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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Xethrus is going to have, in my opinion, game of the year in his STRV in World of Tanks!



  1. Absolutely thrilled to be featured by you! 😀

    I’ve watched loads of your video’s and streams over the years, and you really helped me learn the game back when I started out all those years ago (gosh It’s been so long).
    So I’m happy to share this one with you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    As you suspected, I am indeed using the Rammer, Vents and Turbo (all standard) loadout as I love playing with the Strv 103B as if it’s a medium. My camo on the move is 31,22% Since I do have a full camo crew with BiA. As for field mods, I only have the first one which only gives me the option of a secondary consumable loadout :(.

    Anyway, that’s all from me.
    Have a good day 🙂

    • Sakuya in Maelstrom's Mansion

      @DerKaiser I mean his cupola wasnt visible from his POV, so he can’t get spotted, and was mentioned was not in proxy range either. But I do agree, his camo was monstrous lmao, I shat my pants when he had the balls to shoot early game (before the 268 spotted him) without a bush covering him.

    • The strv god is here

    • well played buddy

    • All this with only 1 field mod. I have to bow before this what a game!

    • Great battle. I am wondering why you always get out of sniper mode the same moment or even a split second before you’re firing? Also are you playing with super high dpi? You seem to pull up the mouse quite a bit every shot.

  2. What a game. I can’t imagine ever pulling something like this off… Xethrus was cool as a cucumber. (At least, that’s the way it looked.)

  3. Great game and thanks for bringing it to us, but he had already done the mission before this game. He was only going to improve the result.

  4. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    He’s platoon mate is Dead Again xD

  5. one of my favorite tanks

  6. With camo module you mean exhaust?

  7. El Hacedor de Lunas

    Amazing skill and of course, what every tanker needs: lots of luck. If the first jpanzer e100 had been firing AP, he would have died 🙂

  8. i love when you have teammates like where on the red team, the kran going off by himself and im guessing if you checked what he did during the battle not much

  9. That’s one hell of a kolobanov’s medal!

  10. I love that spot. I got 8 kills in a battle from that spot in my TOG-2. Managed to get a Pacutti’s (enemy arty had balls). Ended up a draw, one of the enemy tanks was on its side and I couldn’t find him or get to the cap before time ran out. TOG not fastest tank in the world.

  11. Wow, what a game. OK, that wins the internet. At least he had enough ammo.

  12. Im gonna be honest I don’t like wot youtubers but quicky baby is very funny and he makes wot replays fun so props to quicky baby love you man ❤️❤️

  13. Superb play

  14. Anyone notice it says 0.00sec reload when there in 3rd person? (^_-)

  15. I once faced two chieftain a T30 with the strv103B and a team mate in the Kranvagn, with the kran we managed to utterly destroy those three tanks.

  16. So excited QB is doing Daily vids for the REST of the YEARRRRRRR!

  17. i lose the final phase to the immortal with immortal having 13 hp can u belive it?

  18. omg that was outrageous and gorgeous

  19. Making those jag pazers look outdated lol. One of them can’t depress the gun as he gets taken out, and the other cant spot strv at 200 metters in the open 🤣🤣🤣 Ggwp Ser

    • The second always had the points from which the game calculates spotting obscured behind the building

    • @Steamrick i knew that, and he was so slow to turn around his fat booty , so his spotting points don’t get blocked. Pretty outdated if you ask me, why would you play jg100 when there is that object td that is so much faster and with better armor right… I mean even playing td today in wot puts you at dissadvantage , games are too fast and you usually end up alone like strv did. That guy had skill but he got lucky lets be real . Game like this one happen once every Christmas even if you know what you doing.

  20. i shared a replay that was absolutely insane, it was never watched by anyone and it makes me sad ngl

  21. Your favorite game in wot ?
    But wot is a game ?
    I don’t understand ! oO
    Just kidding.

  22. Played 5 games of world of tanks this morning 🌄 was boring 😴 brutal ! Uncompromising and gave me a head ache , basically no fun at all. Find a ridge line go Hull down dont move. It’s one of the most boring games going. WOT is such a terrible game , player base is dying because new players can’t stay alive for 5 seconds regardless of what they do

  23. world of tanks sucks, go play warthunder

  24. I love this tank with all my heart as it is one of the few tanks which can turn the tides of battles in current 5:15 match meta.

  25. My favorite game of the year: not world of tanks

  26. Nice replay.

    Just please stop bringing up the mission info where possibly interesting things are happening, i wanted to see what is going on not the same screen you showed like 5 times.

  27. Symulatory i nie tylko

    I’m using turbo on my Strv 103-0, and this is some fun sometimes

  28. 艹艹艹艹艹艹艹艹艹

  29. I use the same setup it’s magical when u pump that dmp and they cannot spot u

  30. The reason he wasn’t spotted by the Jpz E100 at the end was because only the rear of the tank was exposed from behind building…..there was no line of sight from Strv to either of the Jpz E100’s viewports (centre on top of turretsuperstucture and point where gun meets gun mantle).

  31. ManDrake Vermilyea

    So many teir 10 bots on that enemy team

  32. Why did he keep marking the map when he was the only one left? Great game though 👏

  33. Wow that was a banger 🙂

  34. Friendly Fire Gaming

    My two-word review of this replay:

    Holy shit.

  35. fuck this personal mission in particular

  36. Actually you can hear that he is using a turbo

  37. I hate this tank so much i love when i get to farm it

  38. Xethrus Team: “How hard do you wanna carry us?”

    Xethrus: “Yes.”

  39. they are bot …that j100 is a bot…great game…but something strange here…the krag not ram him…but yea that camo is increadible

  40. Stevie Huppenbauer

    I mostly like on this video the fact that this is made with a tech tree tank and not with a powercreep premium tank.

  41. Hello QB. Last month… Or the month before I uploaded a Primo Victoria replay to Wotreplays. Best battle I’ve done in months. And best ever in a Centurion. Please view. I hope you’ll like it.

  42. wow thats ……………i mean WHAT???

  43. Please stop showing 30 times the mission when we are thrilled about what is going on at 11:34

  44. demount bond turbo to it

  45. i dont quite understand the overmatching mechanics in this tank cause with russian 122mm guns, frontally, it is not overmatched. what conditions should i apply to manage to overmatch? should i fire low plate? use heat? if someone can clarify i would be oblidged. I mean at 10:10 an is4 with 122mm don’t overmatch

  46. Alternate title: QuickyBaby simping Xethrus for 17 minutes

  47. It’s awesome and damn close call . Superb play 😃

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