My BEST KV-2 Game EVER in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The KV-2 infamous in World Tanks as the king of the durp – today I'm confirming it's crown with my best durp game yet!


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  1. If you wait for aiming, you are doing KV-2 wrong.

  2. Good old KV2, miss the days when u could end with it in T10 battle and end up top by xp and dmg 😉

  3. KV2

  4. Just uploaded my best E 75 game if anyone wants to check it out I named it E 75Ace high cal 5.3K dmg out play auto reloaders

  5. I was once in a game with my KV-2 against five enemy TOG’s…………still my highest damage game.

  6. 4k DMG, over 1300 Games, 56% WR and 3 Marks of Excellence !!! <3

  7. I use all for the gun set up,gun laying driver,ventilation, rations and improved aiming is way better

  8. Have a cookie

  9. The Fv4005 is just a big kv 2.

  10. hey QB. I really need to confess something. Every day I eagerly wait for your video. Without your video, I really feel empty. This is the only channel in which I wait for the content. Loved to see coming your videos daily. I am also a youtuber, makes tech videos. Recently achieved 100K sub. I am watching you for almost 4years now. Please don’t stop making WoT videos. Take love.

  11. ilove to watch your replay

  12. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Stalin, himself blessed that first shot SO FAST I had to rewind the video after I asked myself, “Wait, he actually HIT that guy!?”

  13. KV-2 shots missing? Not sending enough dissidents to gulag, comrade.

  14. Nice one Qb, would be quite refreshing to see you play in the Type5 also

  15. I will never forget some dumbass in a match with my KV-2 that demanded I go brawl heavies. Yeah, sure buddy, I’m a t-6 tank with a 20 second reload and T-5 armor. Sure I’ll go brawl a t-7 heavy because you died to the same guy because you decided to face hug him in a T-6 medium

  16. After 8 straight losses I had my best game ever in my T-1 Heavy. Almost 4k damage and 7 kills. Being bottom tier AGAIN, all I had to do was avoid two KV-2’s until they were low on HP and run circles around them to make the kills. The T-1 is a lot faster than the KV’s and can circle them faster than their turret can keep up!

  17. Hey QB, could you make a vid about the FV215B 183 please ? It’s been a while and I would like to know if it’s worth 12000 bonds. Thanks

  18. Quickly baby is there a way I can send you a clip I just hit the nastiest shot ever… I just put the clip on the wot replays website and its name (The nastiest shot ever QB) and my gamer tag is Atomic_Wolf but my IGN is MattedSpade092

  19. Wish you ran XVM so we could see the obvious Muppets on both teams.

  20. lucas van Roemburg

    Derp daddy. 10/10.

  21. You still have fun with bot games? Oh, you make money, sorry …

  22. You should make tank reviews and record a video of you playing it with all the knowledge you spit out

  23. Isn’t he british? Why does he say “idear” when he wants to say idea? That’s a cool accent.

  24. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    Eat kv2s for breakfast.

  25. The question I have is why use HE in that match when it’s obvious that standard AP or prem AP can pen every single vehicle in that battle, barring the T29 unless you shoot the hull. I almost never use HE on my KV-2(R) unless I’m facing Japanese/Russian heavies, Ferdinand/AT 7/AT 15/T28/T28 Prot. Almost every other vehicle a KV-2 would face in it’s tier and up to 8 can be penned frontally with AP

  26. Jingles made you play this didn’t he

  27. (video ends) Immediately loads into wot and plays a round of kv-2 goodness.

  28. you have 11 more premium rounds than you need.

  29. In wot blitz you can actually see the weaker spots, and i have played it a LOT on my phone, so now i know where the weak spots are also in original wot.

  30. You should try war thunder

  31. Ok, anyone else just disappointed with the Tiger 1? Like it has a great gun but geez the armour is paper like. And before anyone is like “oh your just a casual who cries the Tiger isn’t overpowered” hush. I like the Tiger historically but I’m not a fan boy. I just feel like the way you have to play it in WOT sucks and not really accurate. I think if it had thicker armour and was more hull down monster and close range brawler it would be more accurate and more satisfying. I’d sacrifice mobility or the gun accuracy or whatever to make it happen. Just sucks to be such a large tank that historically was known for its armour that in WOT is easy farming for the enemy. Am I alone in this?

  32. Heeeeey Quicky
    Have you ever played on Asian servers?
    How does it feel?

  33. I play mine with full HE. A lot of fun…

  34. Sad for the Nashorn …

  35. QB, you truly look like Obi-Wan Kenobi with this beard. Luv it. 🙂

  36. What kind of mod that removes medals from players in the nickname? We, the Russians, not have that’s mods

  37. shot and hope 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. For some reason Russian tanks always seem to have great RNG and accuracy vs poor German tanks.

  39. The KV-2 is one of my favourites, I’ve played a fair amount of it, and I swear I’m not a bad player. Still – I’ve never earned the Ace in it. Some day, some day…

  40. Always like seeing the KV-2. Derp is the best


  42. There are 2 ways to play this tank. Stock and with the derp.

  43. Eddy A Pimentel Del Rosario

    how to play the KV-2 DO NOT AIM ALL THE WAY IN i noticed this when i was playing the kv-2 i missed my shots more often than when i fire that gun not fully aim this tank is like the snapshot rng type tank its kinda impressive you can aim but keep a little bit of movement in your shots to your shots are still not fully aim and fire hope peoplee can understand the horrible sentence i wrote

  44. Why did I cap jesus

  45. Can you show a replay on a t-150 I feel like it doesn’t get enough appreciation as its a really good tank tier for tier

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