Multinations, RNG in WoT, Turbo Battles and More! | World of Tanks Director Interview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks RNG Needed, Fast Turbo Battles, New Nations (International tech tree, European tech tree, Multination Tanks), Ranked Battles, The Future of WoT, New Communication and Equipment System and More. World of Tanks 10th Anniversary, 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

This the end for my developer Q&A session videos, so I am going to finish with a big one. The Big Boss, Anton Pankov, who is World of Tanks product had an interview on Campionat site and today I am going to cover this interview, going over the most interesting questions in my opinions together with my own comments.

It should be interesting, so let’s go!



  1. Day 1 waiting for dez to give me ❤️

  2. Michael von Biskhoff

    1 View, 3 comments and 10 likes. I love YouTube

  3. Oh come on not first

  4. one view whaat

  5. First question: Why the constant 3-15 rapefeats or 15-3 shitctories? Tanks and players. Yeah, right, not the MM’s fault by creating two teams with absolutely disparaging stats… I doubt any answer from this dude is worth anything.

    • when you go into a match and the enemy team has 4-5 auto loaders and your team has none. Loading into a match with enemy team having multi wheel vehicles yours have none, and so on..

    • well put, exactly what I was thinking listening to this, has been an issue for long time, not just since 1.0, they claimed to fix MM last year, but did not at all

  6. 1 views and 20 likes

  7. Turbo battles – Is that a kind of well deserved purgatory where wheeled tanks and artillery get put into matches with nothing but other wheeled tanks and artillery?

  8. this a big ol video, nice!


  10. If they do add a new tech tree it will probably be at Christmas

  11. Love your Videos keep on!

  12. ofc turbo batlles are very much often.And you dont know how to deal with it?Really WG? U put in one team 5 players that have 1000 WN8 all together and in another team 1 player with 2400 wn8 and u wonder about turbo batlles ???

  13. Can you make a review on tiger 1 or e75, your videos are the BEST


    He looks like president of chechnya

  15. Dez, I have much respect for you, but…
    Russians are liars. It is part and parcel of their character and national identity. There’s no point in posting anything a Russian says on any subject, because it’s a lie. This was painfully obvious from the answer he gave to the first question you posted.
    Anyway, carry on and thank you for your videos.

    • very true its like the anti doping thing. in Russia you were chastised for being caught. not for doing the drugs …

  16. Maxim Ionut-Alexandru

    They should focus more on anti-cheat system first and then the rest of the bull_s !!!

  17. Have an absolutely FANTASTIC DAY! 🙂

  18. this guy is full of shit…nothing new from WG

  19. The strangest thing is how you can make 3 videos on the same topic on the same blogpost

  20. Why not decreasing the RNG to 15 % ?

  21. Gabrijel Jurčević

    They can add Yugoslavian tech tree.

  22. Lots of bs from that wg guy, have to say Something like that 3:01 shot – KV2 shoots Italian med and does zero damage lol

  23. New theory: Serb engineered the corona virus in order to revive WoT

  24. new “feature” you will be able to fire gold straight from your account it will always pen and hit for full DMG….

  25. RNG yeah…….when they kill me like 1-2 sec and pen my turret with the is-7 easy(i dont know how)an im with gold dont penetrate nothing….

  26. why people dont play tier 10 is as you say special premium ammo spam and is hug unbalance between tanks . is not about credits but frustration . they need fix many things in game we dont need more mods or tanks we need more maps and fix ammo what promises since start of game . and cammo spotting view range and hidden info of tank and all . penetration rng need be remove

  27. No Swiss nation? They have plenty of vehicles, enough to create a fully fleshed out tech tree with multiple branches.

  28. What’s the point of asking anything, if the answer is the same old “no, we don’t think so”. The fact is 15-0 to 15-3 games have increased massively. Because of EBR’s? Maybe. I personally think this started after they “fixed” 3-5-7.

  29. Hungaryans? Are you fucking kidding? Im glade i quit this game and im glade i wont come back! Its a dead game anyway, you can see their struggle with so many updates.

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