My #1 Tip For 3 Marking Tanks – Stream Highlight

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Rainface Atriarch

    I’ve been playing this game pretty casually (I work) for something like three years, and I’ve just never gotten up to speed with the COUNTLESS new things that have been added to the game. I’m two minutes into this video, and I still don’t even know what “marking a tank” effing means. lol. Dollars? Bonds? what the fuck? I go in with my shitty little tank and die, and do that again about three or five more times then play a different game. Usually warframe. This has been a routine for some years lol. Isn’t there some casual tanking game made yet? I like the physics and all, but missions, and crew and all sorts of other mandelbrot shit just turns this game into a splattervision of blurring what the fuckness. I just haven’t the care. I open up a ‘Misisons’ menu, or page, or whatever and it’s just too much information. I fucked up all my crew years ago too. That part was never very clear. Some tanks don’t even have a crew I sold them thinking I could use some other crew on them from the same class or tree or whatever the shit lol. yeah. whatever the shit.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Rainface Atriarch yoou can’t really go more casual than WoT. You can be a retarded blind amd deaf infamt with half of brain missing and no arms and you can still play the game. That’s the point of WoT, mass appeal.

  2. Chandler Kristoff

    Well, how much spotting DID the T-100 get? for 1k xp must have been some great spotting

  3. Obviously you play the Grille 15 and only load HE.

  4. BS that the LT-100 did not spot those tanks firing at you at 8:30 ish. Got really mad watching that. Sigh 5 months of NOT playing to go. TY for the vid

  5. Thanks for the advice LR, I’ve been able to 2 mark tanks way easier and also the advice about thinking about what to do when you have a bad team instead of complaining also has brought me more wins.

  6. In every game I’m only thinking “how do I win this game?” But you know, that’s just me.

  7. Any advice how 2/3 mark tank when mm fuck you up and puts your X tier tank in 3/5/7 matches 95% of time?

    Edit:Nvm found video i was looking for.

  8. If you see your team is a bunch of idiots at the start of the battle, dont worry, all is not lost, cause the enemy team can always be worse, thats legit advice i would give.

  9. Yeah, 3 marking involves playing tanks i like, it makes it a bit easier. But how do i grind out really bad and/or stock tanks without hurting my stats, i know that unicums spend money on game so they can play only what they feel like playing, but i cant afford to free xp my way through stuff? Currently im stuck on amx 65t stock, amx 12 t and tiger P and i want to die.

    • -FK- 12t and tigerp is good after the buffs. 65t sucks.

    • Lfc Maniac what buffs, i only know of nerfs, the way it is, 12 t has the same rate of fire and damage unloading its magazine as type 64 has with normal gun, imagine playing type 64 with shitty gun handling and everything else, but you have to reload for 20s after every 4 shots, that is basically 12t.
      Tiger P slow as fuck and everything pens you. I would rather play VK P again at tier VII than that.

  10. anonymous beaver

    Hey lemming Rush, my name is wasbia and I’m inspiring shitter who lives off of the wn8 sites of WoT
    I want to fucking kms, I have daddy issues

    -my life is sad..

    Anyways can you give me 3 tip’s on how to uninstall? Thanks babe<3

  11. So, positive mental attitude and “git gud” = 3 marks. Also don’t forget using premium ammo and consumables 😉

    • I’m sure if you’re good enough not using premium stuff will still get you good games. See his “best game w/o premium” video.

      Getting enough silver without premium is another story.

    • Consumables are depends, premium rounds is a must, because you cannot afford to lost dmg because how bad this game implements rng into the game

  12. NKVD Comrade Orion

    Step#1 get rid of ur life

  13. Artie the Swolest Man in the World

    “if you have a problem being a coward in a video game maybe you shouldn’t play video games.” yeah well if you have a problem being aggressive in a maus or a type 5 maybe you’re a coward

  14. I was wondering when you were gonna upload a video again! Im currently making a rough transition from console to PC WoT, so videos like these really help haha

  15. This is very good info. Great example.

  16. Ohh.. I see .. ur name starts with i and not with L

  17. Those adverts in middle of vid are really fucking annoying.

  18. Does spotting and assist dmg count for MoE ??

  19. Damage is Damage.

  20. I’ve been trying to get Marks of Excellence in my Luchs. I play really well, and am in the high 99+%, but still no marks yet. So what is the most important thing for getting Marks in the Luchs?

  21. My m48 patton was on 94% so I go into game like let’s 3 mark it then I get team killed by a arty platoon on my team my face = ??????

  22. only the truly butthurt TK. if i see top clan players on my team i try to support the shit out them! i watch were they go and how they use the map to do massive amounts of damage. i dont run xvm so i can only guess by their skill by the clan they are in which usually works.if i ever see lemmingRush on my team you better believe ill be supporting and taking damage for you

  23. It's not what you think

    I finally hit blue stats. I can stop playing the game now.

  24. NIce vid Lem.

  25. So glad I uninstalled.

  26. Was expecting a 20 second video of you loading full HEAT

  27. You’re making a very valid point, if you wanna do well, you have to keep trying your best, even though you’re off to a bad start. However, you also made a super ignorant comment: “In their mind it’s cowardish, right, but that’s how bad players think.” That a person doesn’t run like a coward, doesn’t necessarily make him a bad player, he just has a different mindset. He could easily be able to do exactly the same as you, but he might just not like playing that way. For instance, you made 2.500 dmg from behind in the beginning of the game, it was mostly front of bc and side of E50M, if I’m not mistaken. That doesn’t require much more knowledge about the game, than the velocity of the shells from a russian medium, to hit those.

  28. I think the reason you won the game is enemy pushed into hidden lt100 and lit everything so you could farm damage. If the 140 and you had to spot your kills it would have been a loss. You lost half your hit points in the little time you were spotted by amx30 so you would not have lasted long actually spotting your own damage.

  29. I’m disappointed that you didn’t make a td guide on april 1 ?

  30. How about I work on my first marks

  31. Dammit lemming I watched a frigging 3 min commercial for you. This better be good.

  32. is anyone else getting a lot less games with arties or is it just me

  33. Ok wallet warrior just shot gold get your stars and fuck the rest of your team as you get yours

  34. Think you could do a video on strong positions for every map in a medium

  35. Should of seen how i felt trying to 3 mark the M41 90MM…..mother of god. That last 2% took around 25 battles.

  36. love your vids

  37. Why do people talk about how the team is doing nothing but refuse to type anything in chat to help the team? Game after game there is zero communication and tons of complaining about how no one did what was expected. I’m fairly new to the game with less than 3000 battles and the lack of communication is a huge thorn in my side. I guess I should just get over it, but there is so much that could be said to help the team dynamic.

    • random battles are toxic everyone just does thiere own thing and ignores any advice/communication 90% of the time. Id try and find a clan to play with if you want team work and communication.

    • Many players on eu don’t seem to speak English.

      On NA I’d do it often.

  38. For me the thing that works best is to not really think of the marks at all, just focus on playing and improving on the tank you want to mark. Staring at the % doesn’t help jackshit if you don’t know what you could improve with that spesific vehicle, after all no tank is the same than the other, expect very few. Just focus on staying alive and doing damage and maybe check the % every 10 games just to see are you doing things right or wrong. Marks will come without staring at those, if you get better.

    If you can’t get damage done in the first few minutes, don’t start to think you should have 2-3k done by that point, focus on getting that 2-3k done at anypoint even if you would need 4-5k for the mark, doing something is 5 times better than giving up and do nothing.

    And ofc some tanks are way harder to mark, like goodluck 3rd marking tier 10 mediums for example if you are just an average player. Pesonally I’ve 3rd marked some tier 6-8 vehicles but stuck at 85-90% with my tier 9-10’s just because I’m not that great yet.

  39. How to 1 mark a tank: literally just play it and do at least your own HP in damage each match, preferably 1.5x your HP…
    By the way, why’d you remove your 10k damage game? Worried about the accounts thing?
    “I came top on team in damage, top on XP…” Um, I see a T-100 with over 1k base XP that wants to have a word with your 811 base XP…

  40. What should I do when I have light tank on city map?

  41. Wow, I really need to learn the art of retreating in time. Thanks for the video!

  42. xXGaming MasterXx

    Hey man like your videos but what medium tank line do you think is your most favorable to grind to tier 10?

  43. ruflstomps are the worst for 3rd marking tanks… Lt ftw

  44. I recently 3 marked my T54.
    My advice? Try to get as much assistance as you can (tracking, spotting), and (obviusly) spam HEAT to balance superheavys.

  45. my #1 tip for 3rd marking : Make your combined damage go really high if you have like 4K dmg start go for track wheel shots for atleast 2-3K spotting damage each game this makes your total damage 6-7K and most tanks are easily 3rd marked with this … also i think view range above 445 meter is usefull with the progress

  46. the top player in the enemy team is Push or Die

  47. I have managed to 3 mark all my mediums and lights but I can’t do it with Heavys or tds, Im either too slow to pick up damage late game or get away from a failing flank and get killed.

    I try to pick the area where I expect the fighting to be heaviest but with the unpredictability of random games its hard to judge.

    Went banana road on himmelsderp with my t95 and nobody was on it last game, whole enemy team rushed the train tracks and I ended up with 0 damage 🙁

  48. 10:29 top xp would be the T-100…


    i know this is a nitpicking comment but was fun to point out for me

  49. are there people who cant one mark tanks???? wtf

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