My BEST “Free” Game yet in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Standard B. Today I’m showcasing my best game yet on my free play account in my tank!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. QB you have the best mod, but it only ever lasts 3 or 4 days then the next micro patch stops it working. Happens every time.

  2. me: plays world of tanks since 2013 an only got 6 tier 10 tanks
    QB: make a f2p account 5-6 months ago and already unlocked a tier 9 Italian tank
    me: WTF
    also me: realizing that QB makes a living from streaming and playing world of tanks… ahh… that makes sense.

  3. I have two tier 9 tanks on my account in wot but I don’t very play them often because I didn’t like the match maker

    • But tier 9 have arguably the best MM. You don’t meet +2 tier tanks so you don’t feel helpless, but you also usually aren’t top tier, so you don’t feel OP as well.

  4. At tier 9 its starting to get very hard

  5. I think they should make tier 8 the money making tanks another not the crappy tier 5 or 6

  6. Free to play tier 9 is not easy, try to do some tournaments to get gold, and use the gold to buy premium account to get credit. Looking forward to seeing you driving Progetto 65 in clan wars on this account.

  7. It’s possible to go to tier 10 being a F2P person, it just takes a much longer time. When I first started wot way back in the day I was able to get my first tier 10 (E100) without having a premium account. Generally yes the biggest thing that’s going to hold you back is credits because you’re going to need a whopping 6.1m silver and that DOESN’T even include the equipment that you’ll probably want + having to retrain your crew. It all boils down to how much time you have/want to play wot and how good of a player you are, these sort of things can dramatically effect your progression.

  8. Tier 7 was my maybe-breakeven point when I was free to play.

  9. I have one T8 and three T7, I’m losing credits an all of them in 90% of battles.

  10. The second I had my first tier 8 in my garage, the Ferdinand, was the second I broke down and bought a KV 5. I still sold them both for credit refund as in either tank I was still a 42% wr potato of a 13 year old boy. Not that WR correlates entirely to being a better or worse player, it is nice to see now I have just started breaking over the 50% mark after doing everything right. Funnily enough, this happened when I started spending more time and money in the game last year into this year, this one being the first where I have had more than 2 months of chained premium time, I never realized what I was missing out on. I only have to play my premium tanks when I want a boatload of money rather than forced to play them just to break even at tier 9-10.

  11. So glad to see that the most overpowered non-Russian tanks in this game are Italian. A nation whose tanks have only ever been famous for being endowed with an over abundance of reverse gears…

  12. I just wait for discounts and sell tanks to buy the higher tier….. (i dont sell tanks i love like the st1) now at 4k battles and i have like 3 t8s and butt loads of t7s nearing t8….. Luckily the marathon and campaign provides money….. I got my first t10 in my 2.5k games or so

  13. Hey QuickyBaby,
    I have been playing “World Of Tanks” since it was released almost 8 years ago now, I have nothing but fond memories of this game up until about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago now.. the things wargaming have been doing is atrocious and really taken the fun out of the game for me. As a Unicum player myself I don’t enjoy top tier games anymore because everyone who is at tier X “PAYS TO WIN” it’s all become to serious and you can’t enjoy the games anymore not to mention arty…
    I think I speak for the vast majority of people saying this but, I’d rather play tier vi to tire ix because it’s more fun unpredictable and everyone is just up for a good time! I always get excited to jump in and have a couple games but it only takes 1 or 2 then I realise why I hardly play this game anymore.
    RIP World of tanks.

  14. Yeah the Credit income in high tiers isn’t all that great. But in WOWS they fixed it very fast not like in WOT where everything takes 6 months.

  15. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The Standard B is one of the best if not the best tier 9 medium tanks and the gun handling it’s just incredible. The fact that he did 6k damage and the profit was so low shows that WG should seriously increase the credit multiplier at the end of the battle from tier 9 onwards.

    • Yea, make the game even easier. Make everyone drown in cash.

      Just one question, how exactly will they make profit then?

  16. I hate the new mm .. is realy f***

  17. April???

  18. The ANZ server is pretty unpopulated. Not even over 1200 players at peak on most days, and Tiers 1~5 is not worth the waiting time (quite often worse than high tier SPGs in failing to find a battle). Many ANZ-based players just go to the HK server (pretty much any hour there’s over 1000 players) and suffer through the additional 200+ms lag.

  19. i consider it a good game in a tier 8 to 10 when i dont lose more than 2000 credits even if we win and an absolute blast when i earn 5 to 6 thousand…..

  20. Whenever QB posts a game from his free to play account, I feel so warm and fuzzy as if he gets closer to us~

  21. struggled the same issue with the stock gun in this one hell of a beast that i had to spent free exp to unlocked the last gun to got out of my misery

  22. I also run a f2p account, never saw the point in paying for premium time, basically I play around tier 6-8 I have a couple of tier 9s and 2 tier 10s. Been playing 4 years and cannot play my tier 9s or 10s consistently, lose way to many credits and even in some of my tier 8s I just dont make any credit profit no matter how well i play. I still love the game and will continue to play just a bit frustrating grinding everyday just to not play the next tank because I’ll lose credits on a victory

  23. free account or not the skill remains on a premium standard!!!

  24. Standard B is one of the VERY Few Tanks that is as Good Stock as Topped Out, it’s a Very Comfortable Tank to Drive….

  25. T54 auf Pz 4… in which techtree do i find this tank and how good is it? xD

  26. I have 9 tanks at tire 10 and I never buyed a premium acound. all money who I spend on this game was on few premeium tanks from mission, like caernavon AX, prototype and that French new light tank. is paynfull for an average player 😀

  27. I play 5 years and i have 1 tier X and i em free to play

  28. I only still have a credit income because as soon as i get a day of premium i use an income multiplier and start grinding with my won Caernarvon ax.
    Besides that i have a lot of t6-t8 tanks that help me to brake even/even earn some credits

  29. yeah WG made it ompossible on purpas to make it to tire 1 free to play so people ould actuly buy thire premims stuff, no one says it but it true.

  30. Bert_the_Cosh ziggybass

    QuickyBaby what are you like_ You not only abandoned the Jagtig on K4 who was supporting You, but u left yourself open for everyone to see the BC 25t to put one into your wide open back end. Great team player QB! What are you going to teach us next? I’m loosing faith! At least your sailor mate is funny. No one expects him to be a high roller, but he is at least honest and fun!

  31. also i realy respact the fact the QB is playing the free to plays account because it dos actuy give you a good diffrent angle on wot and ho some people exsprince it.

  32. WG should really change the credits earning system, I don’t think they ever changed it and for years it stayed the same. With the number of armour buffs and OP tanks being introduced they are choking their f2p community to death. If you are f2p tier 7 or 8 (if you don’t meet tier 10’s) is the highest you can go if you want to make a profit, but tier 9 and 10 will drain your credits fast. Even some players with premium accounts say tier 10 is too expensive to play, you won’t make a profit if you constantly have to shoot “special ammo” at Type 5’s and Maus tanks

  33. Bakunawa BenHierro

    free to play makes you stay at tier 8 and below mostly and occasionally playing few games on tier 9 and 10….

  34. Its possible to play the game f2p most of the time, in my experience from playing the game since 2011, i had only bought 30 day premium days twice, mostly playing normal acc, grinded t25 pilot marathon, have 4 tier X tanks(i know not much for 8 years of playing, but im not no life player, i have about 13k battles only), selling premium consumables from many missions, selling the tanks when u grind them out, and thats it, enough creds for anything

  35. I hope that WG is gonna improve the credit income also for standard accounts. It is incredibly hard for me to afford playing all of my high tier tanks and i have like 4 tanks at tier 10 and some at lower tiers that i have already researched but i simply dont have enough credits to buy them

  36. I got 8 kills in my pz 1 c but didnt get a radley…why is that?

  37. In the past I used to have a account where I had researched the jgpz e100 but I couldn’t buy him and on that account I didn’t have a tier 8 premium vehicle. Now I have a e5 ans t62-a on my new account but without my cdc I wouldn’t be able to afford these tier 10 tanks so I definitely agree with you.

  38. ‘ T54 auf Pz.IV’

  39. Are these lvl 10 and lvl 99 ads really coming back

  40. Why there is a maximum base experience for me?

  41. Ngọc Phúc Nguyễn

    Terrible… ever.

  42. QB basically just explained in this video why is not so enjoyable to play WoT for those of us who do not run a premium account. One way or another, it has to do with the economy system of the game. I am an average non-premium player (although I did play in 2017-18 for 8-10 months with a premium one) with an average 5.400 personal rating, more or less, and around 50%-win rate. With my 15K+ battles played, I managed to reach a few tier X tanks and close to reach a few others. I never, ever, loaded in my life premium/gold/”special” ammo in my tanks, trying to rely on my knowledge of weak spots and so on rather than to the magical “2” keyboard button. And yet, despite using only standard ammo, I hardly have any profit in my high-tier tanks. If you hope to have a profit in those games you must meet these expectations: win the game, survive the game, shoot little to none premium ammo, do at least 3K damage and receive less possible damage yourself to reduce the repair cost of the tank. For an average non premium player this kind of results are close to an exceptional game by his standards, otherwise is always red that number.
    This politic must change, because it feels like the game is punishing you for not paying Wargaming to have a premium account or buy a premium tank to compensate the loss of credits. The economy of the game punishes the average free-to-play player who just want to have fun, despite he/she is doing his/her best to play decently. I beg QB and the other contributors to point out these problems to Wargaming and to find a solution, even radical ones such as following the example of World of Warships where premium ammunitions do not exist at all and players do make profits all the same even without a premium account. Increase the profit a player earns for every single action he/she is doing during the match: damage, spotting a tank, killing a tank, spotting damage, distance covered, damage blocked, if the tank is doing all these things in a low tier tank against higher ones and so on. Change entirely the rules of ammunitions as well by making the “special” ammunitions equal in price to the standard ones and introduce a penetration mechanic similar to their counterparts in World of Warships, using a certain type of ammunition in certain circumstances against a certain type of tank with a certain type of armour and another type of ammunition in others situations.

  43. Think VIII was breaking point for me on average because some lines can still perform well on VIII and some collapse on VII

  44. Could you feature the 121 also some day? Haven’t seen a video about this tank for ages

  45. to be perfectly honest i stopped playing wot years ago with no premium acc at all or just some times when they give bonus codes.. i had 6 X thiers… but earning money after some time was impossible on anything than 9 thier 10 was 0 or -…. somthing need to change in wot..

  46. For me, the main problem of this game is the economy in it. I play wot from september 2011., and it was always a problem. I am not a gold spammer, and I have around 52% win rate. When I had a premium acc. (and I stopped buying anything from WG some two years ago), I remember being much more relaxed about the game. But the intentional “grindiness” of the game (I guess that’s the standard in today’s gaming) is making me stop playing after a few matches.

  47. 2 things: what was that e50 thinking when he wanted to push you with 6 hp?????
    Second: it was a fifty/fifty when u wanted to push the wt auf pz iv. If he would have de 128mm you could have took a hit and survive. But he had the 150 mm so if he would have hit you, you would have been dead?

  48. Yes mate i am stuck at tier 8 ..and i play for 7 years + …is dumb this tech tree unless u have to face shity tank to farm …without change of free exp u have to work alot ..we have a real life too we have to work also..strv s1 my best tank i traded the shity type 59 was best now is the worst u cant pen nothing …only from this is

  49. Playing the JPanther 2 without the top gun just makes me dab the 2 key so I can shoot all the Tier X gold spammers.. I can never make a profit unless I’m in a top tier match up and I don’t need to fire gold
    It feels so good to have the top gun now <3

  50. I suck on this map but I can’t hate it until I know how to play it

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