My Favorite Tank in War Thunder 400,000 Subscriber Special, New Sponsor?

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all for your support over the years and being a part of this community. all for being there through the highs and the lows, and I’m so excited to see where we go from here. Big changes are coming. A big to for supporting this channel.

Thanks for watching,


  1. Guys….happy 400,000 subscribers! Thank you so much for being a part of this community and supporting this channel and as a result me over these last 4 years. It’s allowed me to pursue my dreams….so yes, you make dreams come true. I’m running two channels and have some ambitious plans for the future for us. So stay posted and once again…THANK YOU….never underestimate your impact. Seriously, you guys are amazing. I love this community we have made together.

  2. Not trying to be gay or anything but you are a handsome guy, been watching you for a year or two now and just love all of your content. Congratulations on your acievement!

  3. Congrats baron !!!! 1 million subscriber hype

  4. These things own at their BR and in some overtiered games. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about 5.7.
    The F2 is a beast and I’m pretty sure it’s my most played tank in WT so far.

  5. I have almost forgotten what a handsome young man you are 😀 Keep on going, i like the channel a lot. Thanks!

  6. ScipionLaurentiend

    you go girl… keep up the good work mate

  7. you better do a ryzen 1800x build

  8. I have an EVGA 970 FTW card they sent me as a RMA, but I had already bought a 1080. If you PM me, I would send it to you so use it as a give away.

  9. I was watching star wars and just man is it baron or obiwan Kenobi we will truly neber know

  10. That titanfall pilot helmet though ??

  11. Congratulations Baron!


  13. I love your videos, Baron. Been subbed a long time, and I hope to keep seeing TONS more videos from ya in the future!

  14. Congrats Baron your videos are awesome.

  15. Question! How did you get 1.67 so quick? Also, I have a challenge and here it is: Play the T-V and try to blend in with the Germans while killing them!

  16. i aint gay but damn baron you look cutish in a weird non-gay way.

  17. you look different last time i saw you was like 2 years ago XD

  18. at last you’ve made a video on the tank that I was requesting for long long long time…..

  19. What are you computer specifications?

  20. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your videos through the years. Thank you Cougar for sponsoring a worthy person!

  21. Hey Baron! You’re one charismatic dude! I’ve seen plenty of your videos, but this one finally made me sub. Keep up the good stuff!

  22. A True Wisconsinite

    Wow you must live pretty frugally if you have been gaming as a career for over 4 years and mostly gaming for fun for even longer than that and you have never gotten at least headphones or a mouse! hahah respect.

  23. Nice titanfall helmet as well

  24. go to work
    buy PS4
    sincronize your profile from pc to ps4
    play as you want
    dont steal money from kids…..if you dont want to work

  25. I play war thunder on lowest graphics at 15 fps

  26. Seriously. How many dicks do I have to suck to play with Baron?

  27. Bro, please dont change as others youtube gamers do,when they get famous. they are only interested in getting more subscribers and earn more money they don’t enjoy gaming or having a good times with friends.

    Keep real and be yourself always. God bless you ?

  28. When I started playing I played on 12 fps. After a few months I built my own pc. Now I get about at least 80 fps.

    Congrats Baron on 400k subscribers!

  29. @BaronvonGamez, u looks like Obi Wan Kenobi from Starwars

  30. You and phly hit 400k at the same time!

  31. The worlds worst unboxing video lol Congratulations man you’ve earned it

  32. might i suggest (and this is from personal experience) the new i7-7700k processor, the ROG z270 motherboard, 16GB of RAM, and a gtx-1070 graphics card and you can do quite well. i spent about $1300 on said parts.

  33. I luv Panzer 4

  34. Celebrate!!!

  35. Your have more than Phly

  36. How do you have so many tanks like all of them I only have until tier 2 any help

  37. Phly is at 400K as well! Congrats guys!!

  38. I thought your favorite was the m8 75mm TD on the Stuart chasse

  39. I have a $1200 computer custom built 300fps movie/ max settings, gtx1070 7700k

  40. Ducati2020 Gaming

    IS-6 and RU-251 should switch BR’s

  41. Congrats baron 😀

  42. You got 400k at the exactly same time as Phly! Congrats Baron!

  43. Always laughing chum when i watch your stuff.

  44. ever gonna be H&G again?

  45. Congratulations. =)
    Looks like you really needed this, so glad you got it. =)

    Also regarding frame rate, consider lowering the polling on your mouse and keyboard a tiny bit as a high one can stress your CPU a bit if it’s old.
    And for the new system, try a AMD CPU, you’ll get lower average FPS but with those extra cores you’ll be able to stream and run stuff in the background and game all at once. =)

    As for tank preference.
    Yeah, my favorite is the Panzer 4 F2, I prefer it over the Panzer 4 G and H even at higher BRs because of it’s higher engine to weight ratio.

  46. Ferry en monique K

    hi baron congrads for the 400.000 folowers . btw whats your setup? play the same tank . works greate an god meny kills with it add me if you whants Baronstanks thnx friend and you helpt me in the beginning of war thunder to play and weak spots .. ?? keep up the good work

  47. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Damn those are some dope headphones

  48. Hey Baron! Nice shirt xD

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