Mr. Armor (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

T-95 and some T30 gameplay, Wat Thunder 😉

Thunder official website




Background: hsmrpijopkglk3pml.html
Follow Every Move – Radio Night
Oh Motherland – Sight of Wonders

Outro: Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust


  1. What… accent is this?…

  2. Bro these edits are too good, how did I only discover this channel now?

  3. Services Department

    Parked in Betty’s Garage…who is Betty? lol

  4. Deras Vedshotka

    Any merkava front armor be like: engine is dead

  5. Szymon Florczak

    You will show your settings on which you play War Thunder. pliss

  6. Hi Mr. Dollar 👋🏻

  7. The Leopard is the real king armor

  8. Should i preorder the F5c?

  9. i adore your videos man theyre great

  10. Doom turtle gaming

  11. Hmm I keep wondering do you get the nuke often ? I video of that will be great, god knows I will never get it 🙁

  12. Me laughing with my swedish tank destroyer that can penetrade 340mm.

  13. manuel iacobelli

    Wt ita sever discord:

  14. Ламберт Хатсунов

    Despite the fact that I am from Russia and I understand English poorly so far, I reviewed all the Russian-speaking gamers of “war thander” and you surpassed them all in humor and editing! 🙂

  15. 2:22 italian song title?

  16. Mario Escalante

    LOL, that tank in japan… . “im joking”… So dead!

  17. dumitru burlacu

    i have this tank and i love him

  18. Сашка Питерский

    Очень хорошо товарищ 👍🏿

  19. Dollar. I love you

  20. Anyone know the source of the meme with the girl saying “next” at 7:13?

    Amazing video as always, superb editing.

  21. 10:16 was by far the most badass way I’ve seen someone help out a teammate in desperate need. Just causally bouncing shells, destroying tanks, and shooting down planes with my 50 cal

  22. Marcin Bieżuński

    Great, as always.
    Next time maybe record something with Kowalowe (

  23. Kieran Fitzgerald

    Can’t get over how fantastic your retro music sounds🕺🕺

  24. Ahhhhh, weird as always.

  25. No way I am so late for a video
    ps I feel best outro compilation incoming 😀

  26. Dollar while driving the T95: Why do I hear rides of the valkyries

  27. Quality content as all of youtube should be

  28. Great video as always Dollar. Have you considered ever playing with other WarThunder youtubers?

  29. Dollar, I dare you to play as the British Archer and get 6………… no wait…….. 7 kills in a match. What say you? Betty.


    Thicc armor

  31. The most angry reptile on the planet.

  32. Oh man that TLastGl1tch clutching it up on the right flank oof in his IS-2

  33. Pls Play tortoise 😅

  34. I love this tank, I want to get It soon in this game!!! Super Turtleeee!!! T95!!!

  35. Michael Gentile

    Thicc and slow, slow and steady, steady and deadly

  36. Nice Video tho <3

  37. Benito aka. Duce

    I became a WOT advertising

  38. Where is that Next chick from?

  39. High octane gameplay 😂😂😂

  40. How many game hours an average player should put in this game to get such a tank (T-95)?

  41. Andre Gabriel Timcang

    This thing got outnumbered, hid in a bush, and stayed hidden for 35 years

  42. 12:20 What’s the music ??

  43. *laughs in t114*

  44. 9:07 the delayed ow tho

  45. me in a pzIV H…shoot its gun…shoot its tracks so he cant turn…go behind him…R.I.P t95.

  46. Bring back Hello

  47. yeboxxx channel

    When you decide to add yourself armor and a gun as mutated giant turtle and add tracks.

  48. Good ol 18,000 repair cost

  49. who is this NEXT girl?

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