My favorite map! – LHMTV – World of Tanks

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Playing one of the worst tanks, on my favorite map!



  1. happy new year i guess

  2. Ayo first comment!

  3. That’s some OP DPM. jk

  4. 4 mins ago….p_p

  5. Is there a new warhammer game coming out? Can anyone explain the dono goal?

  6. 7:54 *little devil laugh* 10/10

  7. I don’t even recognize some of the tanks in this match. WTF is a “Setter”? Other than a dog, I guess.

    Circon once again proving that he is OP, no matter what tank he’s in. I’m pretty sure he’d make a TOG look good.

  8. Good thing this thing has 0 DPM as everything else about it is just OP.

    • ähähä. true dat. Also the reason WG aint ever gonna change anything about it. Its OP, just has shitty dpm, perfectly justified, nice meme!

    • So true, and you never get focused in a group fire fight because of it which is nice. I wish the tier 9 and 10 had better pen, alpha, accuracy, and camo for their tier like this tank, then they might have been at least playable.

  9. That bounce from the ass of the t50 reminds me yesterday’s mindfck of bouncing a defender apcr on the broadside of an E25.

  10. So… Are the British lights good now?

  11. Keep up the vids man, love em. Also full hp conq didnt know it was a TD.
    8:58 that mocking.
    And btw circon that gun % mod you’re using. where did you download it?
    Trying to 3 mark my Skorp G. and would like to see the % in battle

    Too bad i only get teams with 6<15
    Went from 93.8 back to 91.01

  12. From this side yes, other side is meh.

    • Not really. If you play the other side and you have a semi competent cars in your team the south pretty much have near nil chance.

  13. you hit the side of the skodas highly angled tracks is how

  14. here’s a question for ya: why am i forced to play excluded maps?

  15. My question about the Tank is like a AMX 13 turret or an actual turret?

    • It’s an oscillating turret, like all the french autoloaders have. That means it has limited gun elevation because the gun is fixed into Position in the turret and the whole turret is moved up and down.

    • @ReAlKa0s thank yah, I was confused about placement. It was looking of mix of both turret designs. Much appreciated, ya take care amigo!

  16. Start of the game: typical Light tank experience when you got a bunch of 45% shitters sniping with their 50% crews.

  17. Maybe increase the bit rate for shadowplay or whatever you are recording with, seems a bit blurry sometimes..

  18. This map is as good as Erlemberg was. But sadly Erlemberg is complete garbage now.

  19. He just did 25% MOE in one game

    • @Just Josh I have no clue, was wondering that myself too

    • @MR. Hydro Salem Well there’s a lot of moving parts with MOE. My understanding of MOE is that it takes that damage total of up to the last 100 games in the tank and compares that value to every other player in the region in that tank. So theoretically, your MOE percentage should only go up if you haven’t reached 100 games in a tank yet. After that, your newest game would replace your oldest game in MOE considerations. His mod doesn’t make sense in the first place because it shows a lower starting percentage when he hasn’t done any damage at the beginning of the battle. This would make sense except that he’s only fought 8 battles in the tank going into the game. On the other hand, we know that the MOE percentage that the mod uses isn’t focused on “percent relative to other players that have fought only 8 battles as well” because he wouldn’t be at 20%, he’d be closer to 95%. So that’s one thing that makes no sense. Finally, there’s the incremental adjustment that the mod makes when new damage is dealt. It’s possible that the mod only has an input for the MOE percentage at the beginning of the battle, so it would linearly increase his MOE % as he does damage. However, we know that MOE gets harder to earn at higher levels, and so damage vs. MOE % (x vs. y) has a negative second derivative (think y=x^(1/2). So the error could be attributed to an improper regression model fit. Beyond that, I don’t know the assumptions that the mod makes. I apologize for saying so little with so many words

    • Unbekannter Nr. 1

      @Just Josh MOE is counted for games played over the last 14 days?!

    • Unbekannter Nr. 1 are you asking? Is it a restriction: 100 games or the last 2 weeks, whichever’s smaller?

    • @Just Josh I’m pretty sure about these 14 days, because otherwise i would not be able to pull a vehicle out of my valley of ignorance i potatoed it into.

  20. Knocking over the tree at F0/G0 is a really good for spotting those heavies

  21. Sees title and expected mines map.

  22. I always cringe when i watch people play light tanks. Its so frustrating to spot while allies do nothing, then have them complain 5 minutes later you arent spotting for them…

    People also seem to think lights are only for spotting so if u deviate from that, they push you into enemies or push u into enemies bc you are passive spotting only.

    This game would be fun if the people who played it werent (for the most part) stupid. The way it is now is basically people expecting you to read their minds and do what they think you should do or they troll you in game until you get killed…thus watching others lights makes me remember what its like to play them…

  23. Don’t you love when you are trying to scout and you’re out front but another scout who’s behind you just NEEDS to be where you are. He MUST be there or the universe will cease to exist. And No it doesn’t matter that you are there and half the map is un scouted.

    FFS guys on maps like this, by tier 8 you should know better than to need to fight with your fellow scouts for the same spotting bush.

  24. Who’s with me Skoda armor needs massive nerf. I’m sure you’re all as frustrated as I am that those massive slabs of 60mm plate are impenetrable by anything !

  25. Whats Circon pre-ordering?

  26. At first I thought you weren’t running a gun rammer, until I realized you were just playing a british light. A high quality meme

  27. It is a map

  28. #ILikeRedshire

  29. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Ah boo didn’t get a High Caliber medal in a British light tanks (still a great game tho and that Conqueror gives me a brain ulcer …)

  30. LHMTV… That ain’t workin’, that’s the way ya do it. Money for nothin’ and your chicks for free.

  31. I love this one

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