My favorite tank. – Pz.Kpfw. V/IV – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. I finally got the tank i wanted for years!
    Ill have a whole bunch of 5/4 videos coming up, get ready 😀

  2. Waiting for that kolobanov medal and raider ribbon lol

  3. random pedestrian

    this little box sure does have ramming potential

    • Back in the day, the gun was trash. So it was known as the rampanzer 5/4. Cause that’s how you got shit done in it.

  4. taras kreslavsky

    So hitler, do we name it panzer V or panzer IV
    Hitler : yes

  5. oh hey, was just watching old Circon vids an auto play into a new one. thats handy

  6. Idk if that’s the new meta for some bizarre reason or what, but I have noticed everyone going city almost every time I play this map recently

  7. That retard scream at the end makes it so great.

  8. xXx_Pro_Gold_Spammer_xXx [ROIDS]

    I 3rd marked this little monster in 49 games, I love it!! Especially the big ammo capacity, one of my favs too at low tier

  9. Yes I agree, I’ve been waiting 4 years and its a great tank.

  10. Pentti Kantanen

    That stream was pure gold <3

  11. Man this tank looks fun, what a shame it was too much for my f2p mentality

  12. OP tank = favorite tank =P But yeah i must admit i enjoy it too hehe best buy of the black market event.

  13. Justin Baradinsky

    i love watching these vids where all the enemies are total muppets XD

  14. my turan III feels pretty jealous about your 120 shells of ammo, high mobility, 75mm of sloped armor and superb view range.
    buff turan pls

  15. not even 10 kills 🙂

  16. I wanted this one too. Only problem is i dont have a decent med crew for it. dropped the whole german medium line years ago. Only have the tier8 gold medium now. and dont use it much. But this tank is a blast!

  17. Video title should have been ‘after 7 years of waiting’

  18. mastodon shirt <3

  19. the Rampanzer 5/4 is alright. it looks like those slow and small buffs have really helped it out over the years.

  20. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Congrats on grabbing one!! It’s even an historical tank! Too bad I’m away from game cause exams and I can’t buy a shit

  21. This thing is almost as good as Matilda Black Prince.

  22. Guts..Glory..RAM 😀

  23. Is it true that this didn’t sell out on the black market?

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