My Best Ever Ligth Tank Battle in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks My Light Tank Battle with AMX 13 90. World of Tanks Best Light Tank Scouting Equipment. The Best Light Tank in World of Tanks?

Another third mark challenge done, this time in AMX 13 90… But during the sessions I had many amazing battles, here is one of the better ones I have had with light tanks.

Enjoy the show!


  1. I have had more damage in LTs, have had more assistance in a single battle, but this one felt clean and special.
    Hopefully you enjoy and catch you next time! 🙂

  2. pink_fluffy_Helge

    GZ for the 3rd mark and thx for the gold 😀👍🦄


    *I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us*

  4. French flex ftw

  5. Was a epic stream………. .. can we get some hype,

  6. Can’t blame the guy for capping, a win is better than a loss when you don’t know the competence of your team mates

  7. Sir_Vikingbeard

    HIii dezz, I also saw TS 54 and obj 259A at live server. Also, could u make a vid about new steel hunter map like u did last year please? that would be awesome

  8. Dragan Stankovic

    This is the best map for light tank (same side), if enemy light is an idiot, which usually is the case. Then you can deal and spot damage to everyone is the forest and you can even hit few position on the hill without being spotted. There is so many trees that Lowe cannot spot you on 100m.

  9. Why havent you just wrote in the chat to reset the capping??? Like, its your fault 100% for not even trying to tell him to reset capping

  10. Great games Dez

  11. Actually double engine fire on the e-100 so double lucky shots lol

  12. Well done! Must’ve had a few laughs out-spotting their lights.

  13. that was glorious!

  14. Masterpiece👍

  15. great game, shame that moron had to cap..

  16. Easy Peazy. 🙂

  17. Respekt Dez 🙏🏼

  18. Light tank masterclass

  19. That battle was just amazing omg

  20. That t49 had no clue what happened.

  21. George Christov

    Extremely smart play!!! You Rock!

  22. I’ve been playing for 2 years, give or take and already “burnt out”, I don’t know if I can do it for 10 years like Dez, but then again I don’t get compensated for playing it either, maybe I could 🤷

    • Nunya DamBusiness

      You just have to go into it KNOWING that there will be good teams & horrible teams. Around tier 4-5 it will get better…

    • My account is also almost 10 years old, and I’ve had phases of break and burnout. I know there are a lot of incompetence and controversial decisions that was done here and there, but at this point this game is a comfy (yes, comfy) game to have some fun with friends in platoon.

      There are always going to be a lot of hopeless teams and occasional personal blunders, but sometimes you will have (unexpected) amazing teamwork, awesomeness of outplaying enemy, and no matter how many times you play this game the moment where you clutched and carried the whole team by yourself will always left your hand trembling. What a weird game.

  23. Nice one Dez 👍 👌
    Missed live stream I was at the beach ⛱ 😎
    Replay bugs so annoying , my replays have had no tank engine sound’s for about a year.
    Congrats on the 3mark 😃

  24. Great game DG, I can only dream…

  25. Maybe that mouschen was chasing a capping mission?

  26. Wow…. Great game Dez. Nice thinking and adjusting throughout the game. Amx 13 90 is my fav tank. After all theese years it is still competetive.

    • Interested to know why you prefer 13 90 over 13 105? What am I missing? I used to get wiped by wheeled vehicles on 13 90 so gave up

  27. Nikola Todorović

    Well done 😀

  28. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    omg gg gg gg

  29. 11:52 That E75 was mad lol

  30. Was watching this on stream and it was purfect

  31. I feel that people finally learned to properly play light tanks in this map, and it gave me nostalgia. Murovanka magic forest was the legendary place in WoT where vision and camo battle is paramount, and it’s now back! Really clean LT combat right there dez, good job!

  32. REMOVE ARTY……..

  33. Zan Wright MFWR

    People took LTs for granted because they’re “not competitive”. It’s literally just as broken as an SPG on right hands, if not more.

  34. Epic battle dude!

  35. Pain, that mauschen was hiding almost whole game and just sat cap.

  36. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    That outplay on E 100 was unreal!

  37. First map. Why always apes playing on.line 1,2?

  38. Congrats on 3rd Mark Dez!

  39. Great play! Most people like myself too impatient to play LT properly.

  40. I said at the time, in your Stream, damn that Mauschen, only 2 shots of damage and he’s going to cap out. Watching the replay hasn’t changed my mind, you had a 2K Base XP game in the bag, but due to complete lack of awareness by the Mauschen…… quite 🙁

  41. Congrats! Great game Dez 🙂 too bad for the Mausen cap…. sad story as most of the players do not follow the game and don’t know what is happening and did not let you get that 2k base exp

  42. All you OG Wot players, remember when this part of Murovanka was called The Magic Forest?

  43. Gonna be honest, I would have capped too, I have had too many heartbreak losses due to an ammo rack, or some other bs. Even when I know I have someone that is slaughtering everything, if they die and I chose not to cap… yeah…….

  44. NorthernUnion13

    Why is the resolution so poor in this video?

  45. I dont watch huge amounts of YT content but what a great game – best LT game play I have seen – really enjoyed. thanks for sharing Dez

  46. Kristof Vanweert

    I saw your previous video where you showed this bush (how Dakillzor told you) and used it 2x already. Both battles over 8k spotting and pulled a win out of a crushing defeat 🙂 Thx for the info

  47. Can I ask why people prefer AMX 13 90 over 13 105?

  48. Ahem! Why are z2u advertisements everywhere? yes,

  49. Do not enter your give always not in my server ever so give them away to EA

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