My Favourite Tier 9 Medium in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

This Italian stole my heart in World Tanks when it was first released and I’ve been in love with Standard B ever since!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Anneewakee Champions

    Must be nice that WG let’s you * cammo work. Try playing like the rest of us *

  2. Ocean Vibrations Art

    That’s because WG caters to *’s like you.

  3. strachinescu cozmin stelian

    i marked this tank with full AP ! great tank

  4. Lucrecia Borgia, the daughter of Rodrigo Borgia, or the Borgia pope as he is more well known. Gossip said she was a poison enthusiast. Messed up family was the Borgias all together

  5. The rhino is my 2nd favorite tier 10 heavy (T57 heavy is my favorite) not counting any reward or CW tanks I know the DPM is bad but if you can hold from firing the 2nd and 3 you will be fine

  6. in that finale barring ammo rack or fire, QB was pretty safe, with 900+ HP
    but had catastrophic critical occured… OOF!

  7. When I play my Leopard PTA and I see a Tiger 1 on enemy team, I see 1500HP to farm and sadness in my heart.

  8. Llwellyn Cuhfwarthen

    Yes, sadly the T30 massively LOW ROLLED sadly they were playing against a contributor/special flagged account. Good performance, sad / bad luck for the T 30 on the shot roll. Thank heavens for WG’s special mechanics and calculations.

    • Diatonic Delirium

      Ehm, low roll? 767 is more than 750, and it was a regular AP shell that penned.
      WG is not a nice company, but you are talking out of the smelly end of your body.

  9. Today, your commentary was at its best. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Totally agree with your vid on this tank. Great tank, my favorite Tier 9 I’ve ever playes

  11. Still can’t forgive wg for those nerfs

  12. QB What equipment do you use with this tank?

  13. Hi @quickybaby wich the best tank tier 8 in bonds can i have

  14. Can you play World of Tanks Blitz.

  15. tank is nice……stock grind not so much, going up against tier ten with the 90mm gun is pretty painful

  16. Pretty easy to have a game like that against tier 7 tanks…funny he doesn’t show games like these when he’s bottom tier, especially when your taking on 10’s with a tank that has no armour

  17. I’m grinding up to P.44, will soon have a try with standard B~

    • Standert b is crap the gunhandling is so terrible After the nerf ! Befor its was my favorite tank but now , and dont play it ! There are much better Mediums to grind! T8 is better in that tier than Standart b on tier 9

  18. I find that with this line the difficulty of switching shell types means i usually just stick with the standard ammo. Makes for nice cheap games and still get decent damage.

  19. plz all Tier 9 tank comparison plz man

  20. This tank is my 3rd t9 I ever had. I LOVED IT!! Even after the nerf I still think it’s awesome.

  21. Stop promoting this company

  22. Wonder if the T30 stream sniped the S1. Very lucky blind shot if not given it had relocated.

  23. Watching this reminded me of a battle I played a couple of days ago. I even took up many of the same positions and met similar resistance. And then I realized that I wasn’t remembering a battle that I played, and in fact, I was just remembering watching this one on the stream. What a dumbass!

  24. 8:50 “…Its definitely not an 430 which you can pretty much play like an absolute Muppet and still have exceedingly good results.”

    As an very average tanker who loves the 430, I couldn’t agree more.

  25. Darkness Nighthingale

    Prototipu? Is… Is he, trying to go weeb?

  26. can anyone help me on the t34 quickly baby said it has the 57mm gun with over 2000 dpm but when i look at it it only says 1500 dpm but his video was a 1y ago and i was wondering if they nerfed it

  27. Fun fact: the prototipo Standard B and Porsche Leopard Prototyp A were both prototypes for development of the Leopard 1.

  28. Proto tea poo?

  29. I would say my favorite tier 9 medium is the e50 followed by the kpz 50t and then the standard. The e50 holds my dmg record at tier 9 of almost 9k. Standard b after the nerfs fell from my favorite to 3rd. Still a decent tank doe.


  31. Pretty sweet tank even after the debuff it received awhile ago! Nice game QB

  32. 659k lmao, it’s almost been a year like this

  33. Autoloader Leopard 🙂

    • No ! Leo is so much better , leo gun hit the targets with the f… rng , standart b on mid or long range, hit max 1 of 3 !

  34. The Standard B was also one of my favorite tier 9 tanks in this game as well. I just had a great time playing it and the potential damage it could put out was just amazing. I was extremely let down after getting the prog 65 and its absurdly long reload times while also sitting in a larger profile tank whose armor seems to be in the enemies advantage, and not mine…

  35. This is the only Italian medium I kept besides the t10. I enjoyed quite a lot.

  36. imo the reason this game got so fast paced is because there are Auto-reloading damage monsters blasting round the map at silly speeds fully clipping out top tier heavies with zero difficulty whatsoever. I’m personally fine with hulldown bouncefests. it means the game lasts longer than 4 minutes lol

  37. Imagine getting -2 in 2021

  38. Florens Friedrich

    conqueror is best at t9

  39. Yuro is the BEST!

    I don’t know why but P44 Pantera is my new fav tier 8

  40. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    I remember playing this tank while grinding Prog. 65 and got Ace Tanker 7 games in a row.

  41. Before the nerf the tank was good and one of my favorite Mediums, now the gun is bullshit, and the intraclipreaload too!
    If you only play in thexfirst shot to max the dpm , the dpm is still under the dpm that the tvp autoloader has
    , and tpv has better gunhandling, netter accuracy, better aimtime, much better intraclip!
    So the tvp is now the better tank and wg has nerf the Standart b to a useless bad tank ! Yes of rng is on your side you can perform good like with all tanks in wot! But the gun is so terrible it hurts, sstandart b was a real good tank, not op like bullshit chieftain etc.! But wg killed that tank, gunhandling worst than 430 but no amour! You only have mobility to run away or relocate why the gun only Hits 1 of 3 , if you aim on weakspot on a range more than 50 m!
    Now adays leo is better , tvp better, 430 better, t54 better, e50 better, patton is better , and many others too, especially tier9 reward tanks like charfutur!

  42. Lately my shells are not registering a hit or bounce from 50 yards what’s going on QB? Just nothing, tossing silver away!

  43. gandalf baby

  44. Nah kpz 50 t is better

  45. Field mods mad this tank slightly better

  46. I am a 49% Wingate scrub, have 65% Wingate in my standard b so far in NY 65-70 games. I love this tank so much

  47. DPM is meme stat quicky.

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