^^| MT-25 UDES RAMP? (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. omg I want to see that actually work, have someone about to ram the udes then have it aim down all the way and see what happens.

  2. Well, you (had) over 18K Gold and almost 16M Silver in the bank, so you clearly don’t have to pay attention to the “economy” aspects.

  3. I think you can cross that river using the island. Seems like Dreadshells did a demo video of it on the test server.

  4. next time bring more gold rounds

  5. >Carries 35 rounds prem ammo
    >Complains about OP tanks

  6. circon what happened to your t14 tank review? that funny as shit video of yours with 360 armor?

  7. What kind of fucking loser fires APCR at tier 9 heavies in a tier 6 scout with a 57mm? Use AP you fucking nerd

  8. what song was the at 6:30? btw nice game !


  10. I sending this to jingles just for the commentary would be nice


  12. Displeases me so much that we arent still calling it the “send nUDES 03”.

  13. Circon can’t you just make 2 videos a day? I can only live by your memes nowadays. I need them like i need coffee in the morning. You’re my pusher.

  14. well paid…. legit never p2w….!

  15. vliegeraars gaming channel

    circon wich mods you use

  16. that UDES sat there the entire match, tomato much?

  17. Can someone make a playlist of all the music he plays on spotify?

  18. OMFG, he used his finger to press 2 and use a feature that anyone in game can use! SUCH RAGE! =P

  19. Is Circon using some autoaim mod? If yes, which one? If no mod, well then am jealous… Can’t get the vanilla autoaim to work in the same way. I have to stop, wait for both the aim and the gun to be pointing at the enemy before it locks… If it locks that is…

  20. Gold spammer……jk

  21. Sooo, the UDES can bounce off the MT-25, just like I did, with the ISU-152 BL-10. I had to check it in the replay, what happened. At first I thought that I had hit the turret sire at an extreme angle, then I saw, that the turret-front ate the shell… It looked like when You shoot the spaced armor on the IS-3 front, it looks like your shot penetrated, but no damage… Welcome, to the World of Random Numbers.


  23. ahhh I fell for the clickbait

  24. awwwe….ramp fail. 🙁

  25. DAT mt-25 alpha doe and dat dank armor.. totally not russian bias nice memes

  26. I know the MT-25 is good and I like it myself but this is just F-ing insane 😀

  27. Death of a thousand cuts.

  28. why apcr on su152 sidearmor

  29. Irony? Nothing to see there … XD

  30. 6:55 OMG JOU IDOT GOLTSPAMNER !1!!!1

  31. Sebastian Wolniewicz

    Pls. Name of ending music

  32. Darn, I thought Circon would do an Evel Knievel jump using that Udes like a ramp.

  33. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    But why not use the auto 37mm? 😀

  34. I am triggered…

    because I don’t have 60k credits to lose…

  35. Would like to see some overwatch if you still play that 😉

  36. I’m dissapointed with the lack of ramps in this video

  37. I don’t think Circon likes trees. I bet if there was one single tree on the whole map, he would run it down.. 😛

  38. Great game Circon! Bottom tier in a tier 9 game. I have not problem using gold rounds. I would have loaded more!

  39. Try playing a KV1 in a tier 8 game with 100 rounds of AP and 74 of APCR. Over 200K credits lost.

  40. That SU-152 at the beginning had a really awesome game 😀

  41. This game where TD outspot scout.. #logic

  42. +SirCircon is the MT-25 good to grind wn8?

  43. omg report this noob he spam gold with a 57mm gun in tier IX !!11!!!!1!!
    no but seriously well paid Circon 😉

  44. Fuckin great choice of music, Westworld is my fav series! 😀

  45. YOU USED GOLD!!!!11!1!1!11!!??????!!!1 WHAAAAARGARBLE!!!!

  46. how many combined damage required for the 2 mark?

  47. The MT-25 is Russian, so of course even its 45mm gun mantlet absorbs any shell that hits it. Last time he featured the MT-25, a fucking SU-100Y of all things bounces him harmlessly.

    That is one of many reasons why I call it the MemeT-25.

  48. how is your crosshair mod called?

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