My Favorite Mods To Use in World of Tanks | Aslain’s WoT Modpack

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Mods – The Best and My Favorite Mods To Use from Aslain’s WoT Modpack. World of Tanks Battle Hits, HangMan Hangar Manager, Replay Manager, Lebwa’s Mark of Excellence Mod, Free Cameras and More Mods. World of Tanks Legal and Illegal Mods.

► Aslain’s WoT Modpack link I use:

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Modpack I use
01:10 MoE
02:20 Battle Hits
04:25 Replay Manager
05:27 Hangar Manager
07:18 Garage Free Camera
08:45 Showcase Battle
10:20 Taking Picture for New Garage
12:20 Destroyed Tanks
13:22 New Hangar and Battle Hits
14:55 Free Camera
15:30 Conclusion

Due to a lot requests, I am going to show you the mods I use. Starting from free camera to the Battle Hits and Replay Manager from the Aslain’s Modpack.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Who also cant use mods because he is playing on a shitty old mac? pls dont let me be the only one xD

  2. It’s nice to get a mod showcase, other platforms don’t offer mods sadly

  3. 2 best things collide my bday and ur video comming out

  4. very weird coincidence
    i just downloaded the battle hit and garage mod,but il try the other ones 😛

  5. Auto hands mod?

  6. Great! A Dez video when I was looking for literally anything from one of my favorites of the WoT CC’s now I don’t need to re-watch some random vid for now. I didn’t need assist with mods but a useful video for those who don’t know much about mods. Thanks Dez and stay beautiful baby!

  7. I had Aslains but got tired of updating all of the time.

  8. 07:30min, Vanilla Client prefers pressing ‘print’ key for a selfie anytime. …O.K., i get it…

  9. Once again, very popular question in the comment section, here it is! 😉
    Which mods are you using and find very useful or awesome? Let me know!

  10. Another great topic 😀

  11. I want see Dez try & build a tank in sprocket game

  12. Damn that bell sound! What are you trying to do, deafen us? The least you could do is warn us about it.

  13. Day 59 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  14. Thanks Dez. I quit using mods many years ago but after this video I’ll use it again for the mods you showed. Very helpful.

  15. am i the only one who has the problem that it only works on 1.14.2 but the world of tanks version is 1.14.3?

  16. I miss Poppy Fields hangar mod 🙁

  17. Thank u soo much great video , i am thinking to ask u about this video but u made it, thank you

  18. I need mod for non idiots matching. You have some?

  19. Big one your missing is the server reticle overlay. it’s how server reticle used to be in the game in the beta. It’s even more usefull if you have high ping.

  20. I’ve used Aslain’s for around 7 years now. He does great work and I really appreciate his efforts for the community.

  21. Dez, this is much appreciated video. Maybe you should do one every six months. People want to know what you are using.

  22. Before using Aslain’s modpack, I was using Solo’s modpack, but Aslain is doing a great job.

  23. Thank you for the introduction! I was so fed up with the boring garage. Now I can finally change it to another scenery.

  24. i cant play game without mods, they make me play better

  25. I like the mod section where you able you forcefully changed your crew voice to anything “I choose the AEG because epic”

  26. I use all those but one, and one exception:

    – Hangman mod I dont use, but it is kinda cool
    – Marks of Excellence mod, I use the “Extended” instead.

    Another one I use for minimap is making the grid numbers/letters more visible.

  27. there is no mod to make a shitgame better

  28. Frig mods. Why have them ? It’s BS. Just add them to the game already. Stop trying to give some one an edge over others. Just offer it in the game already for all instead of a download you have to redo after every update!

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