Murican Baby PERSHING (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. #Pray4Turkey

  2. bangdongfingfong ho chow

    hey why don’t tier 3 american tanks play tier 3 German tanks

  3. M22 locust anyone?

  4. Malakoi

  5. Christopher Vanoster

    Plz baron read this. Plz play Peter models of panzer 3 or late panzer 4
    with the long l48 75mm gun

  6. Sigh… 4:25 Nice spawn camping, loser.

  7. alejandro garrido

    Baron play the m48a1/AD-2 wombo combo

  8. The RBT vs Maus!!

  9. Brandon Kettrick

    m18 hellcat

  10. Zenithian Empire

    Is the intro music an actual song or just a short track?

  11. sherman firefly

  12. use the t92 with heat fs and the btd 1

  13. matilda

  14. Baron I want you to play…baron baron baron I want you to play whatever
    tank. The KV-2. Point. Shoot. Kill. Whatever.

  15. M-18 hellcat

  16. T 44 100 FOR NEXT BEAR ON VON


    play is2 with phly

  18. (Russian voice) baron. get the bushes comrade,make a tank surrounded with

  19. Comet and firefly (plane)

  20. Barron Barron play the caernarvon biggest tier 4 tank

  21. You have go to settings, view control and set a designated button for
    binoculars ie. b

  22. love the tips and tricks Baron keep them coming and SU-85 next

  23. Baron please teach Slick how to deal with Troll, das vidania

  24. Dominik94 Muller

    KŐnigtiger ausf.P

  25. It makes me sad I can’t play this because I can’t afford a vid card. I
    really wanna get in on this game. :-

  26. So yeah…. Baron makes a video about the T25, and doesn’t speak about it,
    at all. People don’t even get to know what gun it has. Really bad

    And also say ing that the T-34 is the best performing tank “without
    question” is not a very good thing to say. The T-34 may be good, very good,
    but there are many otehr great tanks which baron just ignores by saying

  27. next time do the premium tiger pls xD

  28. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    barón barón isu 122 s

  29. Could You play jagdpanther?

  30. play the T-34 model 1942 its totally balanced

  31. Baron ! Uncle Sam wants you to make america great again with the sherman
    M4A3 76mm

  32. I think t34-85 is overrated there I said it

  33. lets be real here. From this tank out it doesnt even matter. Until you hit
    the M103, T95, or M60, you’re just a tracked M82 APHE delivery service, no
    matter the shape of the metal carrying our most glorious nuke round

  34. Your commentary on german tanks always enHansing the whole experience from
    the vid Baron.

  35. 2-OP! Play the 2-OP! (PO-2)

  36. love watching this game but I really wish it was on xb1 :(

  37. is it always on be because when i press b nothing happens

  38. play the sherman m4a1 76 (dildo launcher)

  39. Ju-87 D-5 with the gun pods please

  40. Hey baron can I friend you on war thunder

  41. I like your videos

  42. I’m a history buff and I like ww2

  43. Baron baron baron!!! take out the invincible tank ples no gulag!!! IS-3


  45. It is too bad they don’t have the T-29 with the 105mm and range finders.
    That would be interesting xD

  46. Sherman died an honorbaru suicide

  47. m103 :D

  48. Baron play the sherman firefly 🙂 God save the queen pls baron pls

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