My Best Scout Game Ever | AML-90 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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My Game Ever | AML-90 (War Thunder)


  1. and german vehicle doesn’t have large cal machine gun, it’s such a pain in the ass when you have to face this light vehicles.

  2. Oddly enough this is the only speedy boi that hasn’t been a bitch to deal with, for me at least

  3. Please play the M15A1 MGMC, it’s glitched out and I can only hope a content creator can bring enough light to get it fixed.

  4. Dont you dare to stop posting -_-

  5. they dont stand a chance, especially with that amount of tunnel vision
    that tiger 1 was looking through a microscope at the enemy

  6. every engine to me is silent, I play while listening to music

  7. Hey phly… Can you play the su-152 with it’s nuke shell only?

  8. im going to kill myself

  9. How tf were you not #1 in that first game?? You got tons of godamn spots and more kills

  10. Been watching Phly for years…. I have yet to subscribe. Maybe I will when he starts ripping Gaijin a new one for all their BS, to include; APFSDS that bounces, Russian bias, Kancer-50, inaccurate/undefined statcards, no modern carriers for modern jets, no “tank only” RB, terrible map design, Russian Bias, etc.

  11. Germany suffers ?

  12. Star Wars productions

    Ad2-1 please

  13. Hope they add the SP IC

  14. Phly you are a bad ass!! XD XD XD

  15. The AML-90 gets hella downtiered, unlike me who goes up 6.7 to 7.3+

  16. Like what the fruitcakes scoob a round hit my armored car and it did nothing!

  17. lolololol lololololol

    No no no phly, the very old one just use 1 hangar, the same with plane 🙂

  18. will say playing as and against german 6-6.7 is actually rough. your tanks are ment to stop rounds or bounce but you useally end up facing tanks made after the war that have heat =/ *sad Tiger 2 noises*

  19. Just do an engine swap and put 300hp in’er and you will be going 3 times as fast

  20. 90MM heat fin stabilized that goes 90km at 6.7 yeah sounds about WarThunder

  21. William Jefferson Clinton

    I own 2 F150s. One is my Landscaping Rig, the other is my Mojave Mosher. Regulations be damned. I have a turret mounted 90 Mike Mike and a big bad furry meat missile Bork Bork locked and cocked for a road dog. What’s your excuse Phly?

    J/K. I have and F350 for my Landscape Rig, Backhoe and Skip Loader Transportation Conveyance.

  22. Well I’ve requested this tank to be played in his previous Vids haha

  23. A few of these around atm. My m3 Bradley loves shooting them.

  24. 3:51 shinju no sasageyo

  25. Why cant Mebium tanks scout i mean The have Radios to contact other Tanks

  26. Is 70mm HEF shells at 2.7BR good for penetrating heavily armored targets?

  27. Scouting is like the medic in TF2

  28. having a 90mm gun on your car in america is communist
    having to 20mm miniguns is freedom

  29. @PhlyDaily Can you do another vid with the F82? I wanna know your views on the plane since last time you used it

  30. You should make a video sometime with the M1A2 using its heat round to take out those pesky choppers.

  31. only just adding more stuff for the germans to fight

  32. Patchouli Knowledge

    the most weirdest part of this tank gun is
    Pros : you can pen from the front and back
    Cons : cant pen properly from the side

  33. Eashaan RAJEBHOSALE

    YOiiitttee lmfao, best WT YTer by far

  34. needs to be a higher br for sure

  35. Shit u got to making a video on it! Lol I’m almost dont 15k left and I was gonna make my video on it

  36. Phly: Says he doesnt trust 90mm HEATFS Phly 10 Seconds later: Loads 20 HEATFS Shells only.

  37. THAT is what the allies need, more high speed glas canons going for flanks

  38. Could you try and check out the British BR 7.7 Tanks, they all have Stabilized guns, so does the Japanese 7.7 tank (STB 1)
    This is VERY odd, as all other nations have to face off these tanks with non-stabilized guns.

  39. Hey phly what is your opinion about the A-6 intruder if it was added

  40. WOW Phly.. you got your Mojo on baby:)

  41. This small light tank had a bad speed in the game.
    In real situation, this AML is very speed and he is done to move in desert.

  42. I missed war thunder it was 3 weeks now without it
    My fucking pc is broken

  43. Phly take out a t-10m with an ostwind attempt#11

  44. We need the Fox armoured car for Britain

  45. A Prius makes more power than this thing. A Prius could have 90mm gun on it. imagine that.

  46. gotta have that opening song.

  47. I play Chaffee as MBT

  48. “American cars could have 90mm guns.”
    Boogaloo intensifies*

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