My BEST game of Frontline in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Here's my BEST in the Frontline game mode so far where I discuss how to consistently get General rank!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. For the equipment on the Progetto 46 what would you all recommend? I’m at torn between vents, camo, coated optics or the vents, camo and gun rammer for the Progetto.

  2. seal clubbing!!!

  3. I put engineering on absolutely every tank, except if it is one i only use in the end zone

  4. Best frontline game but I would respect it more if you played tanks and not the cars.

  5. Fast tanks are the good tanks in Frontline.
    I dont have mediums at the 8…

  6. Quickybaby I have a challenge:
    Get to general only using slow heavy tanks.

  7. Always thought Progettos were OP for Frontline… nice to be proved correct.

  8. Not sure what’s going on with your screen. But at 18:20 the enemy is using a smoke screen. It was there in regular viewing, but in sniper mode, the smoke screen goes away. Go out of sniper, the smoke screen is there again. Back into sniper mode, the smoke screen is gone :/

  9. I thought my 10K damage in my ISU was impressive and then I saw this video 🙁

  10. if you want to have a game like this in frontline, make sure that you have spend a couple hundred $ and have put your tinfoil hat on.


  12. Joseph Oberlander

    When you reload in the repair zone, your ammo costs is 0.
    Also, to be honest, I would rather play at T6 or T7. T6 would make autoloaders and clown cars a memory and you’d have awesome options like the KV2.

  13. you misspelled frontline in the title

  14. **looks at front line rewards = gets excited. **does math on how many hours to get top reward = goes back to randoms..eff front line.

  15. TheyTookMyUsername

    Think you can remake the Tier 10s That Are Not Worth It video sometime in the near future? Maybe when the British lights come out?

  16. Will the next season be the same map ?

  17. social3ngin33rin

    op pay2win tanks
    Since mediums are so versatile and all around good, they shouldn’t get an extra bonus skill in Frontlines

  18. Clark, you’re a faggot. Full-stop, you faggot.

  19. Now if only morons would learn that it’s not about winning in Frontline, it’s about farming for general.
    Attackers: shouldn’t rush out and kill objectives
    Defenders: shouldn’t prevent attackers from capping when they are almost out of time.

  20. @14:25 it’s that kind of selfish attitude that made your team lose Objective 1/2
    Tier 5 or 6

  21. I think the Lorraine is on par with the 50 100. And for frontline you could run the 50 100 with the 90mm which has significantly lower reload

  22. You are forcing yourself to play frontline. No one else

  23. can you reload while having bullets left

  24. Hope they add larger maps and team sizes to WoT Blitz… that would be fun!

  25. I haven’t played WOT in 2 years, is it still paid to win? Or is it more balanced now?

  26. Guys lets be serious, there is only one thing you should do, its to buy premiums tanks like QB

  27. Christopher Browne

    How to make General in the Frontline mode? So simple: play the gold tanks like Progetto, EBR, Lorraine 40T, etc. At the end of every game I click on who made General (from both sides) and almost always they are using the gold tanks. Most often the Progetto and Lorraine. Sometimes other gold tanks. Not that you can’t do well with normal tanks, I often make Captain or Major and have even won General a couple of times. But the fact remains those people who are using those special tanks have a clear advantage over other normal tanks tier for tier and type for type. No BS review here.

    • They are probably just better players. Premium tanks don’t give any advantage towards ranks.

      And obviously you forgot to check how many premium tank players DIDN’T get general?

  28. It’s easier to rank up when you are attacking, but thanks for the video QB, I have a better idea of what I need to change for a defensive role.

  29. Jarrod Roberson

    In nothing but Premium tanks …

  30. *uses almost entirely premium/OP vehicles with a premium account with credit boosters* “Oh LoOk, I hAd My BeSt GaMe EvEr…”

    Well… no shit…

  31. Frontline with T3’s…..There is some fun.

  32. Having personal problem with WG spoiling the game with premium content, I can’t sit back and enjoy this vid. I got used to your critical approach to WG ‘p2w’ policies, so seeing you playing EBR and Progetto in this ‘best frontline match’ is a little bit too much. As a regular, low/mid-skill player, I’d expect some extensive comment from you. Also, as we all know that you like challenges, I guess that “non-premium frontline path to a general” challenge is on you, sir.

  33. Kim Rune Jenssen

    Good JOB! taking out the most OP and most broken tank in the game. REMOVE CARS, should never been ingame.

  34. I wish the was more motivation to keep pushing AFTER you reach General because personally there is little reason to take chances and make hero plays once it has been reached as you don’t gain anything. Perhaps some consumables for reaching General+ rank or something.

  35. That face at the start 😀 Goblin alert!

  36. DEF is shit…
    But this game was great

  37. Péter Szegvári

    Very very bored with this game mode, not playing it anymore. Also QB you should actively work against these wheeled vehicles and take a stance against them for WG to see. They have totally broken WOT. Even the wind of a 122 caliber shell should send wheeled sh*ts to the Moon, usually yet they don’t get penned by them, not even tracked.

  38. frontlines with tier one to 3 tanks for the lols

  39. Elite Bulletstorm

    New t95 mission lol

  40. Malcolm Heather

    gripping game – loved it – thanks QB.

  41. rahmat Krozseyev

    Can Tier 7 Play in Frontline?

  42. TheVintageDevil

    Recording software?

  43. I really hate when team kills enemies in cap circle when times comes to an end…. why are you doing that?
    U have more time to do dmg and level up when they cap the base.
    U are not the only one who can be a General. Or worst… end the game with Lieutenant but be so happy because u won. blehhh

  44. I only play frontline for the money but bloody hell how painful it is! Progettos and lights getting what they want which is a only cap based game

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