My Biggest Custom Battle FAILURE ft BV 238 (War Thunder Gameplay)

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My Biggest Custom FAILURE ft BV 238 (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. simon dont look at my last name creep

    Pe 8 nuke plane vs the plane in the beginning

  2. I have a challenge team of flak tanks vs naval fighters

  3. T O R P E D O B E A T

  4. 88,88 flak trololol

    Phly’s biggest fail 2017

  5. that siren tho at 5:25 makes it so badass

  6. I see you’re a man of taste with electro swing phly…


    why was there a silent hill siren at 5:25

  8. Damm this game looks really fun

  9. How do you get in on these battles? Do you have a discord?

  10. the hell is this cancerous intro music Phly? Where’d K-391 go?

  11. yo it would be cool if the BV 238 had .50 cal guns on it

  12. Play Cities skylines or Arma 2 day-z

  13. You should use the facecam more

  14. BV OP

  15. Phly, Germany is losing the war to even have a chance to win you must use a Bf 109 with bombs equipped and dive towards enemy tanks make sure you are on target to ram into them to kill them but you must bail out of your plane before you hit them with your plane.

  16. the Unloved tank. play the T80 the unloved tank that has been shadowed by the t50 OPness. Or gulag will wait for you.

  17. yea try using the first mini gun tank to shoot down a plane ive done it can you?

  18. I love the comment at 6:40 when Phly discovers you can’t hit a floatplane with torps: 6:40 – “The look on his face just screams Top-10 Anime Betrayals” ROFLMFAO!

  19. DreamKillerTaco 9071

    Hey Phly, I was wondering if you could do another video on an F4U corsair, I fell like it doesn’t get enough attention considering how good of a pane it is (In Real Life).I would really appreciate it, Thanks!

  20. The soviets legit actually built a flying tank yes they did, they should at that in war thunder

  21. best of british
    Sherman II
    Firefly V

  22. Next custom game make it RBT 5 vs swordfish

  23. kamrunnessa rahman

    hey phly could you take out ”the soviet phlying cigar” mig 17

  24. Sup Phly ho wdo i join these kind of custom games? I’ll be watching your streams if i have time.

  25. There was an attempt

  26. 13:15 “you clever, fucking idiot”. Phly2017

  27. godlike moments from finland

    literally the only time i join phlys stream when this happend

  28. Hitler attempt to leave riech

  29. When u don’t have any ship ground targets so u have to elaborate

  30. LMAO Phly, funniest fkin video for a while,keep up the good work mate,thats why your THE BEST!

  31. And the brexit comment looks good to mate

  32. ….lol. amusing.

  33. OMFG!!

  34. Can you please do more aircraft videos

  35. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    How to do a Tri Colorado smoke and all smoke are if different colours?

  36. where is baronvongames

  37. Take out the t20 and p51 murica

  38. If you cant afford the naval pack…

  39. Why does the subtitle in Spanish?

  40. BV is big and stroooooong!

  41. Kashaf Alvi // KA

    I subscribed, i likes 100M+ 😀

  42. Hey phly, phly out the Tempest Mk. II and the Strv 81. Free England of the dirty Jerrys!

  43. I actually started “Running in the 90s” in the background until i saw that the torps dont harm planes 😀

  44. I am BUTTER than You phly daily
    Subscribe to my channle i have a lot of trolling war thunder videos

  45. Phly, can you fly the P43 A1 pls?

  46. Me262 A1/U4 and panther 2 combo please

  47. epicsmarties fear_me

    omg phly remember the t62a and leopard 2a5 event? I was at t62a I saw a heli 3.4km away I shot a random shot at it and killed the heli at 3.7km while spawning like holy crap

  48. Hey Phly buddy old pal, BV – 238s in the water V LVT’s with Machine gunners only? 😉

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