Murica! Armored Cars & Trucks Only! War Thunder Custom Battles

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Custom Battles – Trucks & Armored Cars Only!
War Thunder Tanks – Murica, Trucks Only!

Thanks for watching!


  1. more video’s baron, sleeping is for the weak! :)

  2. Hello Baron

  3. do m60 vs t54s

  4. take leopard1 for nxt video and only use hesh and default round.

  5. Joe Google Plus User™


  6. We need more Sdkfzs!
    More specifically the Panzerwagen.

  7. Hey baron

  8. Can you play a very big battle with only tier 5 tanks?


  10. We just saved him. Better live another 3 seconds.

  11. first dislike!!1 woohoo!!

  12. russian aa>german aa>american aa

  13. “we got to get into a higher gear before we go up the hill” ….. jesus
    christ you are retarded.

  14. 1:27 I used to be a solider like you then I took a bullet to the knee.

  15. Great idea, put the camera in front of the chat so we can’t see.

  16. Kristofer Carlson

    The gun depression is deeper when you rotate your turret to the sides or

  17. Pedro Rodrigues (pedrocas12345)

    How baron do cockpit view

  18. Baronvontruck gonna fuck…..

    Serius when you talk about everything…… one that hears what you
    talk…think you are….retarded? or something? are your brain working in
    this slowmotion?


  20. When comes Neubaufahrzeug finally!!! Omg

  21. they should make proper misions

  22. like the battel of briten

  23. Each time you hold one of these awesome custom battles its late at night
    for me in Australia D:

  24. do more rust games there funny to watch

  25. 0/10 needs more Kugelblitz -IGN.

  26. salute

  27. lol “is their a fight to the death? I got to get up there” Baron 2015

  28. how do i play that game mode with trucks vs planes

  29. Can I play with you on rust

  30. Good guy Baron. Man like Baron. Ill stop

  31. Cody bum chin As bum chin

    Can you show us your setup plz

  32. back the truck up, so gun depresion works, then fast get away as well

  33. this reminds me of the original COD s back when it was more realistic

  34. Do all open top US TD’s. m3 to m36

  35. Lol I was the one of the two Russian trucks in that game I was in the Gaz,
    the only sentences you said about me was “Oh that guy got rekt” and “let’s
    hide behind this guy!”

  36. @BaronVonGamez BARON!! Zis-pocalypse! Custom battle, both teams Zis 30

  37. Try the Pz(38)T with ap

  38. I think someone mentioned this earlier, but an all Zis30 battle might be

  39. I legit only play the german flak truck. look for me on the battle field
    comrad, shes got a huge “69” on the hood.

  40. su 85i pleaseeee !!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. i mean su 85 please or su 85i

  42. No more aa custom battles Death Star!

  43. Baron!Please don’t display you in game.Thank you.

  44. war thunder warships? gooooodbyeeee world of warships :3

  45. SgtJack BR (xXSgtJackXx)

    Hey baron , love your vids , keep with the good work

    Congrats from brazil :)

  46. The Combat Commission

    hey Baron an Idea if I may eva

    M22 & T-80 vs He-51’s with the bombs


    Rockets vs Rockets no guns or cannons only rockets in Air


    T-35’s vs NbZF’s

    Stalin’s Land Battleship taking on Hitler’s Land Dreadnought in a massive
    Land Battle.

    if you pick one and set up one me name is LtCol-RedFox as I would like to
    be in one :).

  47. Since when does playing on realalistic mark the enemy like on arcade.?Also
    how many views do you miss when you force us to watch a 30 second ad
    without the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds.?

  48. I fucking hate to see your face

  49. lol baron should have a race with zis 30

  50. going to have to do some custom battles. looks fun as hell.

  51. Erik “Rabidlemur” Montoya

    all t60 battle!

  52. they should add the 105 and 8 inch SPG American For new tanks even the
    British or American version of the M7 Perist

  53. Can’t play Ground Forces :'(
    Immediately crashes my display driver..

  54. t-34 vs 10,5 king tiger

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