MUST KNOW Settings for World of Tanks in 2021 | Ultimate Settings Guide

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks and Tutorial 2021. Best Settings in World of Tanks for Battle Performance and Graphics settings for Best FPS. How to Get Better and Increase your WN8 in World of Tanks.

00:00 Introduction
01:20 Chat Settings
02:05 Battle Communication
03:15 Battle Types
03:31 Vehicle Panel / Garage Setting
04:17 Replays
05:10 MoE and Other
06:47 Battle Interface
07:31 Optics in Sniper Mode
07:43 KillCam
07:54 Dynamic Camera
08:30 Horizontal Stablization
09:50 x25 Zoom and Shift Zoom
11:10 Server Reticle
11:43 Other Important Interface Settings
14:03 Minimap Features
14:53 View Range Circles
16:10 Graphics Settings
16:35 Screen Settings
17:14 Detailed Graphics Settings
17:40 Tips for Better FPS
18:25 Vegetation and Terrain Quality
20:02 Grass in Sniper Mode
20:40 Extra Effects Quality in Sniper
21:30 Destruction Physics
22:31 Sounds
23:55 Controls
25:03 Aiming Reticle
27:40 Markers
29:05 Battle Notifications
31:20 Battle Reports
33:00 Conclusion

Today I am going to give you my in-depth opinion and guide about settings in World of Tanks. There are so many new settings in 2021 what we didn't have couple years ago. So many settings which directly are going to affect your gameplay as well, so I really do recommend you to watch it from the start to finish as we have something for everyone.


  1. My friend, 1 small advice, Keep the talking to minimum, there is way too much talk in your videos and many of us just try and skip the videos, or not watch it at all, keep the giberish talking to minimum, make your videos more informative if that is their purpose and talk on on subject, you’re talking way too much arround the subject or off it, and you and up with boring videos that nost of us getting tired after 4 min and stop it…
    Talk less, more info, less giberish talk and more on the subject info 😉


    Ty so much, it was really helpful

  3. Watched a lot of your videos as entertainment, but this educational one was excellent…

  4. Excellent! Pick up on a couple of things. Good idea!

  5. I have tried a few times to use advance fire direction indicator but I get confused as to if a shot came from in front of me or behind sometimes. It is obvious in standard mode.

  6. Thanks Dez! Tho I’m already playing in the Minimum Graphics because my PC is waaaay too old for the Game

  7. The seting on X (siege/
    turbo/rapid/track lock) is good to put on alternative buttons on your mouse if you have them

  8. HK Server is full of Kids 20 battles 4 wins Amazing.

  9. Good job as always Dez!

  10. I made me a 2. acc and most of these VERY important setting are NOT turned on on default

  11. Appreciate the sectioned video

  12. How i see it:
    Chat settings :Turn off chat
    Battle comunication : turn off
    Battle type : Nope.
    Vehicle panel : Get xvm
    Replays: Turn off , nobody cares about ur games
    MoE: if youre more than 3k wn8 enable it , otherwise dont mind
    Minmap : full transparency, press – 5 times since you only play sniping
    killCam:Turn that on , very important , so you can flame enemy later in privatechat.

    Ill make a second part later , thanks.

  13. In your garage, things are much smaller than for the average user. I mean the tanks are in your collection below, the daily missions are on the left, tank details on the right side (firepower, mobility, armor…), so the point is that there is more room left for the tank you have selected and is in focus. Is it a mod or can this be set somehow?

  14. “grass in sniper mode” could be easily misunderstood 😉

  15. 25:18
    the white reticle mod helps you with shooting blindshots dramatically
    it is way easier to allign your reticle with the enemies hits
    than when you have the standard sniper reticle with the black vertical line at the top
    some players will have way more trouble blind shotting than you because of that

  16. Horizontal Stabilization definitely changed my gameplay. Back when i had it disabled, i’d get so pissed off whenever some muppet nudged me with their tank as it would throw off my aim. Since Enabling it, it doesnt bother me when i get bonked by an ally so much. definitely a good one to have on.

  17. F for my laptop which i have 20 FPS on minimum graphics.

  18. Willie Willowitch

    Ty very much.

  19. Don’t fool yourself with server reticle. It just simulates your ping/latency. U need 0ms ping to really read the server reticle.

  20. Georgiii Vaampire

    I have the dynamic camera on for 1 reason
    I have a mod that disables the “handbrake” on turretless TDs, and it needs the dynamic camera.
    I also have a mod to disable the after-fire screen shake so I am not bothered by that.

    About the extended minimap, to me it blocks the view cause I have other stuff on Alt.

  21. Awesome and useful video!

  22. thanks for this Dez … picked a couple of things I missed..and yes I’m a scroller for sniper aim so I have to get used to using the shift key.

    • Awesome to hear that, Ziggy.. Shift helped me out more, but at the end of the day it comes down to whatever works best for you. 😉

  23. try scroll button for shooting salvo, you will thank me later.
    because you need to release the button if you want single shot, and i am sure that confuses many people and reaction becomes slower. especially if you are a x2 bonus guy. not playing same tank over and over again.

  24. Very nice copy-paste from 13Disciple movies…

  25. Thank you so much DEZ
    The server reticle was ruining my game and I didn’t know what was causing it.

  26. Thanks Dez for the vid, very helpful in adjusting my settings, recommend it highly.

  27. I didn’t think I’d have to change anything. Nearly didn’t bother watching all the vid tbh, but damn! I didn’t know about Horizontal stab in sniper mode! Thanks for spending the time to do this and all the other helpful vids Dez.

  28. Francisco Fonseca

    Fantastic video, thank you for taking the time to get clips of all the settings!

  29. @Danaila Costin why not go watch someone else? We all watch Dez for our own reasons. No offense but if u dont like something. Dont wach it. I like his videos as they are

  30. Guys never enable x25 zoom never you lost accuracy.. And 90% of the time you can’t shoot week sports anyway because WG you aim 5sec and you never shoot the targets.. Anyway more zoom in less accuracy you have

  31. Actually Battle report the HP number takes away a bit of suspense at the end of a battle in for instance a 1 vs 1.
    In the past you saw people asking how much HP does he have left… making it exciting.
    Now the HP is just shown all the time and you can confidently instead of carfully play the last bit of the round.

  32. At 13:45 , show the other battle can be usefull if you did a good one with premium time and standrard tank, it can help u to remember do put the bonus on it

  33. Tyvm had a few bad settings and will give these ago

  34. Optics on , optics off, sorry but I cannot see anything different, please someone tell me what I’m missing?

  35. Thank you very much for that super detailled video !! It helped a lot <3

  36. I went and had a few games went from 1.2 in e75 2.5k with thanks to this

  37. i have a mod that adds horizontal stabilization for TDs without turrets and it helps a LOT

  38. Thank you so much Dez for this video, this was so usefull, greetings from Bolivia, and yeap its a country

  39. ty so much for the info

  40. Great video dez I love your shows TANKS FOR ALL YOU DO will have to check my stuff only on a cell phone for now long for the opportunity to work with others platoon play etc invites I got so many nasty comments I shut many things off other than clan buddies

  41. Definitely a multi view and save for later video to library lol

  42. @Dezgames. Correction for 19:00-19-30 Tessalation of Terrain is NOT for showing tracks in terrain. It IS for reducing Jaggies of lines in the Terrain. Thus is dependant upon how good your GPU is. but will only gain a few FPS if your on a low power GPU most midrange GPU’s from say GTX1050Ti/RX460 onwards should easily deal with processing those details and not impact FPS enough to matter but will make details of terrain more “smooth edged” Track details on Terrain is a seprate setting and that is dependant upon how much Vram your GPU has ( it stores the Cache of tracks impression for longer in Vram) so those with 6GB upwards shouldnt be affected by it if they leave it on. Just a little bit of Technical details for you.

  43. One of THE most useful videos anyone could make for this game – the length of time I spent with hopeless settings when I started playing is both embarrassing and sad stats-wise.

  44. 16:35 years ago … you could simulate a extra super wide monitor, on a not a wide monitor, by using windowed_with_border.
    by minimising the hight of the windowed_with_border and maxing out the width of the windowed_with_border, essentially you could make your screen ~2,5x wider, then it normaly is.
    this was due to the camera ingame was locked to the hight of the monitor (in this case windowed_with_border, with border because you can stretch it to desired size). without distortion and compromising the video. the camera will render the hight as usual, but the extra coverage to the sides, without distortion and no changes to field of wiev. the video would simply render that are of the camera as “normal” –> “extra+extra_wide_monitor” (depending on width/hight ratio you manage to stretch the borders to).
    the only real downside is the overal size of the extra extra wide screen … … is it’s still only displayed on a normal_monitor, as in the windowed_with_border, will be tiny.
    doing this on a wide 24* monitor, you could simulate an ~12* hight / ~48* width monitor

  45. omg Dez.. the “extra effects in sniper mode” setting.. it was bugging me for months now and could not figure out how to disable it. Thq!

  46. Super useful video, thanks very much!

  47. 22:00 it’s possible for debries to get stuck on your gun barrel —> blocking your sniper mode sight … … … making you shooting blind

  48. Grass Density should always be on off if you are a new player.. Only Carmo related bushes will be displate

  49. People, stop asking random people to platoon. You DO NOT earn extra credits or xp during that game. You need to make the platoon in the garage to get those benefits. The only exception is the BiA / 3 kills each platoon.

  50. Settings Changed! Thanks Dez

  51. Hey Dez, Antialiasing in graphic settings can literally half the performance of graphic card – especially old ones.
    Would recommend this to be fully off on slower machines.

  52. Good to know, even for player with a lot of battles. 🙂

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