game sponsorship. WTF

  9. Hey phloopy, I saw you enjoying ignoring the armor advantage of any armoured tank in your M10.
    But how about taking that to the maximum? Take out the hidden gem of Japans premium tanks: The Chi-Nu II with its long phloopy schnaze.
    It brings a 4.7 gun down to 4.0. a BR where you will have no Tigors, IS’s or Jumbos around. The most oppulent tanks you can phace is a KV-1 maybe an M6A1.
    All oph which the high-velocity APHE (Read: Ay Pee Age Ee) with 151mm oph pen will just ignore and cook the insides phaster than instant ramen.

    Attempt #1.


  11. 7:13 props to phyl for not spawn killing an enemy tank.

  12. magach 3 era please

  13. A person That Does Stuff.

    Optic armor. Best armor!

  14. I like war thunder but my laptop is corrupt

  15. dude…
    war gaming is sponsoring you…

  16. its me M56 from IAV

  17. For those who don’t know what the german sung its: Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümerlein

  18. War Thunder Youtuber sponsored by WOWS

  19. I was vibin with the German march song until the IS-6 came in busting

  20. Aufstrigende Deutschland

    why we all hate M56’s

  21. So close to 1MIL

  22. Ironic sponsor

  23. Can it blend. That is the question

  24. 0:35 wtf

  25. I just use the 183mm HESH on the is-6

  26. Channel wt and wows ads 😂

  27. Phly: God, This reload is horrendous
    𝐈𝐒-𝟐 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘𝐄𝐑𝐒: I see…

  28. no, phly, not like this, not like dis, why WOW legend got u

  29. Phly, you need to play the AB 43, you haven’t made a video on it and it needs a ‘loving the unloved’ vid. Phast boi, with a nice gun too.

    Day 27 of trying

  30. PeaShooterSherman

    I remember when I killed my first IS-6, I was in an M36 Jackson… I don’t think the Warthunder gods have blessed me since

  31. I always see you play high tier, just for fun I tried 3.5 to 4.0 tiers with the USSR, please do a video on anything 4.0 or lower, I’ve been having so much fun, it’s basically all out war and no one really cares for their safety and go all out, I found it really fun, especially when people spam arty 😂

  32. Whenever I play war thunder the game will hard freeze my entire computer after one match any help?

  33. So close to 1 million!!! Everybody that sees this comment, Operator Drewski has passed us, come on!! Subscribe! If this was in your recommended, you need to sub. Obviously you like war thunder. This is the channel for you.

  34. Francisco Oliveira

    12:20 hits italian car with 120mm gun, “ur fine no need to die”, is6 gets hit in engine “ayy lmao ammo boom”

  35. Tiger transforms in a little cat when sees the IS 6

  36. video request, attempt 12: Please play the ‘Prinz Eugen’. I wanna know how many games you need to get a compilation of you getting ammowrecked

  37. The new sounds for rockets and missiles are retarded, they are way too loud and you can hear air to air missiles approach you from behind, which doesent make any sense.

  38. you know wows is dying when they bring back Kitakami and sponsor Phly…

  39. 12:26 russian fuel???
    Not fuel RUSSIAN VODKA

  40. I’ve killed abrams with the IS-6&the KV-122

  41. The T29 can give you good explosions, I mean massive explosions

  42. Phly : like its not real
    Me: couse it was not real

  43. Yo phly, you should make a new account where you grind out a tree

  44. 14:43 you shouldn’t have killed him he was having phun

  45. World of Warships literally sponsored a video of their competitors’ gameplay🤦‍♂️

  46. i wish the is-4m got downtiered to 6.7 more

  47. i didnt skip these ads for nothing phly!

  48. I don’t think war thunder is going to be happy about it’s arch nemesis sponsoring their sugar baby 😂😂

  49. Phly boy, why does it take so long to grind planes on war thunder. I just started playing it on PC, I usually play on PS4 where I have the Abrams and the centauro as my highest tier vehicles, and I have played approximately 26 hours with 42 minutes according to war thunder on realistic airplane battles, yet my highest plane is the IL2. Phlopity woppity, what am I doing wrongity?

  50. What is the name of the German intro?

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