My biggest concern about 9.20 – GUN MARKS.

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Holy shit, they listened. Within hours we now have a response:
    ”Gun marks will be turned off for Ranked Battles and Epic battles
    The change will be apllied in Common Test 3”

  2. Helemaal mee eens.

  3. cant you separately queue for grand battles by turning off the other modes? encounter, standard, assault. Thereby only playing in this one mode, albeit your waits will be longer.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks the middle is one sided? Whenever I spawn in the south i get a good area between E6 and F6 to shoot the sides.
    There really isn’t a good spot for people who spawn north to get side shots in.

  5. And this is what gets the 99% angry because
    NO!  JUST NO!
    Plus, bad players will not be able to keep up with Unicum scoring.  THIS IS OVER

  6. he man makes some good points…

  7. gun marks are the question but how about personal mission. You can do it either on this game mode and it is huge difference for example for HT mission where you have to block damage. Its abou one or two battles to ding 15K dmg with maus or deal 8K dmg as TD4. Which is in ordinary maps almost impossimble. Is this good or bad? It makes all mission much easyer so will it come “nerfs” of personal missions? Like block 20K dmg with HT and deal 12K dmg with TD??? I would be rediculous.

  8. No on the segregate, it’d never be played on NA.

  9. Welcome to WoT 2017. Where retards kissing their own asses for lines (or stars) on their barrels is more important than bigger maps and bigger battles. … … …wow…

  10. The Scorpion's Den

    Personal missions can be completed in Grand Battles. I’m absolutely fine with this, as an incentive to grind some of the highest damage missions (TD-15, etc.). This in itself will be an incentive to play Grand Battles even if there aren’t extra rewards for it. The Marks of Excellence on the other hand, should not count in this game mode for all of the reasons that Circon mentioned. I would also like to add however, that the Nuremberg map is actually pretty well designed. It’s a lot more open, but has a lot more terrain to use as well than most maps – This not only means that the 30 vs. 30 gives you so many opportunities for damage, but the map itself is favorable for practically any tank if you play it well. If I’m grinding my WZ-132-1 3-marks, I don’t want to constantly get Himmelsdorf against super heavies that I can’t penetrate. If I get Nuremberg in my WZ-132-1, not only is there more HP, but it’s an amazing map for me to run around and get flanking shots, side shots, etc.

  11. Does anyone in WG have a brain?

  12. They’ve made the credit grind so unrealistic I’ve basically quit the game. Grand battles might have made me consider coming back but being Tier 10 I can’t afford it.

  13. There will be a lot more Pool’s and Rasenai Hero medals being awarded as well. I could easily imagine players of your caliber killing 10+ and 14+ enemy tanks in these battles.

  14. Simple solutions to Mark Of Excellent in Grand Battle’s to make competitive with regular battles…. Just divide by 2 all HP to make it more competitive with regular battles when calculating Mark of Excellent merit……Seems fair to me

  15. AGREE! And while you’re at it WG, REMOVE directives earned in ranked battles from use in random battles. You are doing so many things to just f*** with the player base. Goodness gracious…

  16. mastery badges would be the same thing. it sounds lick a bad idea.

  17. First world problem, this may or may not impact the top 1% of players to some degree…not relevant for 99% of the population.All the changes that make the game a lot more pay to win (new Foch, more armor, less pen on recents changed tanks) this is a lot more relevant to all players.

  18. Sorry Circ, you will never make it to Steve’s level.

  19. I agree completely. Im just a 1200 wn8 scrub with tier 8s on the live server, but my first ever tier 10 ace was in granf battles cuz its too easy to get damage

  20. The whole point of Grand Battles is too disperse the amount of Tier 10 tanks pop up in random battles. This makes the mm better for tier 8’s and 9’s alike. So what is wrong with increasing the chances that a weaker player will get gun marks more often than a stronger player. It helps even the battlefield.

  21. Great job keeping them honest! Keep it up Sir Circon.

  22. It's not what you think

    Sircon, they’d be separate but equal. kappa

  23. This is never going to work on NA anyways since we have so few players, maybe get 3-5 of these in an afternoon as people come and go.

  24. I’m not up to date with the ammo loads of all of the tier 10’s, but it would seem that tanks with a low total ammo load be at a potential disadvantage in a 30 v 30 game?

  25. what if they just devided the dmg etc etc by 2 because of twice as many tanks?

  26. Please stop whining about this insignificant crap

  27. UncleFestersWorld

    Circon…you say “no one else is talking about this”…that is because you have a unique thought process in regards to WoT.  I have watched a few of your vids, and you think more critically than most people do.  You are an analyst of the game.  You sit back and consider obscure angles of the changes that are proposed, and how it will affect the game as a whole.  If I had just 1% of your understanding of the game, I would still be playing, and doing well…as opposed to where I am in the scope of the game, which is I have deleted the game from my computer, and could not care less about how the game is going.  I just enjoy watching vids from you, QB, and of course Jingles.  I think the final straw for me, as far as ever coming back to the game, is what all went down with Sir Foch and to a small degree, yourself just recently.  Take care Circ, and happy gaming.

  28. Irrelevant topic

  29. what if you got “pin-up” girls and dudes to paint your tank with?

    pin up girls WERE ON EVERYTHING!!!!

    planes, tanks, jeeps, bombers…..anything that moved had almost naked girls on them

    and to be fair for all the gay dudes and girls…..have pin up dudes as well

    then again……..this is a russian game….and anything that can be taken as gay is banned in ruussia….

    still….having 3 gun marks and 2 or 3 sexy girls on the side of your tank…..whats better than that???

    people might donk shots into the girls as they are 13 and get the funny feeling in their pants….

  30. jst think about it…..

    camping sweedish TD…..cant be spotted….has amazing DPM

    even in 15v15…..ive seen a boosting sweed TD blow up 5 friendly tanks before one got close enough to spot it….fuckinmg bullshit

  31. All half-way decent statisticians know that it is fundamentally wrong to combine statistics out of disparate data sources. That’s Statistics 101 level material. Which WG are intending to breach. They’re idiots.

  32. how can tanks w/ limited amount of ammo compete? they already have a difficult time in 15×15 games?

  33. I have a simple solution. Keep the gun marks damage percentage earned from games the same for random battles. Half the gun mark damage percentage from 30v30 battles. Since they’re is hypothetically “double” the chance for you to get more gun marks in 30v30, simply half the damage (spotting, tracking, dealt) that goes towards gun marks

  34. I could give two shits about this but I want to add miscellaneous war items to my tanks like machine guns and wooden cases

  35. In way, you can get more grand battles if you opt out of other optional modes. So you would be able to stat pad your marks.

  36. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    Good thing WG changed their mind.

    I was one of the people who would benefit from it since I’m close to getting another one and the very first Grand Battle matches would be an extremely effective way to boost that. I could just wait for the 9.20 update and boost my MoE % but that wouldn’t have the same meaning since MoE are supposed to show you worked hard for that.

    I wish they would implement another kind of cosmetic you get from the Grand Battle mode. I’ve been waiting for the 3D cosmetics for a long time, imagine having a Swedish TD with a camouflage net? Or an American HT with sandbags, a Russian MT with logs etc. Maybe you could even choose between these so you could put on any vehicle no matter what nation or type.

    Last year they said they were going to introduce stuff like that by the end of 2017 but I haven’t seen any update on it.

  37. Matthew dont need this

    custom camo skin

  38. I really dont think it will be only about this. Yeah, ofc good player can do more in 30v30 battle, but as you see even there are some “noobs” and peoples which are dying at the start and they play T10 too. So they will decrease MoE needed dmg. But if you do a mistake there, you will probably die instantly. We will just see in few weeks i guess. Just my own idea.

  39. So, WG didn’t think something through very well? …..OMG…shocking………

  40. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    What is so grand about this game mode? It is again a map that is completely clustered with tanks… The tanks/m” seems to be exactly like in random battles. Why do they not simply increase the number of single tier battles in randoms to achieve the same?

  41. I get 1 grand battle out of 10 battles….

  42. I totally agree with U. There should be rewards Like emblems, colours, inscriptions, supplies

  43. There will be a problem to play tanks with small ammount of ammo Like bc, fv,… They will be usefull in game less Than half of The time

  44. I would say if they let teir 8 and above would be nice specially for premume tanks can u imagine that that would be really nice and more player will play it becuz not allow us have teir10 i know I don’t have one so I hope that they make that way and good vid bro as always

  45. make percentage for the 30 V 30 battles half of regular pubbies.

  46. Have to agree with you on this , Don’t have them on Grand Battles.

  47. Give tier 10s another set of MoE type along with gun marks.
    Turret marks or something.

  48. Dimitris Doulianakis

    also at grand battles 183s and 4005s will ALWAYS run out of ammo midbattle!

  49. What about personal missions ? Will they be available ?

  50. gun marks are already broken, thanks to aimbots ,shiet like that which wg so called automate system dose only catch only little % or not at all.

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