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the nickname to my .
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  1. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    do you stream the whole day?

  2. That Bulldog wanted your blood, Circon.

  3. 390 roll ? is this even possible ?

  4. Rhm gun BTW

  5. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon
  6. Nice free money ? play a game you like on, get tips +upload highlights to Youtube and get more money (I’ll be it not a lot ?? Love you Circon

  7. Playing rhm 15.5 with full gold is my go to drunk tank. Most of the time still makes a profit anyway though I play it more like a slow medium half the time.

  8. I like the 128mm for the pen and fire rate, you can take more of those hope for the best shots, still fairly good at trading if you need to. And penetration is way better anyway, the HEAT ain’t cheap with the 15cm gun.

  9. is this going to be a song for Rammstein Circon ? :/

  10. could of have called this Mein Faust and not My Faust

  11. Slovakian Train Spotter

    New PC circ ?

  12. Urgh Faust. Everybody who had to read that shit in school hates it.

  13. Bullshit. rhm never hits its shots on 12,8

  14. That boosting UDES…lol

  15. But the one shot kill cruise is so worth it with the 15

  16. I would figure 128 is for srs bzn, while 15 cm gun is for memes.

  17. Stealing the Doc’s yeah yeah yeah…guess if you can’t hang imitate….lol

  18. Faust & Furious

  19. Dieter Ist Mein Name

    7:14 hi guy who wrote ‘hi youtube’ 😀 (teamchat if you dont see)

  20. Christiaan Carstens

    T8 with 150 gun, full he . Dont know what people mean with t8 match making problems.Also, he the “better” t8 premium scorpion to shit with that gun. just excellent.

  21. snowisthebestweather

    >Gets hit for 560
    >Hits someone else for 390

    World of Tanks, comrade! 25% RNG gud for gaem, da!

  22. +Circon well every tank has its weaknesses and strengths, the borsig has slow speed but a good gun. Not every tank is going to be perfect with 15 degrees of gun depression, 1000 horse power, 72 km top speed, 3.00 second reload time, and 750 damage you know? So I am not being a jerk when i say why does everyone complain about a tank that doesn’t have a lot of damage, gun depression, reload speed, etc. You are a great player by all means so i mean no disrespect ok? Have an awesome rest of your day!

  23. Borsigumus prime

  24. Wow… no Scorpion G

  25. I love the way circon plays his tds. Most players would camp at the back of the map but he goes and starts brawling with heavies

  26. I love the hate for the 150mm. It’s a brawler gun, which the Borsig can manage.. somehow.. Simply, use the 128 and snipe or the 150 and brawl

  27. Mine is an E75.

  28. haven’t gotten the borsig yet but I think I’ll also be using the 128 instead of the 150. Doesn’t have that derp fun but with the terrible tier 8 mm we get now, the 128 just seems way more solid and dependable. its not as if 490 alpha is really that bad at tier 8 either.

  29. sorry going off topic,but over a month ago the north America world of tanks server offered any players who wanted the chance to move to other servers(i.e. south Africa to the e u server) ,now they seem to be trying to go back up on this offer and have put up a wall of silence to any inquest on this subject,i would like to ask you all to help us poor lag riddled tankers stuck on the wrong servers.

  30. Borsig gun btw

    Tiger I gun btw

    T20 gun btw-ey-ey

  31. Circon, here’s a challenge for you: playing the Tier 5 M4 Sherman, and using only HE, get at least 6 kills or get a Class 1 Mastery Badge.

  32. This gun is absolutely more consistent than the 15 cm, but come on: it’s 750 alpha with a turret and retarded camo.
    Why the fuck not?!?

  33. There is little doubt the 128 is the better gun. However, the 150mm is just so much more fucking fun

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