My FAVORITE American TANK – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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Thanks watching!


  1. 5:40 How does this happen?

  2. I want to see how good the is2 revenge is before I buy it. canneth thee
    play it?

  3. M6A1 all the way aka minimaus. ;)

  4. love the hell cat but stuck in the m10 atm lol I just started play RB
    lately and relized I’m actually not bad at sniping other tanks but still
    getting used to playing as tds and mediums

  5. Baron your trash at war thunder

  6. Play the M8A1!!!

  7. Sherman easy 8 plz gotta love that 76

  8. why are you using solid shot

  9. deadly thunderstorm

    nice video baron

  10. what strange ammo choice.. 20 AP 8 APCR. my loadout is 20 APCR 20 APCBC…
    why even bother with AP

  11. i would like to see the BT-7 or type 59 if they are in the game also is the
    SU-85B with its awesome 76 mm Zis 3 in the game because if it is i want to
    see it very badly

  12. M41 Walker Bulldog

  13. t92 and sheridan haven seen thoes in a while

  14. Honestly the M18 still sucks. The only way you’ll do good is if you get a
    very lucky flank on the enemy. It’s guns good but hell the M4A2 gets it.
    The m18 isn’t meant for snipping and that’s pretty much the only effective
    way to use it

  15. how you have so many golden eagles???? From the free eagles???? How does it
    work?????? ???

  16. Diego Vinicio Majia Quesada

    Baron… Did you forgot about WoWs?

  17. Umm technicaly the hellcat is still the fastest tank in America. Yes it’s
    faster than Abrams because it’s in governed no governor regulating speed
    Abrams has governer. Yes hellcat is my complete favorite that and locust

  18. That plane might of been me when I was a noob at that game XD

  19. The T32 was my fav US tank but the BR change killed it ): now my fav US
    tank is M47 no doubt.

  20. Hellcat is the best tank at its tier IMO you can do absolutely crazy stuff
    with it. I love tiger-hunting with it in urban maps, just yesterday I
    watched a Tiger-IIP take out 3 or 4 American tanks in a city I figured out
    where he was and we ended up chasing eachother around a city block. I
    decided to turn off and wait for him to pass, he was looking the wrong way,
    stopped, wham right in the engine. It is really the thinking mans tank

  21. love the hell cat

  22. My fav is the T29

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    what is your name

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    in the game

  26. play the british AC IV premium tank :P

  27. Can some one help me please. every time I go into sniper mode, my gun shows
    to the side of the scope and it is throwing my aim off. How do I get it
    back to the way it was where the scope was as if right down the gun?

  28. I always get some bull BR’s

  29. Melghnar - Todo sobre War Thunder

    T-29 for the win!

  30. Baron, submarines are not for fleet action. They are too slow too keep up
    with the fleet. And they were mainly used for ambush tactics.

    So no, it wouldn’t make WoWS or WT: Boats any better.

  31. I just built a model of that tank.

  32. Baron you should play the FlakPanzer with the Hs 123 with bombs. I love
    this combo because you have an over powered 20mm cannon and you can get Ace
    matches every game. and with the Hs 123 you can kill planes and bomb people
    with a really big bomb for 1.3 BR

  33. mine is the T92

  34. Driving the Hellcat makes me feel dirty… like i’m cheating or something.
    I love it.

  35. Cool would you please check out my very first video. I introduced myself.
    I play world of tanks I like your vides! Thanks

  36. You will hear and read that the M18 was the fasts tank in WW2 the truth is
    that M24s are faster than M18s.

  37. what i dont get is how ur tank actualy got physics and the ground doesnt
    feel like ice

  38. The US Military after 1942 was the most mechanized force in the world. Its
    why we kicked ass so fast.

  39. +BaronVonGamez why do you load the default rounds and not any APHE?

  40. im a great support tanker but i cant do shit by myself :/ needs me a squad

  41. M4A3E8

  42. Yeah, I can’t nail down my playstyle at all on War Thunder.

  43. I really want to see that m8 gmc
    I havnt seen that thing ever

  44. Sniper or hit and run

  45. It was used wen tanks got through American lines and not on front linw

  46. My favorite tank in War thunder is M26, so please make video with Pershing

  47. Shermans only episode

  48. T32 , give the prototype a chance

  49. DIY Crazy pug videos

    su 152 pls and any plane you want

  50. Can you play some more steel ocean?

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