My 4600 Wn8 LiveStream – World of Tanks – May 26th

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  1. upload more and more and more and more your the best for me who plays wot

  2. Great job!

  3. My fav stat padding tanks are t 54 t54 ltw obj 430 268 4 and 13 105

  4. I got my pizza, and i’m Lemmings YT video. #perfekt

  5. Omg cheater noob gold spammer arty focus stat padder ebay account

  6. Jose Araujo Alves

    Why don’t use XVM ?

  7. Could you stream more on yt plz…

  8. 1. Get T-34-2.
    2. Do 5 shots worth of dmg.
    3. ????
    4. Unicum

  9. Thibault Giesbertz

    clickbait! you show BC in thumbnail but there is no BC gameplay :(. JK watch it latter tonight 😉

  10. Stop fucking typing everybody your sound like a little fucking 10-year-old girl play the fucking game loser

  11. i suck in my 268.4 to , just dont know how to play it yet , aimbots just rip me off or im not for turretless tds ..

  12. really dont like hearing the keyboard.

  13. OMG UE players looks so bad… i mean NA shit players are shit but theyre the camping kind of shit, EU tomatoes seems to love to YOLO in the open with no regard of own safety.

  14. BTW is always good to have a good player level of HP

  15. tfw mahou is winning in the campaign by so much that they own the entire elite front

  16. nobody wants to sit around waiting to get an extra couple hundred HP sometimes early cap just to move to next game makes sense

    • HazMatt Container

      Speak only for yourself, it seems most players are pissed off by “that guy” who caps with a 10 tank advantage. I would indeed put a round into a teammate for doing that.

    • Why does this piss you off? I explained my position explain yours… why is a few hundred hp so important to make several people wait sometimes several minutes?

    • Seems to me that its only the shitty players that want to cap when there is no chance of losing, only time capping makes sense is when it looks like you’re going to lose unless you cap otherwise there is no point

  17. 10 kills, 10% off…. try to get a 100 kill game then right?

  18. what the hell is your streaming schedule, do you even have one ahah

  19. I actually got a 50% off coupon like this once. I just couldn’t use it on specials (aka anything that isn’t constantly on sale) or gold lol.

  20. Booty

  21. When I turned 18 I felt different. So many more people asked me if I felt different that’s how different I felt

  22. 13:22 “life lessons with lemming”… that’s actually not a bad idea. you should start uploading motivational videos for all the special individuals playing this game every once in a while. maybe you could do one for td players with the title saying “KEEP MOVING FORWARD” with Gladiator’s “now we are free” song playing in the background.

  23. So much less “like” being said, makes the stream and videos so much more professional, great job man, stream and vids are super useful and a great way to learn, o7 gg.

  24. HAHA your laugh is so contagious. im laughing just because you laugh. the best streamer !

  25. Emory Leinweber

    Just quit the game. Can’t handle WGs bullshit anymore. Took 6-7 years of their shit and couldn’t take it anymore, I’ve found it way more enjoyable watching channels like you and circon play than actually hop into game myself. With WGs shitty decision making and god awful teammates, it’s unbearable


  27. 22:25 LOL is that QB’s voice raging? I love it HAHAHAHAHA

  28. LemmingRush, your sighs…

    Are you depressed or just sad as fuck?

  29. And its got no view range, so it cant even spot an enemy coming for it, and uh the enemy will just spot it straight off so your absolutely right, arty is not balanced, its under powered, its been nerfed to hell……WHO IS THE PERSON THAT SAID THIS??

  30. less horrifiying laughs plz also badgers hp is patrick

  31. Why punish players who are attempting to cap in their light tanks? They’re only doing it because Wargaming CREATED A FUCKING MISSION FOR IT. Teamkill wargaming, not other players.

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