Murovanka Firing Range

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  1. Le begin the memes !

  2. Circon platooning in 2018? What is this heresy?

  3. Are you 3-marking the FV4202?

  4. Hey guys, one question: I’m thinking about getting a new tier 8 prem, and I’m thinking about getting FV4202, Lowe or T-54 mod 1. Which of this tanks is a better all-rounder and earns more credits?

    • Which one will you play better?

    • w26240 FV 100%. The gun handling is just so awesome ans you almost never have to fire premium ammo.

    • The Patriot or the T26E5 which is the most Cred making tank right now. It’s a Tier 8 Heavy tank which resembles the Pershing and the T-32.

    • The 202 is (as it should be) markedly worse than the Centurion in most regards. What is somewhat bothersome is that they chose not to do the same with the Primo Victoria.

    • w26240 Depends if you like playing HT or MT. As most Tier 8 premiums, not having special MM, see tier IX and X 80% of the time seems the Lowe just does better making credits. Unlike what some say, when going hull down in the Lowe its turret still can bounce some tier IX and X tanks.

  5. I’ve been playing Farming Simulator too

  6. Dat meme at 2:50 !  Please refresh my memory, what’s the avg dmg on that gun?

  7. I have been getting that alot also in this tank..shots going nowhere nor registering as hit, miss or bounce..WG and their tricks..and FYI crew @67% 5th skill

    • Sapper _12B Centurion I gun is doing the same, shit’s so annoying makes me want to sell every british tank I have.

    • arekb5 not giving me much to look forward

    • Sapper _12B I don’t know what happened but it had pinpoint accuracy for like first 40 battles, but now it misses like mad, I constantly meet tier 10s and I get thrown at flattest maps in the game, so I can’t use my gun depression and turret armour at all. The tank is good, but it gets fucked by the things you don’t have any influence on.

    • arekb5 and ofc fov on t9&10 vehicles is better so yeah seems UK stuff getting fked too..yet they are coming out with more Russian crap…

    • What the brainiacs at WG don’t get us in my case I don’t have to waste my time nor money on super Pershing See’s t9 and my fav See’s why

  8. Miss being able to chat with the enemy team. Made it so much more fun

  9. Circon, we’re you singing Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen?

  10. Herr Schicklgruber

    Platooning again? I’ve missed the sn00ze memes.

  11. u are vary vary good player man

  12. 3-5-7 fun and balanced

  13. Circon already on 82 mil credits??? Damn

  14. Tooo easy?:)

  15. That t44 100 game tho 5k dmg

  16. That tank fires on the move pretty well

  17. LOL Circon, “The team is just going in front of our guns”
    proceeds to miss next 4 shots XD

  18. Blindshots and moving full speed Chance shots are the best. Even more fun when it happens in derpy tanks. Fun for you anyway.

    • Yesterday on Mines. Fired my Pz-IVh derp into the enemy spawn while moving full speed at the start of the game. Killed an arty. It was sublime.

  19. I truly love games like that!

  20. Look at those credits, golds and free xp’s. Omg. Are you playing in a test server or something… Cheat engine detected 😛

  21. farmville tank version

  22. Should i get an AMX CDC or an FV4202?

    • CDC is more mobile but the FV is better at ridge fighting (cuz turret armor and depression) the CDC has the most dpm, a lot more potential dmg (although I doubt you’ll be getting more than 11500 dmg in one round) and much lower shell cost. (250 vs 680).
      In short the FV has the armor (if you know how to use it) and basepen but the tradeoff is DPM and power/weight (speed, especially uphill) and potential credit earnings. Personally, I’d pick the FV since getting derped by HE all the time is not a lot of fun. Those damn t49 drivers are always on the lookout for you. But it really depends on your playstyle. If you play more like a support and often drive through cracks in the defense to flank people the AMX is for you, if you like to brawl a bit more the FV should be your comrade.

  23. William Linklater

    To be good on the EU server is just sit back and camp…snipe and somewhat be aware.

  24. when circons gun was “misbehaving”, thats how my rng almost always is…..

  25. What is the Cross hair skin u using?

  26. Hate this map with a passion.

  27. @Circon I had so much fun this whole stream. Struggling with WoT/RnG is so much easier while platooning with good buddy, especially one with good sense of humour. More platoons like this pls!

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