Much assistance, such wow – Tiger P – World of Tanks

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W to go forward and get that assistance.


  1. much videos much wow

  2. I appreciate the look at playing when you’re on the bottom of the totem pole. Now, the only thing I need more is go go back in time and tell myself to get the Tiger I, not the thrice-damned P.

  3. Serbian Highlander

    Im so happy you are back man i love ya so much(no homo)?

  4. The Tiger P. For when you’re so good at the game you need to unnecessarily handicap yourself.

  5. Great explanation and Tips !! Like that alot !!

  6. I love baguettes.

  7. Nice that you are back on the youptubes. And dont feel obligated to upload once a day, just do what you can 🙂

  8. Circon why do you go for tracking shots when only the higher of the two assistance damages (tracking assistance and spotting assistance) is counted with marks of excellence? Shouldn’t you only try to do one kind of assistance?

    • anon because tracking is mots of the Time 100% assistance whereas spoting is divided by the number of spoters, plus tracking count even when everyone is shooting at the tank at short range

  9. Tiger (OP)

  10. I’m really happy to see you uploading again Circon. Haven’t played WoT in years but you are a cool guy and I enjoy your videos. Take care <3

  11. Seeing some of your Tier 5/6 gunmark games would also be very nice. I can´t catch most of your livestreams and rely mostly on Youtube for that matter. Glad to see you back here.

  12. I feel like the “Tiger (P) sucks” is a thing that feeds on itself and is losing the touch to the actual tank. Sure it has many feats that are worse than in Tiger I, but it is supposed to be the armored Tiger, balancing those drawbacks out.

    I mean sure the armor doesn’t count much against tier 9s, but it absolutely counts in most games. I mean I have three marked the (P) and have almost two and a half times more bounces in it compared to Tiger I (0.48 vs 0.21). That ratio is like comparing a proper HT to a mediocre MT. The (P) has weak spots so you can deal with them, but at tier 7 not that many people are capable of doing that.

    So I think the Tiger P is waaay underrated, especially compared to crowd favorites like Tiger I or IS. I’d take the P over those in a heart beat.

    • weakspots? there is no need for them if you can just use “special ammunition”

    • Not much gold at 7. Not a popular tier with clubbers. I think the tank is quite good.

    • @TheTigerus Like I said, it is not hard to deal with them, but it is a fact that during my three marking of this tank I had armor use efficiency of 0.48. That is pretty darn good at tier 7.

      So the tank clearly has armor and it has without a question kept me alive substantially longer than if it were a Tiger I, there is no two questions about it.

  13. What happened to the video lmao.

  14. Being bottom tier but doing a lot of assistance: “It’s honest work”

  15. This is the kind of instruction newer tankers need. You explain things clearly and in an everyman sort of way so anyone can learn from this. 30 Helen’s agree, Circon vids are worth the time.

  16. Great to see you back 🙂

  17. 0sh00tme0 World of Tanks Gameplay

    And this was done in a Tiger (P)oo ?

  18. The W key?

    You mean the George Bush key?

  19. Seriously, Circon, don’t over-work yourself with all the drama and medical stuff you’ve just been through. We’ve waited months for our dosage of memes – 1-2 per week would be enough 😉

  20. “Iisten up chat… *snap snap snap* I need you guys to clip more stuff” okay circon happy to see you are doing more posts, I enjoy the streams. Keep kicking ass

  21. I feel spoilt!

  22. It aint much but its honest work

  23. So good to see you again! Much wow, yeah!

  24. These videos with tactic tips are great. More please!

  25. When I had the choice between going for the Tiger 1 or the Tiger P I chose the Tiger P thinking it had better armor because historically it did. Let’s just say I was newer to WoT and didn’t realize that historical stats vs in-game stats were very different lol.

  26. glad to see you back:) missed your vids quite much

  27. I’ve had some decent battles in this machine, but not in Tier 9 battles! Don’t know how you manage when at -2.

  28. as always, awesome

  29. W key ? too risky man, just use S instead.

  30. I know it’s not great to watch, but a match showing us how to play support that doesn’t end in 5 minutes would be nice.

  31. Don’t do video commentary when drunk.

  32. Front mounted turret, would be nice and kinda logical to get 8-9 degrees of gun depression not less that Tiger 1. Would make it bit more special not just worse, than Tiger 1. But nowadays getting that small 200mm front plate, it just does not mean a thing, sadly.

  33. Did about 6k spotting in my tiger p back in the day on Erlenberg in a tier 9 game because light tanks don’t wanna scout.

  34. Yet another sub par tank I do well in and suck in the op broke tanks

  35. world of thanks

  36. Hey Circon,

    Nice vid with some helpful tips. One thing I’d like to note though is that quite a few players won’t have stellar crews nor access to prem food, making spotting much less of an appealing option as their view range will not be sufficient to spot effectively unless they push up recklessly far. As such, I feel like the point you are making concerning spotting is still valid, but to a much lesser degree for newer players. Apart from that, the emphasis you put on tracking is still very helpful regardless of crew or consumables (especially for newer players) ^^
    Thanks for the great content as always

    Cheers, a fellow Dutchy

  37. Hail to the King, baby – glad to see your videos on the notifications again.

  38. a t69 video or t49 derp

  39. Circon, you still got it baby!

  40. Never understood why some tanks have more hull than turret armor. I mean what do you want me to do with it? Go hull up?

  41. I really like and prefer your vids when you provide this type of commentary. its more educational ….maybe not as much fun for others but I like these better. thanks.

  42. Who doesn’t like the Tiger I? It’s actually a good tank if you play with the mindset that your health is your armor. Too many people played it as a sniper and never moved forward in it.

    The Tiger P though, yea that tank hasn’t been worth much since the Tiger I was buffed.

  43. Tiger P is OP because it bounced my Skorpion.

  44. A Very Gay Butterfly


  45. bottom tier, tons of assist, ace, still lost credits… maybe fix that instead of messin’ up HE, WG… would you?

  46. Another one? Waaaaaat
    Want MOAR… Keep them coming

  47. Good to see you’re back mate ?

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