My Best TD Carry – World of Tanks

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  1. 0:31 Lemming, when did you get yourself braces?

  2. Upload it to wot replays and get qb to watch it for a video lol

  3. I was thinking “How bad could this crappy audio possibly be?” Ooooooooh how I was wrong

  4. Lemming in a td? Be playing clickers in no time!!

    Sounds like you’re wearing something over your mouth, trying to be Tom Hardy?

  6. Nice Game! I had a sweet carry on my progetto 46 lately, around 6400 damage and 1750 exp

  7. Is there a flood in Canada?it sounds like lemme is playing under water

  8. Lemming plays a skoprion G from the bottom of a hole.

  9. i was in this LOL

  10. lol salty Type 4

  11. I never realised you had a lisp, lemming

  12. mumble mumble early damage mumble mid, Mumble mumble Medium, Mumble 490 damage. XD

  13. ‘ellooooo RRRRRRRuuuuuuusssssshhhhh
    ; P

  14. Wow, I didn’t know you played any TDs.
    And yes, that is terrible audio.

  15. Its not even a carry. A carry is usually 1 vs 15 or 1 vs 7 something like that XD

  16. One of my friends got 9k in the skorp g

  17. Okay.

    I gave your vid a preliminary view on a laptop in a noisy bar. You’re right about how much the sounds sucks, It sounded like a movie heard through the wall of a cheap hotel.

    Second thing: Uh, is a Skorpion G driven by you really a TD or is it a medihm tank with no armor and a really big gun? I’ve seen you make similar plays with lights and mediums. All your games are impressive from where I sit but I’d be a lot more impressed with a TD-game that demonstrated plays that you could make only in a casemate tD.

    Good to see your vids again.

    More later.

  18. I love the people in this game that message you insults and then block you immediately afterwords. Real tough guys.

  19. skorp is not a td, its a leopard with a big honking gun

  20. Pay to win Cancer G lol.

  21. Storm trooper with a lisp??

  22. His mic became a cup string mic

  23. Great vid

  24. The Indelible Scowling Dire Wolf

    You played us like a damn fiddle!

  25. When I saw the name was the same as the Japanese Super-Heavy player, I knew there was going to be salt before the message even appeared.

  26. huh, i thought unicoms HATED td’s

  27. Skorp should always be played as a medium…

  28. Bro why do u play on eu

  29. Tier 9 super armored super heavy derp gunned godzilla blames the tier 8 paper TD gold usage to pen the “weakspot”. CLOWN

  30. That audio was so bad that I’m going to murder someone and it’s all your fault.

  31. Filthy Skorpions ??

    Farming big fat stupid heavy tanks? 😀

  32. I wish I could master “the way it is” too.

  33. u sound like stephan hawking

  34. ur nick name should be thatsjustthewayitis

  35. Rastislav Chynoransky

    hehehehe, maybe next time don’t play inside a small toilet!

  36. Wow your Amazing, How many people can play world of Tanks while sitting in a Bath Tub lol

  37. shooting gold at a Type 4 in that situation was EXACTLY the right play
    It isn’t like Lemming had a full gold load out or anything.
    The Type 4 driver is just a crying BITCH and he is the one who NEEDS TO LEARN TO PLAY

  38. How was that a ‘carry’?!?!?  I  mean, solid play but both teams wore each other down at about the same speed…

  39. Try out tier 6 VK 30.01 P, its real hidden gem

  40. You sound like you’re in a tank

  41. I don’t get why ppl complain about the audio, it was a bit weird the first 1-2mins but after that I didn’t even notice it.

  42. Meh, audio was fine. Low volume, not high quality but still clear. Random mic got selected?

  43. If it was a carry in a turretless TD, then it would be SOMETHING.

  44. WOW ur mic is pure shit but the rep is pure enjoyment.
    I hate this kind of experience….

  45. Hey Lemming ! nice game man , i had a game similar to yours , 5203 dmg , 4 kills and 627 spot damage .. but this fuckers give me just a 1 class ;(

  46. Dude, im watching your channel for over 2 years. Your current sound quality is still better than your video quality used to be 😀
    BTW after killing maushen in 10:04 i was thinking you’ll move to F8, why haven’t you ? Would that be bad play?

  47. “Where are all their mediumS? BecauSe they’re not taking THe mid…”

  48. Great game 5k in that td is awesome.

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