Must Try BACK into META Build | World of Tanks Bat Chatillon 25T Equipment Build

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon 25T, 0 French Autoloading Medium Tank. New Best Build for Bat Chatillon 25t brings it BACK into META! World of Tanks Best Autoloading Medium Tank?

Today I am going to play with one of the first Autoloading medium tanks in the game – The Bat-Chatillon 25t. This tank has been suffering quite a powercreep, but some new units make this tank reallllly strong and bring it back into META.

Enjoy the show!


  1. I hope you hadone faaantastic weekend and let’s try to make it even better with today’s episode! 🙂
    Stay tuned, have some BIG ONES dropping very soon, so smack the devil out of the *subscribe* button and be healthy!

    • Username: Kubka4
      Server: EU
      My favorite medium tank, that I have in a garage, is probably Leopard PTA. The gun is just so good and juicy 😂

    • Username : dArtagnan_PzKpfw
      Server : EU
      My favorite med is definitely bourrasque. Not because it is french 😉 but this tank has almost everything for great succes !

    • I have been enjoying the 122, I find it is a medium that wants to be just behind the heavy tanks. with the 13+ sec reload you can’t really hold or harry a line as people bait your shot and then swarm you. All this aside I really like it.
      IGN Karvoc
      Server Asia.

    • Adamis98
      EU server
      My fav medium tank is Udes 16, i like to be kinda chilled and save my HP for later and then use my hulldown power 😁

    • My guy

  2. The M4A1 Sherman is probably my favorite medium with the derp, you can one shot arty and still splash OP tanks and obliterate anyone who makes mistakes and spot. True love right there.
    server: NA

  3. My favorite medium tank at the moment is T-44, and that is because I didn’t grind higher tiers yet! But upgraded T-44 is a very very good tank to play!
    EU server: SuperDacha

  4. K91, that shell velocity really comes in handy for those clown cars (NA, Frankgrg)

  5. My favourite meds: STB-1, Progetto 65, TVP for obvious reasons, maybe I’ll give the B-C setup a try too at some point, but I don’t have a lot of bond/bounty equipment yet

    Username: Ilend1r
    Server: EU

  6. My favorite med. tank is X tier skoda cause it’s autoloader gun I love this gun and iam on eu nickname is kolmark

  7. Burlesque (aka Bourrasque) is my fav medium.
    Hero_Cerambyx @EU

  8. Richard Robin Paukson

    My favourite medium tank is the Standard B I’ve only played it after the nerfs. The versatility is simply amazing. It was the first high-tier tank I got the 2nd mark on. I also quite like the UDES 15/16 because you can be really aggressive with it.

    Username: wartank9999
    Server: EU

  9. I will say that STB-1 might be my favorite. So flexible for playing al type of terrains in WOT.
    Server: NA
    Username: quinton94

  10. Thanks for the information always good. My favorite medium is the t 44 100. Is fast good armor good damage.

  11. Hello DezGamez, love your videos and as usual u always show very exciting videos that drive people to play world of tanks, my favorite medium tank for now is P.44 Pantera , Lichkin9 EU server. ❤️❤️

  12. Andrea Cisternino

    Having a lot of fun in the P.43 bis lately – TheCipster, EU

  13. My favorite medium tank is Obj.430, because it has really great DPM and mobility.

  14. Right now the cs 52 lis. It’s a good all round tank. NA, nednederlander_3amigos

  15. My favorite medium tank is the STB-1. It has good mobility, insane dpm and can also bounce shots from the turret – Multe, EU

  16. Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC.
    Is my all-time favourite what’s not to like Great armour Excellent mobility Great gun depression and on top of all that is a premium Tank talk about having your cake and eating it :).Set up at the moment are Rammer/Vertical stabilizer and Improved hardening I also have 105 _ octane gasoline on it…. so it’s sort of crazy good ATM though  I’m still playing with the setup..
    Not many things excite me after been here so long as a closed beta tester but i love it love and love it , the strange thing is I’m not by far the best with this tank but it is my goo to tank when I’m getting a bit angry lol. love the feed Dez please don’t ever stop .in-game user name is  Sgntrocks on the EU server

  17. Nice build, but why not put the rotation device in the mobillity slot and get bonus as well?
    I’m pretty sure you know you don’t get any bonus with vert. stab inthat slot..

  18. Davor Damjanović

    I like T34-85M it has ok speed deacent armour and accuracy with good dmg and pen, rly good all around tank.
    Davor96 EU

  19. Fav medium is still STB-1.

  20. Progeto the best

  21. My favorite is Obj. 140, becouse that over 3k dpm is crazy

  22. Obj. 430U. Becouse I find it easyer to play with armor than without it. makasiini EU

  23. My favourite medium tank is the T10 TVP t50/51
    Fast reloading autoloader.

    Username: scunc
    Server: EU

  24. Bourrasque is my favorite tank in the game by far.
    With this beast it’s quite possible to influence every battle to your liking, even as a lowtier tank.
    Anyways… Nick’s AltFX, playing on EU 😉

  25. Favourite medium for me is the Udes 15/16 because I love a bit of hull down action.

  26. IGN: immortal_sniper1
    server EU
    med: Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque since it is flexible and i feel at home playing it

  27. EU / Bizkup – Pz4 with derp gun. I play it a lot since beta tests

  28. Bat Chat never left…

  29. Username: EpicPajamas
    Server: NA
    My favourite medium is the TVP because it’s very fast in both driving and dealing damage

  30. Hi Dez! Thnx for your contribution in WoT.
    Like to play in T-44-100, like DPM and agility.

  31. Whenever I have a losing stream I’ll take out both the UDES 14 alt5 and Lansen. Good mobility + big alpha = fun and credits, yes!

  32. The Daily Commute

    Favourite medium is probably Standard B
    Nice gun and mobile.

    Server: EU
    User: BLSTRK_MrWhite

  33. Username: Erosenim
    Server: EU

    If i would chose a favorite medium tank out of all that i played with, it would be t54 mod 1. Great performer, for me at least. Trollish armor, decent gun handling and a good credit earner. Non-premium i’d go with the obj 140 due to high dpm, decent mobility and russian accuracy.

  34. Paval Andrei Florin

    T-34-85M(Rudy). I know it’s a premium tank but it’s just super good. It’s balanced whit the gun, whit the armor and it’s a good tank to learn to play better. Also T-34-85 from the tech tree it’s super super good! (Aminah15-EU)

  35. My favourite medium is the obj 277 of course

  36. Leopard 1❤️❤️… So much love to love… The manuever, The Gun, The shell velocity, the accuracy and what not… Get some skill in that tank and every other medium is easy peasy 😁😁

  37. Katie MacKay-Brooker

    Thank you as always for your informative videos, I really love the extreme builds!
    My favourite medium has to be the Obj. 430 (IX) – my go to tank when I feel like I’m struggling and need a good game – the only tank I have managed 10 kills for Pool’s Medal 🙂

    IGN: (NA) MacKay_KT

  38. My favorite Medium has to be the Prog 46 because it is able to fight its way out of nearly any situation, if you manage your shots correctly.
    Server: EU
    Name: xRacci
    Great video Dez, cant wait to get the BC25 and test out your build, thanks for the great content 🙂

  39. Škoda T 25, a little gem to discover.


  40. Dez:
    *Praises new gunhandling

    Also Dez:
    *Misses easiest shots due to RNG and desperately tries to ensure us that normally the GH isn’t this bad

  41. Obj 430U is my favorite tier 10 Medium tank. simply because of the armor,

    IGN: Lowa
    NA server

  42. Tried some builds but the tanks lost 20 Klms in speed from 60 down to 40 so TD Grille was the worst some times the builds are good still try them.

  43. There are many mediums I love: T-34-85, Skoda T25, Pz. IV H, M4, Cromwell… Those are soooo fun to play and I recommend them for every new player

  44. Leopard hands down
    Caliwin N/A

  45. Russian mediums, you all know why 😀


  46. My favourite med is standard B. I have good games in it and did most of the campaign missions as well. Second favourite is E50M because of its armor and ramming. Katrinia- EU

  47. Username:CHB08
    Thanks Dez for the videos
    My G

  48. I really love the Leopard 1, because the written accuracy is quite astounding

    IZ_Chae, Asia

  49. Gotta be the T-54 or the Obj 140, great gun handling, relatively quick, can play pseudo hull down, great tanks.

    Derel1ct NA

  50. 430U just because it has armor and a good mobility..
    Username: Abkany_1
    Server: EU

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