Mr. Sherman when he’s had too much piss beer | Sherman Calliope (War Thunder)

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Mr. Sherman when ’s had too much piss beer | Sherman Calliope (War Thunder)

Mr. Sherman when he’s had to much piss beer | Sherman Calliope (War Thunder)


  1. Little loose on the language this video, there was just to much to bleep, as this was an older video before I tired to be a little more mouth friendly. Still hope you enjoy it. YYYYYYYEEEET

  2. i like it when phly plays wit his friends its so wholesome

  3. *when the targeting/warning shot kills the guy*

  4. Play the panzer 4/70 pleeeeeeeez

  5. I remember being in that BR for so long because of those damn KV-1’s. the American tanks at that tier are absolute ass

  6. You mean Piss Wasser

  7. Imagine the locust had an upgrade like this

    it would be locitful

  8. Phly please fly the new mig-17as I would love to see you phly it!

  9. What the song in the beginning?

  10. CxOxLxD_wave Gaming

    I wanna make phly suffer he should phly the Vampire

    Or some FW-190 plz luv ya

  11. Crocodile Roindee

    Got an hour long test drive for this and got 15 kills in one game. I can see why it costs so much

  12. The best croosover

  13. These titles are on point I have to say Phly

  14. Lol…dramaaaaaa?

  15. Karma seems like he would be fun to run with.

  16. Phly, play with DUMBO, The TIGER 2 REMOVER. This guy is FV4202

  17. My wife walked in on “Richochet my Butthole.”

  18. You need to do a video on the t55am 1 phly!

  19. Hey mom..its a hotdog stall!

  20. stephen bittinger

    I accidentally ammo racked an is6 with a high explosive while I was in the m42 duster

  21. *Uses an American tank*

    *USSR anthem plays*


  22. No offense but this jus isn’t karmas type of stuff.. xD

  23. That’s gotta be my favorite for this year. Loved all of the chatter. Good luck to the noobs.
    “Where’s his weak Spot”?
    Phly “Right “”BLAM”” Here”.

  24. member when the callliope first came out, it didnt give a fuck about anything

    KV-1: DA! The stalinium is stronk today!

  26. Happy birthday CORBIN!
    For my class…


    Too soon?…

  28. He sounds like pewdiepie.

  29. Yo who’s trying to squad up on war thunder rn none of my friends on PS4 have it

  30. Id like phly to teach me like he teaches Karma

  31. that opening clip tho. damn Phly wtf?!

  32. Please play the Vosper mk. 2
    Attempt #106

  33. Challenge Request Attempt #41
    Play any tank with an untrained crew.
    Suffer with the rest of us who don’t have golden eagles.
    (Milestone Edit) For every increment of 10, this challenge request becomes more difficult.
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, and without modifications. (No premium tanks)
    (Milestone Edit)
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, without modifications, and with cinematic quality settings.
    (Milestone Edit)
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, without modifications, with cinematic quality settings, and load the maximum number of high explosive rounds.
    (Milestone Edit)
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, without modifications, with cinematic quality settings, carry the maximum number of high explosive rounds, and you have to drive in reverse to go forward.

  34. Phly playing with karmakut there’s no better mix

  35. たけまる絕對花陽推

    I want phly daily back!!!
    Take out the N1K1 hydroplane and take off the float by touching the ground!!!!!!!!!
    TURN the KYOFU into a SHIDEN!!!!!!!!

  36. I miss you pro

  37. Did they make the game worth playing on ps4yet?

  38. Phly: **inhales**

  39. Annihilator ANH-1A

    Man that tank is loaded

  40. Play the israeli tank, shot kal, in the british tech tree

  41. In Australian that title reads too much beer, beer.

  42. I wish I could play with Phly in low RB matches, so I would be the
    ” wingman”.

  43. Hi Phly, I was wondering if u could a video (or reply me here) about Tunguska. It has default, HE and AP ammos which cost 12K sl!!!
    Thats too much for ammo belts!

  44. I love these colab vids 😀 keep em coming phly

  45. Benny was in a game of mine a couple days ago and he complimented my nose art on my G91… made my day entirely :’)

  46. Love how people react when bombs land right around them.

  47. 10 times a capitalist pig built glorious soviet machines

  48. Phly do a vid on the jakpz2 (HOT) u haven’t done one im %110 sure

  49. Imaging seeing a tiger 1 with a 15cm rocket battery mounted on it

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